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Reasons to choose home workouts

As a former “gym person”, I have experience both worlds of working out and I have 100% picked my preference. Here’s why::

Reasons to pick home workouts


  1. TIME — In the time I could spend getting ready to go, packing up the kids, packing a bag for myself, driving to the gym, and dropping them off at the gym daycare (ick) — in that amount of time I could have already finished my workout AT HOME and had a shower. Add the time to pick them up after, re-load them in the car, and drive home. #aintnobodygottimeforthat
  2. LOGISTICS — Say I spend that time to get us all packed and ready to go, I would feel like I have to look halfway decent, make sure I don’t forget to pack everything I needed. I would have to coordinate a class time that I wanted to do, because I am not a solo in the gym creating my own program kinda girl. I would have to try to get to the gym before that class started, drop the kids, and get to class on time, and then spend the entire class stressing that I am going to hear my name on the loud speaker at any time because my kid is crying non-stop because…gym daycare (ick). Been there, done that, and it was not stress relief. It was more stress & work then it was worth.
  3. NO STARING OR COMPARING — This is a big one for me. I have no desire to be in a gym full of dudes who come there trying to find a date (don’t be that guy), seriously fit people who can be intimidating when you’re not on that level, or people who may not have proper hygiene, or me having to worry about all of my massive amounts of sweat (I sweat, a lot, it’s not cute). I would much rather work on ME in my own comfort zone, with no uncomfortable distractions that prohibit me from pushing my hardest in my workouts.
  4. MATCHING DOESN’T MATTER — I love a good stylish workout outfit just as much as most women do, but some days the laundry status doesn’t line up with that priority…and then you have this:
    why home workouts are better than the gym
    And guess what? No one in my house cares. One less thing to stress about = winning.
  5. RESULTS — Point black: I never got the kind of results I have gotten from my home workout programs by working out at the gym. I am not saying you can’t. I am just saying that if you don’t know the ins & outs of designing your own well-rounded program fit to get you the exact results you are looking for, then doing what I used to do and attending random classes at the gym isn’t going to get you there. You may see some progress, but you won’t get the kind of targeted results you are looking for. I don’t need to pay a personal trainer, because for what I would pay them for 1 hour I have access to the BEST trainers, the best programs, and the best accountability group of other women doing this with me. There is no guesswork. I pick a program, I follow the calendar and do the workout it tells me to do each day, I get results. I have enough things to figure out on my own each day — this isn’t one of them.
  6. ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN — 80% of our physical results come from what we put into our mouths. All of that time I was going to the gym, yet I knew zero about what I was supposed to be eating or how it was related. I thought I could eat whatever I wanted if I just went to cycling class. But now, I not only have access to the best trainers and the BEST fitness programs, but each one comes with a nutrition guide & recipes. Did I mention no guess-work? FULL solutions, not just pieces of a confusing puzzle.
  7. MY OWN SMOOTHIE BAR — That’s really great that you pay a ton of money to be a member of a gym where you receive no guidance of what to do with yourself while you are there, but you really love it because it has this really cool smoothie bar where you can pay $10 for a “protein shake” after you workout. That sounds fun and all, but not as great as my smoothies I make at home in my blender whenever I want, that not only have protein but also adaptogens, probiotics, and over 50 different superfoods just to name a few things. And I guarantee it costs less than the one at the gym.
  8. ONE LESS EXCUSE — I am full of excuses, but through these programs I have been able to fall in love with fitness and cut most of them out. Some days are still hard for all of us though, and that is why it is SO important that I can press play on my workout whenever I see a window in the day. I don’t need to meander around the gym for 2 hours taking breaks between reps to get results. I can do one focused high-intensity workout in 30 minutes while the kids are playing play-doh and then move on with my day. If I am on vacation, I still have my workouts and trainers with me. It makes this whole mom of 2, business owner from home thing way more manageable to be flexible.
  9. WORKOUT BUDDIES — I know, I know…you need your friends to go to the gym with you in order to actually go yourself. I used to need that too. It somehow made it less scary, made me more accountable, and it was more fun. Thankfully, I have a group full of workout buddies who are checking in every single day, sharing their wins and their struggles, cheering each other on, and just doing this whole fitness thing together. Our gyms might be wherever we are, but our support is always there. By simply working out at home I cut out most of the need for a friend to do it with me outside of accountability and support, and now I have more of that then I could have ever asked for.
  10. BE THE EXAMPLE — I love to do my workouts before the kids wake up, or after they go to bed. But ya know what? I love to do them even more when they are awake. When they can see me working out, right there in the living room, or the patio, or in the yard. When they can watch me pushing past my limits, sweating, working hard, challenging myself. When they can get involved and do it with me. When they can see that I make this a priority. Yes they could see me going to the gym and dropping them in gym childcare (ick), but they wouldn’t see what I am really doing, they wouldn’t see the progress in my strength and the pride in the progress. They wouldn’t see their mother struggling hard not to quit, and pushing through in the last 3 minutes. I know that they will not do as I say, only as I do, so if they can see me doing the hard things, taking care of myself, making my health a priority, I will push harder day in and day out to be that example for them.

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