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17 Awesome Apps for Kids

awesome apps for kids

Are you looking for the best educational apps for kids? When it comes to awesome apps for kids, we all want safe and of course we’d prefer some form of learning. But of course, learning should be fun! So, I’ve compiled here for you 17 awesome apps your kids will love, and you will too!

I am one of those not fun moms who do not allow my kids to use YouTube, so you won’t find that on my list. However, I do let them use other apps that are educational and fun for them.

Best Educational Apps for Kids

The apps listed below are in no particular order. They are all awesome and have great features your kids will love!

1) Adventure Academy

We recently started using Adventure Academy when my son started “out-growing” ABC Mouse. So far, he is loving it! Adventure Academy is basically the next step after ABC Mouse, made for kids who are 8-13. (My son is almost 7 and he has started using it.)

Get the Adventure Academy app here.

2) ABCMouse

If you’ve ever watched a kids TV channel, you’ve probably seen a commercial for ABC Mouse. Both of my kids love learning on ABC Mouse, and it’s popular for good reason! It’s designed for kids ages 2-8 (you set the level when you personalize your settings). They will learn math, reading, art, and more!

Get the ABC Mouse app here.

3) Vooks

Vooks brings storybooks to life by animating them, and reading them “out-loud” to your kids. It’s really awesome to find your kids favorite books, or find new ones, and have them read along with the app! It also makes the book feel like they’re watching a video, so of course they love it.

Get the Vooks app here.

4) Epic!

Epic! is an awesome reading app, designed for kids 12 and under. Think of it as a digital library. Somehow books that are digital attract kids more sometimes! This app has over 35,000 children’s books on it. How’s that for a library?

Get the Epic! app here.

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5) Hungry Caterpillar Play School

This app is great for kids ages 1-5. It focuses on shapes and colors, alphabet, numbers, book reading, and arts and puzzles. It’s based off the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Get the Hungry Category Play School app here.

6) Quick Math Jr.

Designed for ages 4-8, this app has 12 different math games that feature fundamental math skills and concepts.

Get the Quick Math Jr. app here.

7) Duolingo

Also for kids age 10 and up, this app is awesome because it helps your kids learn a different language! You probably guessed that from the name, huh? They can practice through audio, word identification, and oral exercises for over 30 languages. I might be using this app myself!

Get the Duolingo app here.

8) Stack the States 2

Help your kids, ages 10 and up, learn geography with this awesome app that teaches general knowledge about different states through a game.

Get the Stack the States 2 app here.

9) ReadingIQ

ReadingIQ is designed for kids ages 2-12. It has over 7,000 books, as well as reading level assessments which are really awesome and helpful for parents!

Get the ReadingIQ app here.

10) Lightbot Code Hour

Introduce basing coding concepts to kids through this awesome app. Best for ages 8 and up, this app is great for getting kids interested in coding!

Get the Lightbot Code Hour app here.

11) Starfall ABCs

Help your 2-5 year olds learn learn letters, vowels, and words with this fun and educational app for kids. The upgraded version also has lessons on math and social skills.

Get the Starfall ABCs app here.

12) Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week

This awesome app for kids gives younger kids access videos on a full range of topics, then gives short quizzes on them. Best for ages 6-9, your kids will love learning about so many different topics and then testing their knowledge in a fun way!

Get the Brainpop Jr. app here.

13) PBS Kids Games

Your kids can access a full collection of educational games based on PBS shows through this app. The games cover math, reading and more! Best for ages 2-7.

Get the PBS Kids Games app here.

14) Goodness Shapes

With this app, your little kids can learn shapes, colors, sorting, and matching. Best for kids up to 4 years old, this app is a favorite among little kids!

Get the Goodness Shapes app here.

15) Winky Think Logic Puzzles

This app has 130 games that teach problem-solving skills related to the basics of math. Help your kids become critical thinkers through solving puzzles! This app is great for everyone from preschool to parents.

Get the Winky Think app here.

16) DragonBox

DragonBox is an educational game app that teaches Math fundamentals making learning fun and interesting. There are 5 learning apps for learning Math in total, including algebra and geometry. This app is best for kids ages 4 to 9 years old.

Get the DragonBox app here.

17) Spelling Stage

Spelling Stage is a spelling practice app designed for kids of all ages.

Get the Spelling Stage app here.

These are some of the best educational apps for kids! If you know of one that is not on the list, please comment below so we can check it out! Also be sure to pin this post to Pinterest, and share on social media!

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