In 5th grade, kids start to write for problem-solving, expression, discovery, and reflection. Along with the challenge to learn new writing skills, they are also constantly challenged to use the skills they learned in lower grades. 5th Grade Opinion writing prompts are important. As kids develop at this age, they begin forming more ideas and opinions and become more eager to share them. Opinion writing prompts help to develop critical thinking skills. They also help kids understand that it’s not enough just to have an opinion. They also have to be able support that opinion. This is one of those foundational skills that will serve them their whole lives. Opinion and persuasive writing prompts aid in learning the process of justifying their opinions and potentially convincing others to agree.

5th grade writing prompts will unlock creativity for your kids and make an opinion writing exercise much more fruitful. Writing prompts are part of the writing practice that even adults use to get creative juices flowing for all sorts of projects. They are a tool to trigger deeper thought and memory as well as inspire new and creative thinking. Writing prompts can be used with a group writing exercise or individually. They are great for any educational setting, classroom and homeschool learning. They can also be fantastic for that budding writer who enjoys writing in their spare time for fun.

This blog post includes a list of 50 5th grade opinion writing prompts with a wide variety of questions. These will inspire deep and critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovative ideas.

Following Opinion Writing Prompts

When giving opinion writing prompts to fifth graders, explain that they should give their opinion, share why they feel the way they do, as well as include an argument as to why others should agree. They should support their argument respectfully. Suggest that they take time to brainstorm on the writing topics provided to them and try to connect with each topic they write about personally. Encouraging them to think about their own opinions, from their point of view, rather than the opinions they have heard from others. If writing an opinion essay, ask them to elaborate on their reasoning beyond what they would include in a simple opinion statement.

Ideas for Opinion Writing Prompts:

  1. Should children be allowed to vote?
  2. Should fifth grade be part of elementary school or middle school?
  3. Should the school day be longer or shorter?
  4. Is distance learning better or worse than in-person learning?
  5. Do you think it’s appropriate or inappropriate that some cartoon characters don’t wear pants?
  6. Would video games be better if they were created by kids or by adults?
  7. Do children need cell phones?
  8. Would you rather a friend be very smart or very kind?
  9. Should students be allowed to choose their teacher or should the teachers choose their students?
  10. Do fifth-graders need recess?
  11. Is physical education important?
  12. Do you receive too much, too little, or the right amount of homework?
  13. What animal would be the perfect pet?
  14. Do you feel like homework actually impacts your learning?
  15. Is it possible that one’s opinion can change over time?
  16. If you could become new friends with any person in the world, who would you choose? Why?
  17. Should it be mandatory for students and their families to participate in school fundraisers? Why or why not?
  18. If you could change any one thing about the world, what would you change?
  19. Do people have a responsibility to help other people who are less fortunate than they are?
  20. Should students be allowed to opt-out of state tests without their parents’ permission?
  21. Does celebrating kindness week make people kinder?
  22. Which channel has better shows: Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network?
  23. Should students be allowed excused mental health days?
  24. Do you feel that everyone should donate money to a charity at least once a year?
  25. Is college a necessary next step after graduating from high school?
  26. Persuade your elementary school to eliminate grade levels.
  27. Are the current grading systems in schools well structured?
  28. Persuade your teacher to use flexible seating instead of chairs.
  29. What would be the better choice, reading a book or watching a movie?
  30. Are school uniforms beneficial to student learning?
  31. Is it better to be too hot or too cold?
  32. What makes a good friend?
  33. Who has a harder job? Your teacher or your mom?
  34. What is one gift that you believe anybody would be happy to receive?
  35. What is your favorite book?
  36. How many books should 5th graders read every year?
  37. Are good grades really that important?
  38. Should we use reusable or plastic bottles for water?
  39. How important is it for 5th grade students to know current events?
  40. Which is more fun, being a fifth grader or fourth grader?
  41. Should homework be given every day?
  42. Do kids need to learn good writing skills?
  43. Should sports teams have a dress code?
  44. What’s the best school subject?
  45. Does it matter if you’re nice to a fellow student?
  46. Which Disney Movie is most entertaining?
  47. Is it important for everyone learn a second language?
  48. Should little kids get to dress themselves?
  49. Should shoppers have to bring their own grocery bags to the store?
  50. Should tablets and smartphones be banned in school or applied more?

This great collection of opinion writing prompts can be used for writing lessons, bell work, homework, or test prep. You’ll love reading about your little writer’s opinion on all of these topics. Kids tend to have some great ideas that we often need to be reminded of as adults.

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