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10 Best Books To Learn Guitar (For Kids & Adults)

10 best books to learn guitar

Looking for the best books to learn guitar? I’ve researched a ton because my son is interested in learning guitar, and now I’m sharing that list with you!

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These books will give newbie guitar players or even those with years of experience, a complete guide on learning the correct guitar technique, learning the guitar chords, music reading, and more! In no time, you will be an experienced player! Whether you are an absolute beginner trying to learn with easy instruction, or you already have experience, you can find a helpful book on this list.

10 Best Books To Learn Guitar

There is no “best way” to learn a guitar, just pick up the guitar, and some of the best guitar books and learn! The thing I really love about most of these books is that they have access to online and audio videos that will help guide you. If you don’t have the funds or time to hire a guitar teacher, you can learn beginner and advanced techniques from the comfort of your home. They really are conducive to these last few years where we have naturally tried doing more things from home.

1. Guitar Book for Adult Beginners By Damon Ferrante

This is a great book for anyone looking for an easy introduction to guitar lessons. I love it because you don’t need to read music to be able to learn with this book. It also comes with access to an online video that will teach you a number of popular songs such as Amazing Grace, Happy Birthday and Jingle Bells. 

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2. Guitar Fretboard By Guitar Head

It takes some guitar players a long time to have the skill levels it takes to memorize the guitar fretboard. If you are trying to play your favorite songs, memorizing the fretboard is something you should try to master! This book is one of the best resources to learning and memorizing the fretboard and learning the difference between, for example, C and C#. With this book, you will unlock over 1,000 guitar chords and become a master in memorizing the fretboard. 

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3. Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids Book By Jay Wamsted

This is a good guitar book for kids wanting to learn how to play. Your kids will love this book and will be able to master playing basic chords such as G, C and D. It comes with an online audio and video option for them to learn as well and in no time, your kids will love playing songs like, Mary Had a Little Lamb, The Wheels on The Bus and so many more popular kid songs! 

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4. Best Beginning Guitar Book for Kids By Mr. Larry E. Newman

This is one of the best beginner guitar books for children that are wanting to learn to play. They will learn chord progressions and chord vocabulary and it also has easy to read sheet music. I also love that it comes with YouTube videos and child centered illustrations that they can color in. Help your little guitar player learn the music they love with this book! 

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5. Guitar Exercises for Beginners By Guitar Head

This is the type of book that is geared toward those who have been trying to learn guitar but still have not been able to master it fully. Maybe you haven’t found the right book or you are still having trouble with basic techniques, look no further! This book is designed to help you master the very basics and proper technique by just practicing for 10 minutes a day. You don’t have to practice for hours each day or spend hundreds of dollars doing private lessons! It comes with an audio download which allows you to go at your own pace while learning everything you need to know about the guitar. 

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6. How To Play Guitar By Ben Parker

With tons of playing tips and techniques, you can learn the complete technique for playing the guitar in no time with this book! Learn at your own pace with the instructions and illustrations that will make you feel like the most advanced guitarist! This is the best book even for someone who has no experience at all. 

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7. Acoustic Guitar Primer Book for Beginners By Bert Casey

This is a great book for beginners and it also includes an online video with audio access features. Complete with step by step instruction, the student will learn everything from rhythm and lead playing and beginning concepts like the parts of the guitar. You will also learn the best positions to be in while playing your guitar and how to strum as well as how to read guitar tabs. 

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8. Guitar Terms for Beginners A-Z By Tiff Bryan

When you learn new skills, you have to know the basics, and that is why I love this book! Trying to learn the guitar can be confusing but if you know the terms, it makes it a little easier. You will learn a ton of guitar terms with this book to get you started on your guitar journey! This book is a must have if you are looking to play the guitar well!

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9. 100 Guitar Chords By Pauric Mather

This is the only chord book you need when you are learning to play the guitar! It will teach you over 100 electric and acoustic guitar chords and you will learn easier ways to play the more difficult chords. With this book, you will get step by step video instructions as well as live and email support, so you are never on your own with your learning!

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10. How to Play Guitar in 14 Days By Troy Nelson

This book will get you fast tracked on playing the guitar and will actually show you how to sound good in those two weeks! 

You will learn how to tune, great posture, picking, the chords and the scales and also strumming. The author has been playing the guitar for over 30 years so he really knows what works when it comes to playing and what doesn’t. With this book, you will be learning from someone who has been through countless books and knows what the best plan of action is when it comes to playing the guitar. 

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Learning to Play the Guitar

Even some of the most advanced players could learn a lot about guitar playing with some of these books! If you are in the process of learning to play the guitar or are interested in getting started, a great place to start is to purchase one or some of these books to help you. They have audio tracks, video recordings and so much more to help you master the skills needed in the comfort of your home. They are a great resource for anyone wanting to learn, even kids! 

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