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44 Thanksgiving Art Activities for Elementary Students

Thanksgiving Art Activities for Elementary Students

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving art activities for elementary students, I’ve got some great ideas for you! A fun, easy craft is a great way to get kids of all ages into the holiday spirit and also an excellent way for them to learn all about the holiday’s meaning and purpose. My kids love a good art project and it’s always a fun way for us to spend some time together! As we gear up for a day filled with delicious food, quality family time, and giving thanks, why not add some easy Thanksgiving crafts to the mix?

44 Thanksgiving Art Activities for Elementary Students

I’ve put together a big list below of new and engaging activities for you and your kids to try this Thanksgiving. There’s something for everyone is these fun Thanksgiving crafts, so let’s get into it!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bookmarks

These bookmarks can be printed and downloaded then used in classrooms, parties, at Thanksgiving dinners or as gifts from kids to family members. Check out my free printable coloring bookmarks and download them for free here!

Printable Pumpkin Themed Activity Set

This huge set of pumpkin themed activities including activities for gross motor skills, fine motor skills, literacy, math, science and just plain fun! Check it out here.

Fun November Drawing Prompts for Kids

This list of 30 drawing prompts are tailored specifically for Kindergarteners. From autumn leaves to scenes of thankfulness, happy scarecrows, and cozy campfire scenes, these prompts will inspire your child’s imagination. Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Do your kids enjoy decorating sugar cookies as much as I do? These crafty cookies are a great way to entertain your kids while you do the more technical baking. These are some of the cutest Thanksgiving sour cream sugar cookies and your kids will love decorating them! Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Zentangle Art Activity

These Thanksgiving zentangle printables are a really different and fun way to entertain older kids in elementary school. These are a fun craft that isn’t just about coloring, but also about being creative too! There are step by step instructions and your kids will stay busy working on these while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner! Check it out here.

Picasso Turkey Art For Kids

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving art projects thats are a little different than you’ve seen before, grab these Picasso Turkey art printables! Picasso was an abstract artist and it’s fun to watch your kids explore the world of his kind of planned but seemingly random art. Check it out here.

Turkey Art Project Craft For Kids

This downloadable turkey template is a fun, simple craft that lets your kids assemble their own little turkeys! Download the template, help your kids cut out the parts of the turkey, and let them use a glue stick to piece the turkey together. Then they can use water colors to paint the turkey! Check it out here.

3D Paper Pumpkin Craft

These 3D paper pumpkins are so fun for your kids to put together and make a great decoration for the kids’ thanksgiving table. This craft includes a handy free pumpkin template and your entire family, young and old, will have fun making these together! Check it out here.

Black Glue Pumpkin Craft

This black glue pumpkin craft is a really fun little project for elementary students! Even younger kids can do this craft! You only need a few craft supplies to make these and the finished products are so cute! Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Color by Sight Word Printables

These free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages are fun and educational. Coloring is a great way to help kids learn and these sheets offer four versions for kids at different reading levels. These are perfect for a classroom teacher or to help your kids at home. Check it out here.

Turkey Template

You can use this turkey template to make your own turkey paper craft, or use the full coloring page and get creative with crayons and other craft materials. Your kids will love these cute turkeys! Check it out here.

Gratitude Drawing Journal

This journal is a great way to encourage gratitude and teach kids good habits for being grateful on Thanksgiving day and every other day of the year! It’s a fun and engaging craft to do at Thanksgiving time! Check it out here.

Paper Bag Turkey Craft

If you’re looking for a simple craft that only requires a few simple supplies, grab your paper bags and your little kids and put together this adorable little guy. Making this paper bag turkey craft with your kids is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season. Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft

This cute Thanksgiving turkey paper craft will be so much fun to put together. If you’re looking for fun Thanksgiving activities to do with visiting family members over the holidays, the whole family will enjoy this craft. Check it out here.

Coffee Filter Turkeys Craft

These super cool tie-dyed coffee filter turkeys would make excellent place card holders for Thanksgiving dinner. Your kids will have so much fun making these and they’ll love to see them put to use for the holidays! Check it out here.

Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft

This simple turkey craft using toilet paper rolls is perfect for young children. It’s quick and entertaining to make and gives them a creative outlet for decorating. If you’re looking for simple Thanksgiving crafts, toilet paper roll turkeys should be on your list. Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Story Bracelet

This is a great educational Thanksgiving craft to teach your kids the story of Thanksgiving, the pilgrims, and Native Americans. The best part is, this is great for kids of all ages! It’s simple but cute and engaging enough to interest older children! Check it out here.

Turkey Hat Craft

This is a really fun craft for an art teacher to do at school or for kids to do at home over Thanksgiving break! Get the free printable to make this fun and easy Turkey Day hat! All the kids will love wearing these! Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Hat Craft

Need a simple Thanksgiving hat activity for preschoolers? This free Thanksgiving printable will help you create an adorable and festive Fall hat for your little ones to wear on the big day. Make your celebration of Fall even more special with this fun craft. Check it out here.

Shape Turkey Craft

There is a wide range of simple turkey crafts and charming crafts themed around Thanksgiving that preschoolers can enjoy! This printable turkey craft is great for young learners to improve their fine motor abilities and get into early math concepts. Check it out here.

