I cannot believe I am writing this but… Christmas is NEXT MONTH, ya know, in case you hadn’t been to ANY store lately and seen the immediate display of Christmas decorations accompanied by the awful smell of cinnamon broom sticks. If you like that smell, I don’t apologize. It chokes me. Ahhh, but Christmas. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. The season, the meaning, the family, the food…the fact that I live in Florida and don’t have to deal with snow.

BUT, there’s just one major problem: I hate shopping. The last time I was forced to enter a mall was for early soccer signups for my son (save $40 to register early, so I just had to do it). By the time we got out of there I was so frazzled that I spent the next 10 minutes trying to figure out why my car would not unlock. Just before I nearly broke the handle off my 2 year old pointed out that we had a really cute sticker. We, being whoever owned that particular car. Not us. I ran and dragged my kids along with me. I have not returned to the mall since and do not plan to.

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All that to say two words: Amazon PrimeAmazon saves me. Free shipping. Gift wrapping. Basically a dream come true for a shopa-hater like me.

So, with that in mind, I present to you my favorite Amazon finds for Christmas gifts. You can thank me later. Or send me a fruit basket, via Amazon.

  1. Amazon Echo DotIf you haven’t seen one before let me just fill you in. This little circle of amazement is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, read the news, set alarms, read audiobooks from Audible, control Amazon Video on Fire TV, and more. Ask it to order your pizza, play your favorite song, and just overall make your life easier.
    Amazon Echo Dot
  2. Ticket Stub DiaryHave a friend or family member who is a big concert go-er, always at different events? I love this fun gift! Want to make it even more fun? Put some tickets for an upcoming event in it!Ticket Stub Diary
  3. Gardener’s Tool SeatOkay guys, get me this one please. I love working in my flower beds, but I don’t love the knee and back pain that comes with it. Not to mention lugging random tools around and then losing them because other people in my home, who shall remain unnamed, use them for random projects they were not made for. Have a friend who enjoys gardening? This is the gift for them.Gardener's Tool Seat
  4. Cord Tacos: Whether this be a gift for the tidiest friend you have, the messiest friend who needs to be tidier, or one each as stocking stuffers…cord tacos are where it’s at. Also known as Cord Keepers, but isn’t Cord Taco a much better name?Cord Keepers, Cord Tacos
  5.  Black & Decker DustbusterOkay guys, don’t get me this one ’cause I already have it. And if you are a member of my family you probably do too. If you have small children, or I imagine teenagers as well, you need this in your life. I love mine so much that after my husband gifted it to me to end my obsession with crumbs on the floor, I took the chance at every upcoming family member’s birthday to gift them each with one. My sister loved it for her dogs’ hair. My mom loved it for every single crumb because she was extremely OCD. It’s just one of those things that makes life easier. And anything that makes life easier is a great gift in my book.
    BLACK+DECKER HHVI315JO42 Dustbuster Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum, Flexi Blue
  6. Mom’s Survival Kit: If you’re in my phase of life, early-mid thirties, you most likely have at least one pregnant friend or a friend who is a new mom. This is for them. It’s cute, it’s thoughtful, it will make them laugh and boy does a new mama need a laugh. And, the goodies inside are useful. Your mama friends will thank you.
    Mom Survival Kit
  7. Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Storage ChairIf you tell my kids I already bought this for them, I will kill you. I need this in my life. The stuffed animals are out of control. This beauty will make clean up fun for the kids, and make mommy sane again. I cannot wait for Christmas. This, my friends, is a gift to the children and the parents.Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair
  8. Tens Unit: I’ll be the first to admit that the first time I saw a Tens Unit I had visions of strange horror films flash in my head, and I’m not even sure how given that I don’t watch horror films. At the urging of my husband, and out of desperation with a pinched nerve in my lower back, I hooked up to the Tens Unit and realized…this is a magic little tool. Since then I have used it for muscle pain and a pinched nerve in my neck. It’s good to have around! If you’re scared to tried it, give it to a friend or family member for Christmas and let them try it first.
    Tens Unit
  9. Instant PotHellllloooo, if the word Instant wasn’t enough for you…look in any “mom group” on Facebook and you’ll be hard pressed not to find someone raving about their Instant Pot, basically a pressure cooker. If the cooks in your life don’t have one of these, this is your gift find.
    Instant Pot
  10. PowerLine PowerCup: Basically, a car charger for everything. This thing saved me multiple times as a work-at-home mom who likes to not be home. I could bring my laptop, phone, and wifi hotspot and never have to remember to charge them first, as long as I had the cords. I got this handy charger over 3 years ago and it’s still in use in my car almost daily. Basically anyone on your list who can drive can use this gift.
    PowerLine PowerCup, portable car charger

So there you have it folks, my 10 favorite gift finds on Amazon. Happy Shopping! (At home, in your PJs, far far away from the mall.)

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