If you’re looking for 14 year old birthday quotes to write on a card, share on social media, or use for other birthday messages, get your pen ready! I’m sharing a huge list of happy birthday wishes. Whether you’re sending birthday wishes to your child, grandchild, best friend, niece, nephew or anyone else, you’ll find plenty of ideas below!

14 Year Old Birthday Quotes for a Teenager’s Birthday

  1. On your birthday, I am the one who received a gift – you! 
  2. Happy Birthday to an amazing son/daughter! I love all the little things about you. Wishing you a wonderful 14th birthday!
  3. On this special day in your life, I hope you’re thankful for all the good things. I wish you the best and a wonderful year ahead. Happy 14th birthday!
  4. Wishing you an amazing day full of fun and joy. Look up at the sun today, it’s a sign of a brighter journey in your new age! Have a blessed birthday!
  5. A bright and shining path lies ahead of you, full of new possibilities. Wishing you a very happy 14th birthday! 
  6. I’m so proud of the person you are growing into! In my eyes, you are a hero! Have a happy birthday!
  7. I hope that you always remember this day because you deserve the greatest birthday! 
  8. I cannot believe 14 years have gone by this fast, and I am so proud of the kind person you have turned into! 
  9. Even though I want time to slow down, you are heading to adulthood, so enjoy your birthday as a 14-year-old! 
  10. Sending my little (big) 14-year-old the best birthday wishes! 
  11. Don’t ever be afraid to be you. You have the best heart that I have ever met in a 14-year-old! 
  12. I want you to have the most beautiful life. I pray God blesses you with health and happiness! 
  13. I pray that God gives you good health and knowledge and shines on you so brightly this year! 
  14. I hope you have the best 14th birthday! I can’t believe there are just a few more to come until you can do whatever you want as an adult! 
  15. I am really proud of the teenager you have become and all the character you show every day. I love you! 
  16. I am so proud of you for always speaking your mind and always wanting to have fun- keep learning everything you can! 
  17. I wish you greatness in the second year of your teenage years. These are the greatest days! Happy birthday! 
  18. You have become such a beautiful young lady, have a great birthday! 
  19. I can’t believe my favorite girl/boy in the world is turning 14, Happy birthday, honey! 
  20. May this 14th year be full of love and laughter just like you bring to us every day, happy birthday! 
  21. You are growing so quickly. I can’t believe you are 14. I still remember the days I could just pick you up, and now you are growing up so fast. Happy birthday! 
  22. You are really impressing me every single day, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year, happy birthday! 
  23. I pray that God continues to bless you with good health, success, and long, happy life! I hope all your wishes that you make come true with hard work, and most of all, I hope you have the best 14th birthday! 
  24. Today, our family celebrates you and all your unique characteristics- what a big day, Happy 14th birthday! 
  25. We all feel so blessed to have such a wonderful son/daughter, and we love to be able to celebrate the big 14th with you! 
  26. Every single year I feel even more blessed to watch you grow, and I feel so blessed not to miss your biggest moments! Happy birthday! 
  27. I still remember the day you were born like it was yesterday, you are still my perfect little boy/girl, and I love watching you grow! Happy Birthday! 
  28. As your mom, I will always give you lots of love unconditionally! I love you – Happy birthday! 
  29. I love watching you turn into the social butterfly that you are; it makes me so happy that you are so happy! Happy birthday! 
  30. No matter what this life throws at you, one of the most beautiful things to watch is how you get right back up. I am so proud of you and hope you have a very happy birthday! 
  31. It brings me so much joy watching you grow into the young man that you are – Happy birthday! 
  32. Even though we may say it 1,000 times a day, we love you so much! Have a great birthday! 
  33. You are the most precious thing to me, and I hope you have so much fun this coming year! Happy birthday! 
  34. This is one of the best phases of your life. You are starting to become a young adult- enjoy this time! Happy birthday! 
  35. I hope that you always dream big, stay humble, and learn from every opportunity that you are presented with! This will be a long life of success for you if you embrace it! Happy birthday! 
  36. I pray that you live life to your fullest potential; it brings me so much joy to watch you learn and do your best all the time! 
  37. You have always had such a positive impact on not only my life but so many lives around you. You are so special and kind- we love you! 
  38. Even though you are now 14, I still remember you as a little baby and every single milestone you have hit in your life! You will always be my little girl/boy! 
  39. I could not be more proud to be your grandparent- happy 14th birthday to the best grandson/granddaughter! 
  40. I am so proud of you for how respectful you have turned out to be as a parent. That is one of the best things I can hear as a compliment about my son/daughter! Happy Birthday! 
  41. As your grandma/grandpa, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, and I am so proud to be in your life!
  42. Don’t ever stop shining, and don’t ever forget how special you are! Have the best day, and enjoy your birthday cake! 
  43. Always know that you can come to your grandparents with anything you ever need in life- we love you! Happy birthday! 
  44. Even though time is flying by so quickly, it has been wonderful to watch you grow and thrive in your life! Have a very happy birthday! 
  45. To my granddaughter/grandson, I will always love you more than I can put into words! Have a great birthday, honey! 
