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sibling halloween costumes

I am pretty proud of us right now. We purchased both of our children’s Halloween costumes already, making this officially the earliest we have ever started preparing for Halloween. Last year we were super late and scrambling to find costumes. This year, we’ve been all about looking at coordinating sibling Halloween costumes.

But, as it turns out, our siblings most likely won’t be coordinating after all. This year we have a Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon along with Sky from Paw Patrol. I couldn’t let my research go to waste though, because I am a blogger! Below you will find a list of super cute sibling Halloween costume ideas.

10 Coordinating Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas

1. How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup & Astrid or Hiccup & Toothless

This has to be number one on my list right now because the costume we just purchased for our son is the Hiccup costume. He begged his sister to be Astrid, but she wasn’t having it.

Find the Hiccup costume here.
Find the Astrid costume here.
Find the Toothless costume here.

2. Peanut Butter & Jelly

My daughter’s love of PB&J made me think of this one.

peanut butter and jelly costumes

Find the Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume here.

3. Secret Life of Pets: Max & Duke

This made number three on my list because my kids are watching this movie right now, simple as that.

Find the Max costume here.
Find the Duke costume here.

4. Garden Gnomes

I seriously wish my kids were too young to have opinions about their Halloween costumes. Either that, or I wish they were super into the movie Gnomio & Juliet so we could have little garden gnomes for Halloween.

Find the boys gnome costume here.
Find the girls gnome costume here.

5. Toy Story: Woody, Jessie & Buzz Lightyear

Because Toy Story 4 recently came out, this one had to be on the list.

Find the Buzz Lightyear costume here.
Find the Woody costume here.
Find the Jessie costume here.

6. Astronaut & Alien

If you have kids who love space and Astronauts, this is a super cute sibling Halloween costume idea!

Find the Astronaut costume here.
Find the Alien costume here.

7. Curious George & the man with the yellow hat

This would be super cute for an older and younger sibling pair, or even a dad and baby!

Find the Curious George costume here.
Find the Man with the Yellow Hat costume here.

8. Dory & Nemo

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…need I say more?

Find the Dory costume here.
Find the Nemo costume here.

9. Milk & Cookies Coordinating Sibling Halloween Costume

Milk and Cookies goes together so well, that Amazon even sells this as a pair.

coordinating sibling halloween costumes

Find it on Amazon

10. Ringmaster & Lion

This is a really cute idea for coordinating sibling Halloween costumes when you have a baby or toddler and a child who is slightly older.

Find the Ringmaster costume here.
Find the lion costume here.

There are so many cute coordinating sibling Halloween costume ideas, this is just a start! If you have creative and cute ideas, leave them in the comments. Happy Halloween!


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