As I write this, it’s 9:23PM, my kids are in bed, and I just finished designing a Take Turns Chart for them. You read that right, I am spending my sacred “me-time” while my children are sleeping, designing a printable chart. Why, you ask? Because if I have to listen to one more argument about whose turn it is to do what, I am going to go postal.

How to Get Your Kids to Take Turns without Fighting

kids take turns chart printable

I don’t know about you, but my kids love to change whose turn it is depending on whether they want to do the thing or not. When it comes to setting the table for dinner, for example, it’s never my son’s turn (according to him). He always has a case as to why his sister should do it tonight. When it comes to who gets to go first at anything, he thinks it’s always his turn. You know how it is, mamas.

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My big problem, and probably yours too, is that I cannot keep up with all of the things that they are “taking turns” at. Who did this last? Who did that last? Who the heck knows. I can’t remember where I put my coffee cup until I find it in the microwave the next morning. I lose my car in the parking lot at the grocery store every single time I go. I cannot be expected to remember who did every little thing the last time, and so the Printable Take Turns Chart was born.

So if you’ve wondered how to get your kids to take turns without fighting, this one is for you, my friend!

Printable Take Turns Chart

They might fight a lot, but kids will be kids. They are actually super sweet, of course, and they love a good chart. I can’t wait to show them tomorrow! Are you ready to get your Take Turns Chart too?

how to get your kids to take turns without fighting

Head here to download your Take Turns Chart now.

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