During the last five days of December, I did the Prolon 5-Day Fast Mimicking Diet, and I cannot wait to share my experience with you! Throughout the five days, I made check-in videos to record my experience. I am summarizing it all below!

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Why I Chose to Do Prolon’s 5-Day Fast

Before I jump into my experience, let me back up a little and share how it all started. First off, my husband Chris is very big into intermittent fasting. He then decided to do a 120-hour water fast, where he only drank water (and some salt). He has the willpower for these sorts of things.

It was during his fast that he told me he had seen a video about Prolon on social media and thought that I should try it. Scientifically, it’s the same thing: fasting for five days, yet you get to eat. This intrigued me, so I looked into it and ultimately ordered the kit.

I was interested in using it for a few reasons: as a health reset for my body, to jump-start some weight loss goals after being essentially stuck at the same weight for a while, and as a motivating way to start a brand new year, conquering something hard.

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Fasting vs. Fast Mimicking

Now that you know how I came across Prolon, let me explain a little bit more about what it is. I touched on the fact that it’s technically fasting, yet you get to it, which I know is confusing. It confused me too and I had to read a lot about it to understand how that actually works.

I plan to do a more in-depth blog post about fasting vs. fast mimicking, and then I will link that here. For now, here is the summary of it:

Prolonged Fasting: It’s pretty well-known that fasting means not to not eat food for a certain period of time.

Fast-Mimicking Diet: A fast-mimicking diet mimics the effects of fasting while still allowing for some food intake. The restricted diet on this plan gives you limited food to nourish the body but does not trigger the cellular food sensors known as nutrient-sensing pathways, basically tricking your body into believing it is fasting and reaping the benefits of the fast.

From the Prolon website:
“When fasting, the body uses its reserves (fat and glycogen) for the first 2 days (Intermittent Fasting period) but when fasting crosses 3 days or more (the prolonged fasting period), the body undergoes a next level of ‘protective and rejuvenative defense called autophagy.

In modern days, we accelerate cellular damage and aging vs going into periods of autophagy, recovery and rejuvenation.In 5 short days ProLon allows your body to go into a rejuvenating state, while consuming macro and micro nutrients to keep your body nourished.”

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My 5-Day Experience with Prolon’s Fast-Mimicking Diet Program

Below I am including specific notes from each day of my experience with Prolon, as well as the videos I made each day:

Day 1: Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet

While a lot of people find day 1 to be their easiest because they more recently had food, I found it to be my hardest. I started the day by working out at 6:15am, and I had last eaten around 8pm the night before.

After working out, I am always starving, so this was mistake #1. In hindsight, I should have either done a very light workout or skipped it altogether.

Day 1, Check-in Video #1:

Day 1, Check-in Video #2:

Day 1, Check-in Video #3:

Day 1, Check-in Video #4:

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Day 2: Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet

After day 1, I realized that in order to be successful, I would need to scale back my workouts. With that in mind, I cancelled my 6:15am working and opted to sleep in (in my house that means 7am). I also decided to hold off on eating as long as possible, because I tend to feel hungrier if I start eating early in the morning. This worked way better for me.

Day 2, Check-in Video #1:

Day 2, Check-in Video #2:

Day 2, Check-in Video #3:

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Day 3: Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet

Since day 2 was much easier, I decided to stick to that same plan for day 3.

Day 3 Check-in Video:

Day 4: Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet

By day 4 I was feeling really great about my progress and how far I had made it, and knew that I could make it to the end at that point, so I was really just riding that high of achievement to the finish line.

Day 4, Check-in Video #1:

Day 4, Check-in Video #2:

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Day 5: Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet

Day 5 also happened to be New Year’s Eve. Since I just stayed home with the kids and had

Day 5 Check-in Video:

My Biggest Tips for Doing the Prolon 5-Day Fast

After doing the full 5-day Prolon fast, here are my best tips:

Schedule wisely:

To set yourself up for success, think about your schedule and what 5-day stretch you will likely be most successful. Consider events you have coming up and how these may impact your ability to stick to the program.

For my first fast, I chose the last five days of December, when I was home with my kids after Christmas, and we didn’t have much on our schedule. This worked well because I could just be home, avoid public events, and not be in my regular hectic mom-taxi mode, shuffling kids around to sports, school, etc.

Tell your friends and family you are doing the fast:

If you tell everyone around you that you’re doing the fast ahead of time, they will know not to try to rope you into things you can’t do and/or eat during this time. Plus, sharing my experience with friends and family as I went was helpful to stay motivated and on-track.

Read everything before you start:

You’ll even see in one of my videos above that I messed up the first day of the L-Drink because I didn’t read the full instructions ahead of time. Do what our teachers taught us in Kindergarten and read all of the instructions before you start. This will set you up to know what to expect and feel prepared as you go.

Remind yourself it is temporary:

Like a hard workout, it’s all mind over matter. Keep yourself busy, and remind yourself it’s just temporary. You can do anything you set your mind to!

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Overall Thoughts on My Experience with Prolon

Overall, the Prolon Fast Mimicking program was life-changing for me. Where before I was convinced I could not even do intermittent fasting, now I am a true believer in the power of fasting. It was not only a great way for me to start a new year, but just such a reset physically and mentally. I 100% plan to do it again.

Here is my final video:

What’s Next for me after the Prolon Fast?

For this month following the Prolon fast, I am trying intermittent fasting for the first time ever. I am not eating between the hours of 8:30pm to 12:30pm. With that in mind, I have changed my workouts to 9:15am or later, rather than 6:15am, so I can more easily last until 12:30 in the afternoon without eating.

Towards the end of the month, I may try a 3-day water fast for the first time! If I do, I will update here with a link to that experience!

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