It’s almost school supply list time! Are you on the hunt for a comprehensive 6th Grade School Supplies List? I’ve got you covered! The following items are probably what your kid’s sixth-grade teacher is going to ask for, and then some. I always include items that I imagine could be helpful for my kids. Better to be over-prepared than have them show up lacking things that could make their days go smoother.

Your child’s needed supplies will probably vary from teacher to teacher, but I’ve found I’ve used additional supplies that are leftover for home art, writing, and other projects the kids do. Before you set out to do your shopping (or log into Amazon) to buy new supplies, take inventory of your school supplies from last year to save some money this year. Make sure you grab the free printable PDF of this shopping list for your convenience while you’re on the hunt for all your back to school items.

Sixth Grade School Supply List:

For your convenience, each supply listed below is linked to the product on Amazon.

  1. No. 2 Pencils
  2. Ballpoint pens
  3. Pencil pouch
  4. Erasers
  5. Sharpeners
  6. Ruler
  7. Protractor
  8. Scissors
  9. Personal calendar
  10. Pocket folders
  11. 3-ring binders
  12. Notebook paper
  13. 3-hole punch
  14. Index cards
  15. Subject dividers
  16. White-out
  17. Highlighters
  18. Markers
  19. Glue Sticks
  20. Graphing calculator
  21. Wide ruled loose-leaf paper
  22. Graph paper
  23. Drawing paper
  24. Watercolor paints
  25. Spiral bound notebook
  26. Stapler
  27. Locker accessories
  28. Lunchbox
  29. Book bag
  30. Water bottle
  31. Hand sanitizer
  32. Tissues
  33. Chapstick

Shopping for your child’s supplies

There are a few things you can do to make your kid’s first day of school a success and one of those is making sure they’re prepared. The new school year can be a little nerve-wracking for kids, especially as they get older. Having things beyond the typical pens, pencils, notebooks, and erasers like water bottles, hand sanitizer, tissues, and chapstick can be comforting. As 6th graders, kids can start weighing in on what they think might make their days a little bit better and easier. You could sit down with them and make a list before heading out.

You should be able to find all of your supplies in one place at all the major retailers like Target or Walmart. Or better yet, online shopping for the win. If you’re headed to the store, getting the necessary supplies will be easier if you do it earlier rather than later after all the goods have been picked through. This list will help you beat the rush that the teachers’ release of the school supply list triggers.

Donating classroom supplies for those in need

Your child’s teachers are probably stocking their classroom supplies right out of their own pockets. Many school systems require teachers to pay for their own supplies. Since there are issues of accessibility for some kids in many classrooms, many teachers stock their own extra supplies to offer to kids in need. If you want to help, talk to your child’s teacher about the best practices for approaching this. It could be that they would request that you just buy extra supplies like an extra spiral notebook or two. Alternatively, they may prefer gift cards to office supply stores so they can purchase exactly what they need. Either way, before you check that last item off your list, see what you might be able to do to help some other kids and their parents if you’re able.

If you need to save some money yourself, shop around for the best deals. If you can find a good deal like a buy one get one, you could potentially offer up a couple low-cost items for donation. Every little bit counts!

Being prepared for the upcoming school year

Summer comes and goes before we know it so I hope you’ll find this school supply list helpful for your 6th grader. Don’t forget to take other things into account as you prepare for the school year, like dress codes you need to shop to accommodate, required reading (if you get a book list from your kid’s teacher), and maybe even a little gift for your kid’s teacher to start the school year off right. However you prepare, I hope this list is helpful to you and your new 6th grader!

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