If you have a. 7-9 year old, you need this 3rd grade summer reading list! Reading is a big deal for third graders because, at this point, they are starting to read for learning (instead of just learning to read). This is the time when kids can really develop a love for reading, so a summer reading list can be a game-changer. They can explore the magical world of Shel Silverstein, whose books I really enjoyed reading as a kid, or get lost in a fun series that fills their whole summer! What kind of books does your 3rd grader enjoy reading?

This 3rd grade summer reading list will improve the reading skills of young readers and keep the momentum going while school is out over summer break. I’ve compiled a list of great books in several different categories. Some kids enjoy reading from all categories or they may find that they prefer to stick to one category or even one author. It’s cool to watch them gravitate toward what really interests them!

No matter what kind of books they love, a summer reading program will benefit your child’s continued learning and fuel their imagination. Want to make this more fun? Have your child talk to other 3rd graders to read the same books together, or have them do a chapter books challenge with their best friend! Some of these books will work great for 4th grade as well. Reading is more about reading level and less about grade level.

Best Books for Your Child’s 3rd Grade Summer Reading List

3rd Grade Funny Books

3rd grade funny books

3rd Grade Graphic Novels

3rd grade graphic novels

3rd Grade Non Fiction

3rd grade non-fiction

3rd Grade Adventure and Mystery

3rd grade reading list books adventure and mystery

3rd Grade Animal Books

3rd grade animal books for 3rd grade summer reading list

Summer Reading Printable Book Response Sheets

These book response sheets are a slightly different format than a book report. They won’t take your child much time, but they are a great way to show that they took in what they were reading, and keep their mind (and let’s be real, handwriting) in practice for the upcoming school year!

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printable reading book report for 3rd grade summer reading list

3rd Grade Summer Reading List Book Log

A reading log is a great way to represent the work your child has done while working through their 3rd Grade Summer Reading List. At the end of the summer when they look at all they accomplished after recording it on their list, they’ll be so proud! Plus, they can take it back to their teacher when they start school!

printable reading log for 3rd grade

I’m sure your little reader will find something they love in this list of books! Even reluctant readers will find something that interests them. They may even start a book series that will keep them coming back for more!

Fostering a love of reading is such an important thing you can do for your child’s life! When you use a reading list for the summer, it helps your kids stay on track and gain more confidence in their reading skills so they’ll be ready to go when it’s time to start back to school. You can check your local library for these books are get them online. Happy reading!

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