If you love cast iron pans, you need to know about these must have accessories for a cast iron skillet. Cast iron cookware is an amazing tool to have in your kitchen. It can be made even better by adding some tools and accessories that make your cast iron easier to use, clean, and maintain.

Here are the top 11 must-have accessories you need for your cast iron skillet:

1.) Pan Handle Cover

cast iron Pan Handle Cover

If you’re a cast iron user, you have probably had an accident before where you accidentally grabbed that hot handle. These handle holders will protect you from accidentally burning your hands, and enable you to actually hold and move the handle of your cast iron skillet. Sure, you can use oven mitts every time you grab the handle. But as someone who has tried that and forgotten to pick up the mitt before touching that handle, ouch. I’d rather play it safe and avoid burnt hands. You can also use these for stainless steel pans! Get it here.

2.) Cast Iron Lid

A lid for your cast-iron skillet is one of the best tools you can have. There are so many recipes that require a lid, and so many recipes that just taste better when cooked in a cast iron pan, so the lid is a must have for your wish list.

3.) Silicone Handle Holder for Hot Cast Iron Skillet

These silicone holders are the best little things in your kitchen when you have a hot cast iron pan. Silicone covers are high-quality and heat-resistant and work on a variety of cookware, not just cast iron.

4.) Cast Iron Scraper Cooking Set

This set includes a cast iron net (like a chain mail scrubber), a silicone handle, 2 pan scrapers, 2 grill scrapers, 2 hanging hooks and a colored cloth. The cast iron scraper that comes in this set can be used for all your cast iron cookware, including cast iron pans, pre-seasoned cast iron, skillets, Dutch ovens, camp chef griddles, and more. This is a great care kit for cast iron cookware!

5.) Cast Iron Seasoning Stick and Cast Iron Soap

The seasoning stick that comes in this set is great because it’s made with 100% organic ingredients. Since you cannot use regular soap on cast iron, this cast iron soap is the best part of this set. It’s one of the best accessories you can have, because it helps you clean your cast iron without ruining it. This soap is formulated with 100% natural plant-based oils & free of sulfates, phosphates, parabens & petrochemicals. You can easily achieve the perfect seasoning with this set.

6.) Cast Iron Scrub Brush with Bamboo Handle

Part of the issue with cleaning a cast iron skillet is potentially damaging the seasoning. This cast iron scrub brush will safely clean your cookware without damaging seasoned skillets, pots and pans. This cast iron brush is a great accessory for any cast iron owner.

7.) Leather Pan Handle Cover for Cast Iron Skillets

These handmade leather handle holders do a great job on all cast iron skillets of different sizes. This is one of those must have cast iron accessories. This is multi-functional because it will also fit your other cookware with handles that you might place inside the oven.

8.) Cast Iron Pan Brush

This cast iron pan brush is a great took to get stuck food pieces off of your pans. This brush is also ideal for cleaning a cast iron grill press and grill pans, because of the design where the bristles are broken into smaller sections.

9.) Lodge Tempered Glass Lid

Lodge products are some of the best in the world of cast iron. This glass lid fits fits Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Skillets and 7 Quart Dutch Ovens. Speaking of dutch ovens, Lodge also makes this very convenient dutch oven carry bag.

10.) Silicone Trivet Mats

These silicone trivet mats are great for protecting your countertops and other surfaces. They also don’t stain like other cloth trivets or pot holds, and they are dishwasher safe.

11.) The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook

There are so many amazing recipes you can make in a cast iron skillet. Learn to expand your cast iron skillet skills with some Southern favorites using this cast iron cookbook.

Now that you’ll have the right tools, let’s talk about how to properly clean a cast iron skillet:

First, rinse the skillet out with hot water. Next, pour more water into the skillet and bring it to a boil. Let the water boil for a few minutes, and then lightly scrape the bottom and the sides of the skillet with a chainmail scrubber or one of your new pan scrapers to get off anything that is still stuck. Dry pots and pans afterwards with paper towels. I normally wouldn’t waste paper towels on drying, but because the cast iron is seasoned it leaves a dark/greasy residue, so I always opt not to dry my cast iron with my good kitchen towels.

Now that you’ll have all the best accessories for a cast iron skillet, next time you’re cooking up something delicious in the kitchen you can keep it in the best shape possible and get the best use out of it!

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