Can you put a Yeti in the microwave? If you own a Yeti and are wondering if you can heat your drink up in the microwave oven, this post will clear that up for you! The Yeti mug is known for keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a long time (even your ice cubes stay intact for hours with the Yeti)! Yeti drinkware and Yeti products, in general, have become super popular in the last few years because they are one of the better options when it comes to cups, coolers, etc, for their durability. They even have products for us ladies that love wine! 

As a momma, I love that I can count on Yeti to supply me with the best options for my wine, coffee, tea, and water. They are the go-to for so many things that I love! And for my ladies on here, you can even get your husband a Yeti product that will keep their beer cold, too. Happy wife=happy husband=happy life, am I right?! 

If you are a Yeti lover, like me, this post is a good one to read, so let’s get to it!

What is Special about the Yeti Tumbler?

The Yeti tumbler is popular and known for its double wall vacuum insulation, which is the best choice for keeping your hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold for hours at a time. When you want cold water, you want COLD water, and a lot of cups on the market won’t keep your ice from melting…that is where the Yeti comes in! The Yeti gives you the best results keeping your drinks hot or cold for twice as long as a regular plastic cup while also being sweat proof. It is a great tumbler that keeps your drink, whether it is a smoothie, water, soft drink, wine, beer, etc, at an optimal temperature. 

Can You Put a Yeti in the Microwave?

Can you microwave Yeti cups? The short answer is no. You should refrain from putting your Yeti tumbler in the microwave because it is made of stainless steel metal material. Just like aluminum foil, stainless steel, or any type of metal should not be put in the microwave due to microwave radiation. The last thing you want is to create a fire hazard just to get a cup of hot coffee! Yeti cups are made of conductive metal, which means the pass-through process initiated by the microwave will be blocked with this material. 

So, do not put your metal cup in the microwave because it will cause intense heat build-up and is not safe! The best way to heat up your drink is to heat it in a microwave-safe container or microwave-safe cup and then pour it into your Yeti cup. Also, while we are on the topic, do not put your Yeti in the oven either. 

Products That Yeti Offers: 

Is the Yeti Dishwasher Safe?

Not only is the Yeti cup made with double-wall vacuum insulation, but it is also dishwasher safe! This gives you an easy way of washing your cup at the end of the day because, let’s face it, no one wants to have to worry about hand washing their cup at the end of the day. As a momma of 3, I need something that is durable, something that keeps my coffee warm (because I don’t always drink it right away), and something that is easy to wash. 

Yeti for the win! (just don’t microwave it)

The Yeti cup is the perfect choice for anyone that is wanting to keep their beverages at their desired temperature for an extended period of time. They are different than a regular cup for so many reasons, but the Yeti catch is that your drink will stay either cold or hot for about double the time of a regular plastic up! What is the catch? Well, unfortunately, the Yeti is not conducive to microwave use due to it being a stainless steel cup. If you have a Yeti coffee mug and are looking to heat your coffee, the best option is to heat it prior to pouring it into your Yeti. 

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