Looking for the perfect gift ideas for horse lovers? Whether the horse enthusiast in your life is an adult or child, this guide has all the best gifts to give your beloved horse person. To me, a great gift is normally something useful or fun, so I have tried to include unique gifts below that cover these areas. 

40+ gift ideas for horse lovers

Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers: The Ultimate Guide

If any of your family members are horse owners or just have a love of horses, you may want to find them a horse-themed gift this year. Check out the guides below to find a thoughtful gift for people of all ages. Before we jump in, one idea for someone who doesn’t actually own a horse is to give horseback riding lessons! Experience gifts are sometimes the best things you can give and actually allowing your loved ones to become horseback riders (if they are not already) makes the perfect horse gift. Alright, let’s jump in!

Gift Ideas for Kids Who are Horse Lovers: Boys Guide

Here are some great gift ideas for little boys who love horses:

1. Horse Stickers

Oh my goodness do kids these days love water bottle stickers or what? These are great horse gifts for any kid (boy or girl really) who loves horses, and they would make a great stocking stuffer too!

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2. Horse Paint Set

My kids love paint sets like these, and in fact they have painted many horses this way. They can make their own unique designs, and even give their own finished creations as gifts if they choose, or decorate their room with them. I love a gift that doubles as an activity and gets creative juices flowing!

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3. Horse Plush

Another thing kids love are these squishmallow stuffed animals! My kids have a few of these and I do have to admit, they’re cute and cozy to cuddle. For little boys or little girls, you can’t go wrong with a fluffy, soft, cute little horse plush.

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4. Horse Stable Playset

If you have a little boy who dreams of being a horse trainer or horse racer one day, this horse stable playset is the perfect gift. My 4 year old loves little sets like these and could sit for hours playing with them.

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5. Horse Pajamas

Like I said, I love a useful gift. These horse PJs are super cute and useful, because every kid needs PJs! In these, they can have sweet dreams about horses!

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6. Horse Inflatable Toy

If you have really little ones who want to be horse riders, this is a great gift for them! It has soft, plush cloth and is easy to inflate and clean.

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7. Horse LEGO Set

This LEGO set makes a perfect gift set for a little boy who loves horses. 

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8. 3D Wooden Horse Puzzle

This is an ideal gift for little boys who love horses and also love building things.

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9. Just a Boy Who Loves Horses Shirt

This cute shirt is perfect for a horse-loving boy!

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10. Horse Riding Boy T-Shirt

Your favorite equestrian will love this horse-riding boy shirt. It will make the perfect addition to their horse-riding gear!

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11. Horse Blanket

This blanket is perfect for curling up on the couch or for a boy’s bed.

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12. Ponies and Horses Book

For boys who love to learn all about ponies and horses, this book is the perfect way to make learning fun.

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Gift Ideas for Kids Who are Horse Lovers: Girls Guide

13. Horse Jewelry Box

For little girls who love horses, jewelry, and other keepsakes, this jewelry box is the perfect gift. 

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14. Horse Notebook

This horse notebook would make a great journal for a little girl. 

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15. Horse Stickers

What kid doesn’t love stickers? This huge assortment of horse stickers will put a smile on any horse loving girl’s face!

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16. Horse Socks

These cute socks will be a huge hit with girls who love horses.

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17. Horse Scrunchies

These horse scrunchies are great for stocking stuffers for girls who love horses!

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18. Horse Sketchbook

Do you have a little artist on your hands who loves horses? This horse sketchbook is a great thing to help them get more creative!

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19. Horse Polly Pocket

This cute little cowgirl horse Polly Pocket will keep your horse-loving girl entertained for hours!

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20. Horse Blanket

This cozy machine washable horse blanket is perfect for any little girl who loves horses!

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21. Hay Girl Makeup Bag

This is the perfect gift to give the little horse lover you know who has all the horse accessories you can imagine. 

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22. Horse Lover Gift Set

This horse lover gift set is a great gift collection of small gifts for a girl who loves horses!

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23. Horse Pajamas

These horse pajamas for girls are a great horse gift because they’re practical!

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24. Horse Coloring Book

What kid doesn’t love coloring? This horse coloring book is a great gift for girls who love horses.

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Gift Ideas for Adults Who are Horse Lovers

25. Horse Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

This tumbler is perfect for horse lovers and keeps drinks both hot and cold! This is a great useful gift for a special occasion.

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26. Horse Shaped Paper Clips

I love these paper clips because they serve a purpose and they’re so cute! If the horse-loving adult in your life uses paper clips for organizing, this gift is a must!

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27. Horse Sticky To Do Notepads

What adults don’t need some sticky notepads for to-do lists? These horse sticky notepads are great unique presents that the recipient will find helpful!

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28. Harrison Howard Horse Grooming Kit

A new grooming kit is an ideal gift for an adult who has a horse. Even if they already have a kit, they’ll need a new one eventually and they may find a new tool they didn’t know they would love.

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29. Aquapaw Horse Grooming Tool

This horse bathing tool makes bathing and combing easier and really enjoyable for the horse. 

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30. 9 Piece Grooming Kit

This 9 piece grooming kit would be a great starter kit for a horse lover who is new to horse ownership and learning to take care of their own horse!

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31. Horse Coffee Mug

This beautiful coffee mug is an ideal present for a lover of wild horses with the saying, “set your spirit free” on the inside.

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32. Horse Lover Makeup Bag

This makeup bag is a handy gift to give a horse lover who travels a lot for things like horse shows!

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33. Late for the Sky Horse-Opoly Board Game

This is a fun horse-themed game that’s perfect for a horse-loving couple or family!

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34. Horse Lover Tote Bag

Everyone loves a good tote bag and this one will be a big hit with someone who loves horses.

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35. Horses Keep Me Stable Tumbler

This funny tumbler is great for that person whose horse is their best friend! 

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36. Horse Scarf

A winter scarf with horse print is a great gift to keep that horse crazy person in your life warm this winter!

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37. Sterling Silver Horse Necklace

This beautiful necklace will put a smile on the face of any woman who loves horses!

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More Gift Ideas for Anyone Who is a Horse Lover

Here are a few more ideas for anyone who loves horses, rides horses, or has horses:

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