I have the best mother-in-law in the world. Seriously, I hear talk about monster-in-laws all the time and it always makes me feel even more blessed that my mother-in-law is seriously amazing. She’s creative, fun, supportive, amazing with the kids, and always our Saturday date. She works 6 days per week and always spends her Saturdays with us, always offering to let me escape the house to do whatever my tired mom heart desires while she plays with the kids. Told ya, amazing.

My husband suggested this past Saturday morning that I go get a mani/pedi (probably because I was complaining the night before about how much I need both right now), but the dork in me just had a good work session in mind. I grabbed my laptop and a coffee at Starbucks, a seat outside and created a free printable for you, my moxie mamas.

I was inspired by the multiple questions I receive each week asking me how I “do it all”.

First of all, no one does it all, at least not by themselves. Second, I often email myself reminders when I am out and don’t want to forget the random things that pop into my head that I need to do, and on this week’s email list there was the line item:

“Figure out your life.”

So there’s that.

With that said, yes, I do a lot. I run two businesses and this blog from home with two small children and if I have to logistically answer how I do it: lists.

Not just any list though, prioritized lists. I used to create lists of every single darn thing I needed to do for the next year, and then not do any of it because looking at the list made me want to move to an island and live in a bamboo hut alone, surviving off coconuts – that was my whole plan.

I finally figured out that I need segregated lists into the following categories:

1.) Top priorities today – these MUST happen today no matter what. If you get these things done, you’ve won and everything else can shift to tomorrow if your kid ends up puking.

2.) To-do list for today – these things SHOULD get done today so you aren’t falling behind by tomorrow.

3.) Ideas/thoughts – All the random things that pop into our heads that we sooo want to put on our to-do list but it’s not reasonable to build a guest house today.

4.) Quote of the day – Because there always has to be a #quoteoftheday so we can stay inspired.

5.) The things I am grateful for – In the midst of the chaos, it helps to stay focused on what we are grateful for rather than the fact that we don’t have that guest house in the backyard yet.

6.) Tomorrow’s list – The things that pop into our heads that really do need to be done, but not today because today’s list is already unreasonably full.

And because it’s important to move, I’ve included reminders to get up and stretch!

If you love trees, print 2 of these and have them laminated so you can rotate back and forth (’cause ya know, you don’t want to erase your tomorrow list before tomorrow).

daily planner

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