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Hello! I am a wife to Chris and mom to Kaiper, Alana, and Koa. I have been a web developer and graphic designer for over 10 years. As the mom of three young kids, I spend my days mastering work-at-home mom life and  share that with you all here at On Moxie & Motherhood.

To be honest, I started this blog as a hobby in early 2017 as a way to write through the grieving process after losing my mom to suicide.

Shortly after, I realized that my passion for writing could become so much more, and I decided to get serious.

On Moxie & Motherhood is my way to empower women in all areas of life, in all the ways we struggle and triumph, in all the phases, through all the grit, grace, glue and glitter.

Because I have been a work at home mom who has had a ton of experience in different business endeavors, all from my home while raising babies, I am so passionate about helping other women find their passion and bring it to life, teaching the technical skills that are needed for various work-at-home businesses, and keeping it really real about the grace and balance needed to be a mama who builds businesses from home.

At the core of it, I am just a woman in her 30s, a regular mom, wife, home-maker, and hybrid homeschool mom, who has had a lot of ups and downs in her life, just like I am sure you have as well.

So let’s empower each other, do more healing & less hurting of others, and keep it real along the way.

Why all the Moxie?
MOXIE – by definition:
–force of character, determination, or nerve. A person full of energy, courage, or determination, the perfect combo of grit & grace — vigor, pep, boldness, nerve. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.

Moxie is everything I aspire to be daily, what I hope to inspire in other women, and the mantra of our lifestyle here at On Moxie & Motherhood. We are the moxie.

I hope you always learn something from what I share, find a little moxie in your life, and always feel free to reach out and give me your feedback.

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