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32 January Books for Kindergarten

January Books for Kindergarten

The month of January and the beginning of winter is such a nice time to get cozy and read books with kids. Stories about snowy adventures are fun and exciting. They’re also great for kids who live in places that don’t see snow and are curious about what snow is like. Kids can learn snow facts, get excited about the first snow of the season, learn about winter animals, and more. This list of January books is full of sweet stories, educational reads, and funny adventures that kindergarten kids will love. Grab your cup of hot chocolate and a couple of books from this list for a little family time over winter break or for classroom reading.

1. The Mitten

This board book is the retelling of a young boy’s lost mitten that leads to a snowy wildlife adventure.

2. The Snowy Day

This sweet story of the wonder of Peter as steps out in his snowsuit into the first snowfall of Winter. His adventure in the deep snow is perfect to read about with kindergarteners. 

3. The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder

Snow is so intriguing to kids. This is a great book that teaches all about snow. How do snowflakes form and what shapes can they be? This book answers some questions that kindergarteners will love to learn about.

4. Sneezy the Snowman

Kids will love this cute story about Sneezy the Snowman who was so cold, he did everything he could to warm up until he melted away. The children in the book go to work to build him up again and make him feel “just right.” This book will become one of your kid’s favorite books

5. Snowballs (Rise and Shine)

If you’re ready to be inspired to build a snowman, this imaginative story will do the trick!

6. Over and Under the Snow

This book explores the world under the snow where animals live in tunnels and caves as well as the animals who live above ground. 

7. Snowmen Pop-Up Book

This fun interactive book tells the story of snowmen who come alive to have their own fun at night while everyone is asleep. It has pop-ups, pull-tabs, and more for lots of fun! It’s a great way to encourage kids to use their imagination.

8. There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Funny illustrations and rhyming text will have kids laughing and the surprising ending is one no one could guess!

9. Animals in Winter

This “Lets-Read-and-Find-Out” book teaches kids about how animals handle the winter and snow. 

10. Snowflake Bentley

This is the bibliographic story of Snowflake Bentley, who was fascinated by snow as a little boy and through his whole life and who went on to publish a book of his snowflake findings as an adult. 

11. Owl Moon

This sweet story illustrates the special relationship between a father and daughter.

12. Jump Into January: A Journey Around the Year

I this fun book, kids can find the objects hidden within the illustrations of this book as you read through a short verse for each month of the year.

13. The Thing About Yetis

Kids will love uncovering a surprising secret about Yetis in this fun winter book. My kids love the cute yeti in this book!

14. Bear Snores On

This one is one of my family’s favorite books of all time. I basically know all the words after reading this to my kids, over and over. This cute story features a bear in hibernation as his cave fills with all kinds of other animals. They get comfortable and even brew tea while the bear just snores on.

15. Snow Friends

Get cozy while you read about a boy and his dog adventuring out into the freshly fallen snow and all the fun they have in a winter wonderland. 

16. A Loud Winter’s Nap

The tortoise in this book loves sleeping through the winter. His friends convince him he’s missing out an a great time and they set out to make him love winter as much as they do.

17. All You Need for a Snowman

Energetic and fun, this book rhyme its way through the telling of what you need to build a snowman, and it won’t be what you think.

18. Axle Annie

Axle Annie is a simple story of a school that never closes for a snow day because Axle Annie is always out and able to get every kid to school safely.

19. The First Day of Winter

This is another tale of what it takes to build a snowman and enjoying the awe found in the first days of winter.

20. A Big Bed for Little Snow

Introduce your young readers to their first snow with this heartwarming story.

21. Winter is Here

This book is an illustration of what begins to happen when the first snow of winter falls. This is a great read for a kindergarten book list as it’s fun and educating.

22. The Emperor’s Egg

Kids will love learning about the love of a father penguin and their dedication to their young through the winter.

23. Let it Snow

Celebrate the wonders of winter with Let it Snow. Kids can learn to appreciate all winter has to offer with this book all about what the season has to offer.

24. The Hat

This cute story of Hedgie the hedgehog who gets his head stuck in a lost sock. The story unfolds during the first snowfall and it’s full of adventure all the kids will love.

25. Twelve Days of Winter

This book is full of surprises as it counts over 12 days of winter and a classroom is transformed.

26. Snow

This story of a young boy who seems to be the only one who knows how to enjoy the snow will warm your heart.

27. Immi’s Gift

This sweet winter story shows how people all around the world can connect.

28. The Missing Mitten Mystery

This adventure is brightly illustrated and will keep kids guessing and wondering what happened to Annie’s missing mitten.

29. Snowmen All Year

With dreams of having snowmen all year to join him for all of his spring, summer, and fall activities, the young narrator of this story takes the reader on an adventure-filled trip. Get your kids involved by asking them what they would do with the most perfect snowman.

30. Penguin Pete

This cute story tells the tale of Pete the penguin learning how to swim in the sea with his friends.

31. Snowmen at Night

If you’ve ever wondered what snowmen do at night, the secret life of snowmen is revealed in this imaginative tale. This funny story will have your kids requesting this book over and over.

32. Snowzilla

This cute rhyming book tells the tale of a little girl who watched it snow and snow, week after week. She finally got outside and built the biggest snowman ever.

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