So you’re looking for Christmas words that start with Z, huh? Z words are not the most common in the Christmas vocabulary, but I’ve searched and searched, gathered and bundled just like a good little Christmas elf to bring you a holiday word list that starts with Z. After all, it’s that special time of year and we should help each other out, right? 

The List of Christmas Words that Start with Z

Here are some Christmas-related words that start with the letter Z. I’m not going to lie, some of these may be a stretch, but I’ll explain my connection to Christmas for each word to justify it. 

  1. Zephyr  Referring to a gentle, mild breeze, which might be mentioned in holiday songs or poems.
  2. Zero – Zero days until Christmas! 
  3. Zest – This makes me think of adding flavor to holiday dishes.
  4. Zebra –  Often used in Christmas-themed decorations.
  5. Zeppelin – As related to Christmas lights displays.
  6. Zucchini – Used in some Christmas dinner recipes.
  7. Zimtsterne ​- Star shaped cookies, German Cinnamon stars, that are popular during the holiday season.
  8. Zircon – A gemstone, sometimes used in holiday jewelry or decorations.
  9. Zinc – Used in making some silver bells and holiday ornaments, or even as a supplement to stay healthy during cold season.
  10. Ziti – Some families make pasta with ziti for Christmas.
  11. Zeal – Enthusiasm and excitement often associated with the holiday season.
  12. Zoom – Like reindeer do, or like Santa’s helpers do to get ready for Christmas!
  13. Zigzag – Again, like reindeer or even a popcorn string on a Christmas tree.
  14. Zesty​ – This means energetic or eager, so it makes me think of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.
  15. Zopf​ – Also known as Sunday Bread, a golden-brown braided bread made from eggs, milk, white flour, yeast, and butter.
  16. Zap – This word makes me think of Jack Frost.
  17. Zazzy ​- This word is technically a slang word for something flashy or shiny, which it lots of things at Christmas like sleigh bells and ornaments, wrapping paper and more.
  18. Zealously​ – This is to do something with great enthusiasm or great energy, which is very reminiscent of Christmas, Santa Claus, and the general time of year.
  19. Zestful – Again this relates to having energy or enthusiasm, or lots of flavor or punch. You could use the word zestful to describe spicy flavor in Christmas dishes you make, or zestful could describe someone’s energy and enthusiasm to do any Christmas tradition like Secret Santa, caroling, a gift exchange, cooking or even shopping.
  20. Zillion​ – Because we all feel like we have a zillion things to do during this time of the year!
  21. Ziploc – One word: leftovers!
christmas words that start with z

Ho ho ho, there you have it! Like I said, there are not lots of Christmas words that start with Z. Trust me, I have consulted all the way from Kris Kringle, the wise men, and Rudolph’s girlfriend to Mrs. Claus and everyone else in the North Pole and this is the list of christmas words that start with Z I have come up with. 

I hope this list of Christmas words that start with z has been helpful to you and has helped you find the right word for whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. Season’s greetings, and cheers to you with a cup of hot cocoa!

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