Summer is coming, mamas! If you’re like me, you’re busy filling a Summer Pinterest board full of fun activities to entertain your kids. Also, if you’re like me, you might actually only do one of those things. Or maybe, you’ll do several of them but they will be so far off from the “Pinterest-worthy” crafts they were intended to be that you will tell no one, show no one, pretend as if it never happened. Don’t forget to throw out the Hobby Lobby receipt, sister.

Ahhh but we try, right mamas? And for that reason, I bring you a big ole’ list of Critter Crafts that you can totally do with your kids this Summer. They are easy, they are cute. They are fun.  They are doable for craft-challenged people like myself. Be sure to make it to the bottom of this post for some bonuses!

Critter Crafts

Thumbprint Art

Photo Credit: “Thumbprint Bug Art Flower Pot” by Mom Always Finds Out

We’re diving right in with everyone’s favorite right at the top of the forty totally fun critter crafts lists! These thumbprint bug art flower pots are some of the cutest things I have ever seen! Mom Always Finds Out did a great job showing us all how she created these masterpieces with her children. What I love about them most is how imperfectly perfect they are. Although she drew on the bug bodies and had her kids use their fingerprints for the wings, as long as the kids were close to the body, that was okay. They didn’t have to perfectly aligned at all. Although we all strive to teach our children how to do things the right way, I’m happy to see there is no right or wrong way to do this craft, AND if you have a little one who really just wants to do their own thing, no worries, turn those various dots into ladybugs or some other little critter! Read her full tutorial and get a look at MORE adorable pictures from this fun project HERE.

Candy Butterfly

Photo Credit: “Candy Butterflies” by Mom Endeavors

Edible crafts are the best! And although the candy butterflies made by Mom Endeavors aren’t made from the healthiest snacks around, we can modify them to suit our own family however we want! Switch out the candies for fruit, fruit chips, raw veggies, or dehydrated yogurt bites. Personally, I need someone to make me a candy butterfly with vegan fruit chews and grapes asap! Grab this quick tutorial HERE.

Bottle Cap Lady Bug Magnet

Photo Credit: “Bottle Cap Lady Bug Magnet” by Suburbia Unwrapped

Don’t you love these cute bug magnets from Suburbia Unwrapped? My quick tip would be to skip the paint by purchasing your bottle caps in red (or various colors if you want to keep some on hand for other crafts) before you begin. If you do, all you will need to make your bottle cap lady bug magnets is the magnets themselves, a Sharpie, and googly eyes. Easy! Learn more AND see more critter craft ideas before you begin HERE.

Hungry Caterpillar Craft

Photo Credit: “Hungry Caterpillar Craft” by Artsy Craftsy Mom

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is very high up there on my “Ultimate Children’s Book” list! There are so many resources available to go along with the book that you cannot help but to fall in love with Eric Carle and everything you Hungry Caterpillar you can get your hands on! Inspired by the book, Artsy Craftsy Mom created an adorable collection of bug crafts with her children. Learn how to make a caterpillar, butterfly, AND spider craft with your children HERE.

Photo Credit: “Easy Paper Butterfly” by Red Ted Art

If you have five minutes, you can make these adorable butterflies! Red Ted Art tells us that this butterfly isn’t quite origami, but because it uses basic origami techniques it is the perfect craft to start with when introducing your children to origami, OR if you are brushing up on those folding skills during your fine motor or grasping exercises. Learn more about these Easy Paper Butterflies and find MORE fun critter crafts HERE.

40 Totally Fun Critter Crafts for Kids

Still looking for adorable critter crafts? Click on the links below to read the tutorials for more than forty totally fun critter crafts! Please leave a comment letting my friends know you found them at On Moxie and Motherhood!

  1. Rock Garden Caterpillar by Nellie Bellie
  2. Paper Towel Butterfly by Skip To My Lou
  3. Pipe Cleaner Snail by Artsy Craftsy Mom
  4. Button And Pipe Cleaner Caterpillar by Coffee With Us 3
  5. Thumbprint Bug Art Flower Pot by Mom Always Finds Out
  6. Butterfly Button Art by Or So She Says
  7. Pinecone Butterfly by Inspiration Made Simple
  8. Easy Paper Butterfly by Red Ted Art
  9. Egg Carton Caterpillars by Skip To My Lou
  10. Candy Butterflies by Mom Endeavors
  11. Craft Stick Dragonfly by Artsy Craftsy Mom
  12. Butterfly Straw Shooters by Inspiration Made Simple
  13. Ladybug Tic Tac Toe by Chicken Scratch NY
  14. Popsicle Stick Lizards by Mama To 6 Blessings
  15. Bumblebee Garden Stake by Coffee With Us 3
  16. Butterfly Finger Knitting by Red Ted Art
  17. Lady bug Hotel by Pink Fortitude
  18. Crepe Paper Butterfly by Artsy Craftsy Mom
  19. Ladybug Whimsy by Mainly Homemade
  20. 3D Paper Lady Bug by Crafting Reality
  21. Green Bug Slime by Mom Luck
  22. Bottle Cap Lady Bug Magnet by Suburbia Unwrapped
  23. Golf Ball Lady Bug by Turning the Clock Back
  24. Toilet Paper Roll Dragonfly by Red Ted Art
  25. Hungry Caterpillar Craft by Artsy Craftsy Mom
  26. Coffee Filter Ladybug by Look were Learning
  27. Homemade Sidewalk Chalk by Finding Zest
  28. Upcycled Herb Planter by Pillar Box Blue
  29. A is for Ant by Eating Richly
  30. Accordion Fold Paper Butterfly by Artsy Craftsy Mom
  31. Handprint Butterfly by A Mom’s Inspiration
  32. Paracord Dragonfly by Red Ted Art
  33. Stick and Leaf Butterfly Craft by Artsy Craftsy Mom
  34. Paper Towel Butterfly by Hustle Mom Repeat
  35. Bug Magnets by The Country Chic Cottage
  36. Stick Bug by Mom Endeavors
  37. Butterfly Finger Puppets by Or So She Says
  38. Toilet Paper Roll Mini Beast by Red Ted Art
  39. Toilet Roll Butterfly by Look Were Learning
  40. Critter Cave by Mama To 6 Blessings

BONUS Worksheets & Recipes:

  1. Find The Bugs Worksheet by Aimee Geroux
  2. Bug Theme Pom Pom Match Game (Worksheet) by Artsy Craftsy Mom
  3. Peanut Butter Bumble Bees Recipe by Eating Richly
  4. Ladybug Dirt Cupcake Recipe by Arts and Crackers
  5. Tangerine Butterfly Snack by Eating Richly

Disclaimer: Never use blogger photos without permission. The Virtual Assistant (Victoria) who prepared this list obtained permission to use the photos included in this article as a member of the Craft and Food Roundup group. Links were submitted by blog owners/representatives and are being used in accordance to the group rules.

Fun Critter Crafts