Help your child get started with their own business with this free printable kids business planner!

While on a recent road trip, we were talking about business ideas with the kids. Of course, the traditional lemonade stand came up. Even with that simple business idea, the kids were surprised to learn that they would need to actually pay for supplies which would come out of their profit.

We also discussed ways to increase the value of lemonade, like in the book What Should Danny Do when they sell a super-power with the lemonade. Overall, that one discussion opened up a learning opportunity for our kids to learn about what all goes into the running of a business and the financial side of it.

With that in mind, I would love to share with kids business planner with you! Keep reading and scroll to the bottom to download the PDF. This free downloadable PDF will help your kids plan their first business and get organized.

kids business planner

What’s Included in the Free Printable Kids Business Planner

Inside this free PDF planner you’ll find the following pages:

  • Business Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Budget Tracker
  • Sales Tracker
  • Spend Tracker
  • Customer Information
  • Business Needs
  • Savings Plan
  • Price & Earnings
  • Marketing Plan
  • Service Business Ideas
  • Product Business Ideas
free printable kids business planner

Kids Business Ideas

Here are some ideas for kids’ businesses:

Service-Based Businesses for Kids to Start:

Starting a service-based business can be a great way for kids to learn entrepreneurial skills and earn money. Here are some ideas for service-based businesses that kids can start:

  1. Tutoring: Offering tutoring services in subjects they excel in, such as math, reading, or a musical instrument.
  2. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking: Taking care of pets while their owners are at work or on vacation.
  3. Babysitting: Providing childcare services for neighbors or family friends.
  4. Yard Work: Offering to mow lawns, weed gardens, or rake leaves.
  5. House Cleaning: Helping with basic cleaning tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and organizing.
  6. Car Washing: Washing cars in the neighborhood.
  7. Tech Support: Helping with basic tech problems like setting up devices or troubleshooting.
  8. Party or Event Assistance: Assisting with setting up decorations, serving food, or entertaining guests at parties.
  9. Craft Workshops: Teaching other kids how to make crafts or artwork.
  10. Gardening: Helping with planting, watering, and maintaining gardens.
  11. Errand Running: Running errands for elderly neighbors or busy families.
  12. Language Practice: Offering language conversation practice for younger kids learning a new language.
  13. Baking or Cooking: Selling baked goods or homemade meals to neighbors.
  14. Photography: Taking photos at events or for family portraits.
  15. Music Lessons: Teaching basic music lessons for instruments they are proficient in.

These businesses can be tailored to the skills and interests of the child, and they can start small, potentially growing into more comprehensive services over time. It’s important for kids to understand any local regulations or permits needed, as well as to prioritize safety and responsibility in their entrepreneurial ventures.

free printable kids business planner

Product-Based Businesses for Kids to Start:

Starting a product-based business can be an exciting way for kids to explore creativity, learn about entrepreneurship, and earn money. Here are some product-based business ideas that kids can consider starting:

  1. Handmade Jewelry: Creating and selling bracelets, necklaces, or earrings using beads, strings, or other materials.
  2. Artwork: Selling original paintings, drawings, or crafts at local markets or online.
  3. Homemade Candles: Making and selling candles in different scents and designs.
  4. Bath Bombs and Soap: Creating bath bombs, soaps, or body scrubs with safe and natural ingredients.
  5. Customized T-Shirts or Clothing: Designing and selling custom-printed t-shirts, hoodies, or other apparel items.
  6. Baked Goods: Selling homemade cookies, cupcakes, or specialty cakes.
  7. Greeting Cards: Designing and selling handmade greeting cards for various occasions.
  8. Stuffed Animals or Plush Toys: Making and selling handmade stuffed animals or plush toys.
  9. Upcycled Crafts: Creating new products from recycled materials, such as bags from old jeans or jewelry from bottle caps.
  10. Decorative Items: Making and selling home decor items like painted pots, decorative frames, or wall hangings.
  11. Personalized Stationery: Designing and selling personalized notepads, bookmarks, or journals.
  12. Miniature Gardens or Terrariums: Creating and selling miniature gardens or terrariums with small plants and decorative elements.
  13. Handcrafted Accessories: Making and selling accessories like hair bows, keychains, or phone cases.
  14. DIY Kits: Creating and selling DIY kits for other kids to make crafts, jewelry, or other creative projects.
  15. Planters: Designing and selling handmade planters for indoor or outdoor plants.

These product-based businesses can be started with relatively low initial investment, especially if kids use materials they already have or can source inexpensively. It’s important for kids to learn about pricing, marketing, and customer service while also considering any necessary permits or regulations for selling their products locally or online.

Download the Free Kids Business Planner Here

Free Kids Business Planner

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