Is it time to shop for the 7th Grade School Supply List? Having all the school supplies they need is one way we can make sure our kids can focus on learning, not only on the first day of school but all year long. No matter their grade level, it’s never fun for students to show up without the things they need.

Your elementary, middle and high school teachers should provide a list of their required supplies. Or, if you homeschool, you’re the teacher so you can use this list as a general basis and get what you need from it. For a general idea, I have compiled a list of general school supplies for middle and high school students. I also always try to think about prior years and remember what wasn’t on school supply lists that would have been helpful for my kids to have.

If you’re you’re on the hunt for school supply lists for your 7th grader, look no further. It seems like fewer teachers create a middle school supply list than in elementary school. So you may not have been given one. That varies, depending on your child’s teacher. Plus, different teachers usually request different supplies, which makes it difficult to ensure you have everything your kid will need. I put together a list of school supplies that will have you covered should you be left to figure it out on your own. I’ve also included a printable PDF version of this list for your convenience when you’re shopping.

7th Grade School Supplies

For your convenience, each supply listed below is linked to the product on Amazon.

  1. Glue Sticks
  2. White Glue
  3. Pink Erasers
  4. White Eraser
  5. Package of Washable Felt Markers
  6. Pair of Scissors
  7. Pencil Case
  8. Pocket Folders
  9. Package of Lined Paper
  10. Package of Plain Paper 
  11. Composition Notebooks
  12. Blue Pens
  13. Red Pens
  14. Ruler
  15. Protractor
  16. Package of Pencil Crayons / Colored Pencils
  17. 1″ 3-Ring Binder(s)
  18. Subject Dividers
  19.  Scientific Calculator
  20. Geometry Set
  21. Pocket Dictionary
  22. Pencil Sharpener
  23. Highlighter Pens
  24. Post-it Notes
  25. Cap Erasers
  26. Agenda or Calendar
  27. Book Bag / Backpack
  28. Hand Sanitizer
  29. Flash Drive
  30. Water Bottle
  31. Headphones
  32. Mini First Aid Kit
  33. Chapstick
  34. Lunchbox
  35. Tissues

School Supply Lists for Grade 7

My list expands slightly from the basic supplies on most lists I’ve seen, including additional supplies I’ve noticed my kids have found helpful. You can get everything on this list at your local office supply stores or other major retailers like Target, Walmart, or even Amazon if you want to make your life easier and probably get a good deal. If your kid’s individual teachers don’t send out student supply lists, check the school’s website. They may have a general list to refer to or other additional assistance in preparing your kids for the school year.

MONEY-SAVING TIP: Before you shop, don’t forget to clean out your cabinets and drawers, or wherever you keep office and school supplies to check your stock from last year. You may home some supplies left over or random things you’ve collected throughout the year that will save you some money.

The listed items here should complete your shopping for your 7th grader’s school supplies, but only your child’s teacher can confirm their exact list. Don’t forget to consider your child’s school dress codes and make sure you get that shopping out of the way while you’re at it.

Consider Buying a Gift Card or Extra Supplies

In most school districts, teachers are required to use their own money to purchase the supplies they need. Many teachers are operating with the bare minimum. Other teachers may not necessarily have to have all of the supplies they use, but they go out of their way to plan interesting and engaging lesson plans for our kids. If you want to help them make teaching easier and more fun, you can donate to their classroom with a gift card at the start of the year.

Many teachers have students with accessibility concerns so they try to keep extra supplies in their classroom to provide for those children. Imagine if you were unable to provide the things your child needed in the classroom. You would be so grateful if the supplies were provided for them. If you would like to help out, ask your child’s teacher what supplies they need most.

Check in throughout the year to see if your 7th Grade Class Needs More School Supplies

Throughout the year, if you see supplies on sale or if you are going to be at a school supply store, check in with your child’s teacher. They may be running low on extra paper, pencils, or other supplies that you could pick up for them. If you spot something good on sale, just go ahead and grab it for them. If your child’s teacher can’t use it, I bet they have a fellow teacher who can use it in their classroom!

Know of a school supply that should go on this list? Comment so we can add it!

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