Preschool How to Cook a Turkey Writing Template

This fun How to Cook a Turkey writing template serves as a fantastic introduction to the holiday. This easy DIY project combines elements of coloring, writing, innovation, honing fine motor abilities, and sequencing. Plus it’s a fun and charming keepsake to celebrate Thanksgiving. Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Thankful Tree Craft

This Thanksgiving Thankful Tree craft will help your family slow down and share about what you’re thankful for. It’s a great way to focus on the meaning of Thanksgiving and might just become on of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions! Check it out here.

Turkey Paper Bag Puppet Craft for Kids

Your kids will love making these easy turkey puppets! This easy-to-follow craft activity is perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving with kids. Suitable for ages 2 and up, this project can be personalized and decorated to a child’s liking. It’s a wonderful autumn-inspired art project for little ones to enjoy. Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Footprint Art

This Thanksgiving, create a special memento with this footprint art project. This is great for kids from infancy to elementary age. Your little ones will have a blast getting messy and using their hands and feet to make this playful turkey craft. Hand and footprint crafts are a favorite in our household, with my kids always excited to have their hands painted. Check it out here.

Free Printable Pumpkin Templates

These cute printable pumpkin templates are perfect simple crafts for little kids, and great to use for a variety of crafts for older kids. Use them as a simple coloring sheet, to make gratitude pumpkins, or something decorative like a thanksgiving banner or bulletin board! Check it out here.

Thanksgiving Fingerprint Art

This activity is perfect for all ages and can be incorporated into Thanksgiving parties, family gatherings, or even as a classroom activity. Just stamp your fingerprints using paint or an ink pad to create a stunning piece of artwork. Choose from a variety of fall colors and print out as many copies as you need for a fun and engaging Thanksgiving craft experience. Check it out here.

Fork Painted Turkey Craft

This fun-filled activity is suitable for kids of all ages and can liven up any Thanksgiving get together for the kids, whether it be a festive party, a cozy family gathering, or a classroom setting! All you need is to print these sheets and use paint or an ink pad to stamp the kids unique fingerprints and watch these adorable masterpieces comes to life. Check it out here.

Chalk Paint Heart Thanksgiving Art Project

This step-by-step guide you help your kids learn how to create a beautiful Chalk Paint Heart Thanksgiving Art Project. This works for young kids and older kids because this project is the perfect level of challenge since you can choose to keep the background simple or add intricate details. Check it out here.

Free Printable Grateful Worksheet

Whether you use this gratitude worksheet for your own kids at home or in a school environment, it’s a quick and easy craft that kids will enjoy! These sheets are really pretty with colorful leaves that can be printed in color or you can print the sheets in grayscale and let the kids color them. Either way, they’re great for displaying! Check it out here.

5 Fun and Easy Rock Painting Ideas

Rock painting is a fun and creative activity that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. It requires just a few supplies to get started and the joy of finding a rock to paint never gets old. These five rock painting ideas are great for older elementary kids and the younger kids can use their imaginations to paint their rocks. Check it out here.

Free Thanksgiving Color By Number Printables

Color by number worksheets are a fun activity for children to enjoy, especially when you are occupied with preparing a Thanksgiving meal. Get a few of these many color by number worksheet options! Check it out here.

Free Happy Thanksgiving Puppy Coloring Pages

If your kids love animals, these adorable Thanksgiving puppy coloring pages are a fun and easy activity to keep them entertained during busy holiday prep time or a really fun activity for the whole family to do together. Check it out here.

Adorable Paper Bag Acorn Portraits

These playful acorns are overflowing with character and make a really fun addition to any autumn craft list or kid’s table for Thanksgiving. Kids will love making their own acorn personality! Check it out here.

Stamped Halftone Leaf and Gourd Collages

This is a fun graphic design inspired project made for kids to explore different art processes. This is a good craft for older kids and those who are really interested in art and design. Check it out here.

Handprint Candy Corn Turkey Art

This craft transforms the classic turkey craft with the addition of candy corn. Handprint Candy Corn Turkeys are a playful way to celebrate Thanksgiving! It’s a perfect choice for kids of all ages and they’ll love sneaking a few pieces of candy in the process. Check it out here.

Free Build A Turkey Printable Template for Kids

This free build a turkey printable template includes an adorable, colorful turkey page and step-by-step tutorial for kids to cut and assemble. Check it out here.

Pumpkin Apple Stamping

Apple stamping is a different approach to Thanksgiving crafting! Kids use actual apples and paint to make these adorable pumpkin apples. Bruised apples that won’t be used for baking are perfect for this craft. Check it out here.

Construction Paper Turkey Handprint Craft

This mess-free construction paper turkey handprint is fun to personalize with a cutout photo of your kid’s face! They’ll love being the face of their turkey! Check it out here.

Pop-Up Photo Pumpkin Card for Kids

Add some festive flair to your classroom with this charming pop-up photo pumpkin card, crafted by kids! Perfect for Fall, this project includes a free printable pumpkin template for easy assembly. Check it out here.

Toque Pumpkins and Glove Turkeys

This craft is great for older elementary kids who want Thanksgiving craft ideas that are a little more mature and different than the usual. This is a great mother-daughter craft to spend some one-on-one time together over the holidays. Check it out here.

Thanksgiving I Spy Free Printable Worksheets

These fun I Spy worksheets are a great way to entertain your kids during the holidays! This is great for a classroom activity or a Fall break indoor or outdoor activity for elementary age kids. Check it out here.

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