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17 Books About New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

17 Books About New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

New Year’s Day is a great time for a fresh start. As adults, we always seem to have New Year’s resolutions, but there is much less talk about New Year’s Resolutions for kids. A great way to introduce this whole idea of creating resolutions and goal setting is through books. Let’s dive right into this list of books about New Year’s Resolutions made just for kids! By the time you’re done reading these New Year’s Books, they’ll be ready to make their own New Year’s Resolution!

Books About New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

1) Squirrel’s New Year Resolution by Pat Miller

This is a great book for young readers to learn about what it means to make a New Year’s resolution. A great read for the whole family to prepare for the coming year, and a great introduction to New Year’s for young children.

2) New Year’s Resolutions in the Animal World by Julia Zheng

This book uses cute animals (who doesn’t love cute animals?) to help teach kids not only about resolutions, but the important of self-discipline and self-improvement. You’ll have to read it to find out what types of resolutions the animals make for themselves.

3) New Year Resolutions Prompts Journal from Alza Prints (for teens, and moms!)

So this isn’t a book per-say, but it’s a great prompts journal that your teens can use to write down their intentions for the New Year, and stay on track to stick with them.

4) Sammy’s New Year’s Resolution by V Moua

Starring a turkey and a little red bird, this fun book for toddlers, preschoolers and young children talks about deciding on a resolution.

5) New Year (A Lunar New Year Book for Kids) by Mei Zihan

This book focuses more on the celebrations surrounding a Lunar New Year, family dynamics and what it’s like to miss family when they’re far away. While not specifically focused on resolutions, it’s still a great New Year’s read for kids. This also teaches kids a bit about the Lunar calendar.

6) New Year’s Day for Cats: Rhyming New Year’s Day Picture Book by Dee Smith

Also more focused on New Year’s festivities, this is a geared towards the 5-6 year old reading age.

7) The New Year Is Coming!: Children’s Picture Story Book For New Years by Katie Wolf

Children will love reading the rhyming verses and seeing the fun illustrations in this book about the upcoming New Year.

8) Shante Keys and the New Year’s Peas by Gail Piernas-Davenport

This is a cute story of a girl who sets out on a mission to collect black-eyed peas from her neighbors, to complete a New Year’s meal her Grandma is making.

9) Bringing In the New Year by Grace Lin

This book follows the story of a Chinese American family as they prepare for the Lunar New Year. All of the family members help out in this story, and it’s a brilliant look into the Chinese culture, the Chinese calendar, and Chinese New Year tradition. This fun story definitely needs to make your New Year’s book list.

10) The Night Before New Year’s by Natasha Wing

While this book is not specifically about resolutions, it’s still a great New Years Eve book for kids to enjoy with their parents as one of many fun ways to ring in the New Year at home with family. This family wants to ring in a Happy New Year together, at midnight, but can they all make it until midnight? You have to read the book to find out!

11) New Year’s Day by Lynn Peppas

This straight forward read teaches the customs, history and celebrations of New Year’s.

12) Happy New Year: A New Year’s Day Picture Book for Kids by Dee Smith

This New Years simple tale captures all the things that kids have to look forward to with a New Year. This is the perfect festive holiday read aloud for kids.

13) The Stars Will Shine by Cynthia Rylant

This is more a poem than a story, which looks forward to the blessing a New Year will bring, and the continuity of good things in life.

14) Happy New Year, Everywhere by Arlene Erlbach

Geared towards ages 5-8, this books is full of festive art and lively text teaching about New Year’s celebrations in 20 different countries.

15) P. Bear’s New Year’s Party: A Counting Book by Paul Owen Lewis

In this fun book, a very dapper polar bear hosts an elegant New Year’s party and invites all of his animal friends—one whale, two horses, three cows, and so forth until midnight. As each party animal arrives, children learn to count . . . AND tell time. Teachers rate this as one of the best counting books available.

16) Happy New Year! (Strawberry Shortcake) by Amy Ackelsberg

A favorite of my daughters, Strawberry Shortcake and all of her friends will help you ring in the New Year in the perfect way! This book even includes a sheet of festive stickers, which are always a win with kids.

17) Happy New Year Around the World Coloring Book by Slyvia Walker

This coloring book helps small children discover the holiday customs of nations around the world with 30 festive full-page illustrations. Full of lively pictures to color, this is one of the best books for engaging kids in an activity on New Year’s.

While you can find all of these books on Amazon via the links above, you can also probably find all these great books at your local library in the children’s books section.

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