It feels so good to get things organized! I recently organized my kids’ bathroom cabinet, and now it’s so much better and more functional, and my kids have easy access to the things they use and need. Now, I’m sharing my best tips on how to organize under your bathroom sink.

How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink: Best Ideas

How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink: Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you have a small bathroom or a large under-sink area, the storage solutions below will work for you!

Step 1: Remove all the items from the cabinet

The first step is to remove all the clutter. Pull it all out. This is a great time to take inventory of what you need and don’t need anymore. Also, consider if there are items you no longer need, or items that would go better elsewhere. For example, if you have cleaning supplies that would be better to put together with other cleaning supplies in another storage space, or if you have items that would be better suited for the medicine cabinet, go ahead and move those out and put them away. Also, now is a good time to check products for an expiration date and throw them out if needed.

Step 2: Clean the cabinet well

Before you organize, this is a great time to wipe the cabinets out. I used my favorite vacuum to remove all the dust and wipe the cabinets out. Be sure to dry the cabinet well if you use a wet or damp cloth to clean it.

Step 3: Use Organizers for Smart Storage

bathroom shelf organizers for under sink

Depending on your space, there are many different storage systems you can use. I used these organizers with pull-out drawers, but there are many more ideas below to help you have an organized bathroom, no matter the size of the cabinet or if you have bathroom drawers to use in addition to the sink storage area. 

The organizers I used were very affordable on Amazon, and they were easy to assemble. I also love that the drawer system is customizable with dividers so you can separate small items like hair ties, skin care products, feminine products, q-tips, etc. You can use the dividers to create sections in each drawer in different sizes if needed.

Get the bathroom organizer I used on Amazon.

Step 4: Add Items Back to the Cabinet

how to organize under your bathroom sink

When you’re adding your items back, think about the items that you use in your daily routine. You will want to have these items within easy reach. Less-used items can go towards the bottom or back of the cabinet. 

Since this is my kids’ cabinet, I used the drawers to organize things they use, like my son’s hair products and deodorant, flossers, etc. They have this toilet paper stand holder in the bathroom that holds extra toilet paper rolls, but I used the extra space in the cabinet between the drawer organizers to store more toilet paper to reload their holder when needed.

Check out the storage ideas below for some creative ways to store different items.

Bathroom Sink Storage Ideas

Every bathroom is unique, and whether you have a tiny bathroom with limited space or a large bathroom with plenty of great storage space, these unique storage ideas will help you maximize the storage areas you have.

Command hooks inside the back of your cabinet doors

One top tip for organizing is to use all of your vertical space, including the back of your cabinet doors. Using command hooks makes hanging items like curling irons and other hair tools easy. The best part is that this also makes them easy to access.

Lazy Susan

We normally think of these for the kitchen, but using a Lazy Susan is a great way to organize beauty products, cleaning products, and other bath products and make them easy to access. If you have room for more than one Lazy Susan, you can put similar items in each one together.

Stackable storage bins

Stackable storage bins are always a great idea because they are customizable to your space, and they allow you to create your own organization system by categorizing things into drawers. 

2 Tier Slide Out Cabinet Organizer

I love these tiered shelves for bathroom organization, and I actually plan to use them under my kitchen sink (my next organization project).

Hair Tool Organizer

I love this organizer that hangs on the inside of a cabinet door. It’s perfect for a hair dryer, curling iron, hair brushes, etc.

Shower Caddy Shelf Organizers

I also added these shower caddy shelves to my kids’ showers to organize their shampoo and body wash and keep them up off the sides of their bathtub.

Draw Organizers

If you do have vanity drawers you can use for storage, these organizers are great for separating things like hair accessories, bobby pins, q-tips, flossers, and other small items.

More Affordable Ideas for How to Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

The bottom line is that while an under-sink organizer makes organizing under your bathroom sink easier, you don’t have to buy anything. You can get creative and repurpose things you have around your house. Maybe a wire basket or clear storage bins you had for other things but don’t use anymore.

Currently, under my kitchen sink, I have repurposed some old Tupperware containers. The tall cylindrical plastic containers that Chinese food sometimes comes in are perfect for smaller items (I have dishwasher pods in one). 

Happy organizing!

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