Have a little one who ends up in your bed every night and you can’t seem to break the habit? So did I, so I created this printable bedtime chart and it worked like magic!

I don’t even remember how it happened at this point, it’s all a blur, but my 5-year-old little boy, Koa, had started sleeping in our bed every night. Even if we got him to sleep in his bed, he ended up in our bed. This wouldn’t have been such an issue except that it’s like sleeping with a ninja. We were so sleep-deprived.

How We’re Using the Printable Bedtime Chart

Something had to change, so I drew a hard line and said, today is the day. But I knew I had to be strategic, so I made up this printable bedtime chart, printed it out, and told him that every night that he slept in his bed the entire night, he could put a sticker on it. Once he gets to 7 stickers in a row, he gets to pick a special surprise (like a small treat or toy). Yes, this is an investment, but sleep is worth it to me.

I still wasn’t sure it would work, but guys, it was magic. If I had known it would be that easy I wouldn’t have put it off so long. He was so excited about the chart that he slept in his bed that night and has been ever since.

Ideas of How You Can Use this Free Printable Bedtime Chart

I know other parents may be in the same situation we were and it feels desperate when you are not getting any sleep. So, I whipped up a girls’ version and put this together so you can download and customize it for free. (Enter your email below to download it).

Here are some ideas of how you could use it:

  • We use stickers, but you could also laminate it and make check marks or stars with a dry-erase marker.
  • You can do any reward system that works for you. It could be that they get a small treat like an M&M every day that they get a sticker, or they get a special hour of one-on-one time with a parent every 3 days they get a sticker/checkmark. You don’t have to use it exactly how we do, customize it to what works for your family and motivates your child.
  • Be sure to explain it in advance and really focus on the reward they will get. This gets them excited.
FREE + Customizable Printable Bedtime Chart

Download the Free Customizable Bedtime Chart Here

Simply enter your e-mail address below to get access to easily edit the chart with your child’s name, download it, and print it. The download comes with instructions on how to edit the name, so don’t worry, you don’t need any special skills or programs.

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