  46. We love watching you have fun with your friends and can’t wait to celebrate you at your party- have a happy birthday! 
  47. You are slowly turning into an adult. Enjoy these few years as a teenager that you have and live them to the fullest! Happy, happy birthday! 
  48. You are such a smart and kind granddaughter/grandson, have a great birthday! 
  49. I hope you know how much we love and care about you! Happy birthday! 
  50. We hope that you get everything you want for your 14th birthday! 
  51. We are so impressed with the girl/boy you are turning into! Have a great, great birthday! 
  52. To our adorable grandson/granddaughter, we hope you have a really fun birthday! 
  53. On your birthday, my dear grandson/granddaughter, I hope you have the most joyful day! 
  54. To the best niece/nephew, I hope you have a wonderful 14th year! 
  55. To my niece/nephew, I am so proud of everything you do, and I hope that you continue to dream big! Have a great birthday! 
  56. We are so blessed to watch you grow and can’t wait to see what all you do this year! 
  57. Happy 14th birthday, we hope it is the best one yet! 
  58. I am so honored and blessed to call you my niece/nephew. Happy birthday! 
  59. To my niece/nephew, I hope this year brings you endless opportunities and much success!
  60. Happy 14th birthday to an incredible niece. You take after me (your aunt) so much, and it is such an honor! 
  61. You have always brought so much love, laughter, and light into our lives. May your year be full of the very best moments. Happy birthday, niece!
  62. Happy birthday to my incredible, fun nephew/niece! 
  63. Happy 14th birthday to you, nephew. You are so talented, and it is so inspiring to watch you grow and learn! 
  64. Happy 14th birthday to my nephew/niece! I really wish we could see each other more, but I hope you have a great day! 
  65. It is hard to believe you are already 14 years old. Time sure does fly! Enjoy your special day! 
  66. I’m so blessed to have you as a niece/nephew, I love you! Have a great birthday! 
  67. The best advice, as your aunt/uncle, that I can give you is to keep being yourself! Also, have the best birthday ever! 
  68. When you first called me an auntie, my heart melted- I love having you as a niece/nephew! Have a fun birthday! 
  69. Happy birthday, birthday boy/girl! I am constantly proud of how determined you are to learn new things! 
  70. To my little sister/brother, I have loved being there to celebrate all your greatest moments, and I’m excited to celebrate your 14th birthday! 
  71. I can’t believe my little sister/brother is already turning 14! I have loved watching you grow up and being so close! 
  72. To my big sister/brother, thank you for being such a great role model! Have a fun birthday! 
  73. You are the most incredible sister/brother, and I am so thankful God made me your sister/brother! Happy birthday! 
  74. Happy 14th birthday to my sister! We are going to have so much fun celebrating you! 
  75. Happy birthday to my little sister/brother. You are growing up so fast! 
  76. Happy birthday, little sister/brother! Have the best day ever! 
  77. It’s so amazing how fast you have grown up and the girl/guy you have turned into! I am so proud to call you my sister/brother! Happy birthday! 
  78. Happy birthday bro/sis! I can’t believe you are 14 this year! 
  79. Happy birthday, bro/sis! I hope you have the greatest birthday! 
  80. Even though we used to fight a lot over our toys, you are still my partner in crime. I love you, Happy birthday! 
  81. Being your big sis/brother is the best gift I have ever received. Happy birthday, my sweet little brother/sister!
  82. Happy 14th birthday to my baby brother; you better share your presents since I have had your back all these years! 🙂
  83. I love you so much, little brother/sister. It is so fun watching you grow up! 
  84. Happy birthday, big bro/sis; you may not know this, but I really look up to you. Have a really good birthday! 
  85. My brother/sister, I love that we have so many memories to share! Have the happiest birthday!
  86. I am so blessed to have you as a friend! You are not only courageous but super funny and smart. Happy 14th birthday.
  87. I can’t believe this is your second year of being a teenager. I wish time would slow down! Happy birthday, son/daughter! 
  88. We all are so glad we get to celebrate you and all you have become! Happy birthday! 
  89. Your 14th year birthday means we have now been friends for over 5 years, and I am so happy to have you in my life! Have a great day, friend!
  90. Life is pretty incredible when you have positive people around you, and you have always been that person in my life! Happy birthday to my best friend! 
  91. You are so ambitious and positive, and I pray that this 14th birthday is everything you have wanted! 
  92. Make a great wish when you blow out your candles! This will be a great year! 
  93. I hope you get everything you want for your birthday and fun stuff for us to make more memories with! Happy birthday to my best friend!
  94. We never knew love like this could exist until you were born; we are the most blessed parents! We love you and hope you enjoy your day! 
  95. We pray every day that God continues to bless you with great health and success as you go through life! Happy birthday! 
  96. Always remember to live life to the fullest and keep working hard! We are so proud of you! Have a happy birthday! 
  97. A new year means a new beginning and a brand new slate! Dream big, work hard, and keep growing! We are so happy with all the great things you have done! 
  98. Best wishes to our big 14-year-old. This next year will be the greatest one yet! 
  99. May God continue to bless you and our family. We love you so much! Happy birthday, buddy! Love, Mom and Dad!
  100. May your 14th birthday be everything you want it to be! Happy birthday! 
  101. Happy 14th birthday, I hope that this day is everything you dreamed of! Keep up the good work, kiddo! 

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