Hey moxie mamas! I prefer to call myself a motivator, encourager, supporter, because that is what I truly feel I do and where my passion lies.

I am the Co-Founder of The Moxie Girl Fit Club, a place for women to focus on their health, fitness, and inner change. While I am fully equipped and able to help you lose 5 or 150 lbs, tone your booty or find those abs, and we will do those things together, my real hope is that you find the happiness in the journey, the progress. I hope that once you get started you learn to love yourself where you are at first, and let the rest follow. That, my friends, is what it’s all about.

What You Get When You Join The Moxie Girl Fit Club

  • Access to our online gym – a digital library of streaming workouts, yoga, and full fitness programs for all levels.
  • ME as your personal 1:1 fitness and wellness coach
  • A personalized fitness plan customized by me
  • Exclusive access to our ebooks, videos, and recipes, meal plans and resources
  • A supportive and inspiring community of other women on the same journey
  • Access to our daily fitness/nutrition tracking app
  • Awesome meal plans (can be customized for plant based/vegan/vegetarian, gluten free, paleo, pescatarian, dairy free, grain free, etc)
  • Access to stream workouts to your favorite devices (apple tv, roku, amazon fire, chromecast)
  • 30 Day money back results guarantee
  • Chance to win WEEKLY prizes and a prize for completing every program you do!
  • Daily inspiration, encouragement, and accountability!

Think you might be interested in joining us and working with me as your 1:1 coach? Fill out this quick form and then I’ll be in touch with details and to chat about your goals!