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Thanksgiving Hosting Must-Haves

While everyone is decorating and thinking about Halloween, I am over here planning for Thanksgiving! Honestly, Halloween is just not one of my favorite holidays, but Thanksgiving is near the top of my list. It could be all the food. Definitely the food. I also love the gathering of family and friends for Thanksgiving. While we don’t host Thanksgiving at our house (my in-laws do), we do contribute to dinner. This year, I wanted to find some things to make it extra fun and special. My go to is always Amazon, so I have been compiling a Thanksgiving Entertaining Ideas List on Amazon that I would like to share with you!

This Thanksgiving Idea list is a combination of decor, fun, and practicality. It’s basically all the stuff I wanted while scrolling through Thanksgiving finds on Amazon.


My Favorite Thanksgiving Entertaining Finds on Amazon

  1. Thanksgiving Leftover Containers: These are genius, especially because our family holiday dinners always end in the host giving out half of their tupperware. Even if you don’t send leftovers home with family, these could save you having to wash Thanksgiving dishes a week later when you’ve finally finished off the last of the left-overs.Thanksgiving Leftover Containers
  2. Thanksgiving Day Photobooth PropsEvery gathering needs a good photo booth! I love fun things like photo booth props that add some laughs, and photo ops, to family gatherings. I am definitely getting these so we can be more intentional about getting some fun family pictures this Thanksgiving! You have to get these, and get your Grandma to pose with you. It’s a must.Thanksgiving Photo Props
  3. Happy Thanksgiving BannerThis Give Thanks banner is not only a quick and easy Thanksgiving decoration, but the message is a great reminder. It’s also cute, and cheap, so it makes the list!Give Thanks Banner
  4. Burlap Table RunnerThis table runner is a great pick for a few reasons: burlap can match any of your other decorations, it matches the above banner, and it can be reused for many other holidays and celebrations.Burlap Table Runner
  5. Thanksgiving BingoAnother fun idea to liven up your Thanksgiving gathering! I love the idea of incorporating games into family gatherings, that force you to interact, have fun, and laugh together. Plus, let’s be honest, sometimes it can be a bit boring sitting around at Thanksgiving talking about how the turkey was cooked. Grab Thanksgiving Bingo and liven up your Thanksgiving this year!Thanksgiving Bingo
  6. Turkey HatI’m thinking whoever wins Bingo gets to choose the lucky person who wears the Turkey Hat! I mean, I couldn’t pass up the turkey hat when making a list for entertaining on Thanksgiving, right? This thing is sure to get some laughs and create some fun memories!Turkey Hat
  7. Kids’ Coloring TableclothThe kids at your Thanksgiving gathering will definitely want to stay at the kids’ table if it’s complete with this awesome tablecloth! It’s printed with mazes, word searches, riddles, and pictures to color.Kids Tablecloth for Thanksgiving
  8. Grateful, Thankful, Blessed T-Shirt: I love this t-shirt for a few reasons: it’s cute, it looks comfortable, it’s not so Thanksgiving-themed that you could only wear it once (you could continue wearing it and no one would think about Thanksgiving when they saw you), and personally, it would fit my baby bump!Grateful, thankful, blessed t-shirt
  9. Wine Bottle Labels for Thanksgiving Party Decorations and Favors: While I personally won’t be drinking wine this Thanksgiving due to creating a human being, I still love these wine bottle labels for gifts. If you are attending Thanksgiving at someone else’s house who loves wine, these are so cute to theme a gift of wine! Or, if you are hosting and serving wine, your guests will surely appreciate and get a laugh from these labels!

    Thanksgiving wine bottle labels

  10.  The One-Minute Gratitude Journal: I love Thanksgiving, but I also love the idea of focusing on gratitude year-round, not just for one day. This gratitude journal is a great way to be intentional about that, and would be a great gift for family, friends, and yourself. Give these out to the adults at your Thanksgiving gathering and consider starting a message group or private Facebook group with just those people so you can all share your progress of being intentional about gratitude throughout the year. This would be a Thanksgiving gift that kept on giving!

    One Minute Gratitude Journal

Making this list has me even more excited for the holidays! I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends, and make it extra special with some of these fun ideas!

A Thanksgiving Giveaway

I would really love to come away from Thanksgiving being more intentionally thankful and grateful all of the time, and I would love for others to join me!

Thanksgiving Entertaining Must-Haves


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