Hi fellow mama, here are some 19 month old activities for you to entertain your offspring, in case you are losing your mind. If you’re like me when you’re looking for things for your toddler to do, you want them to be both entertaining and educational. Okay, THAT IS A LIE. When I am looking for something for my toddler to do I just want him to do it for more than 1 minute before changing his mind for goodness sakes. I don’t care what it is, honestly. As long as it doesn’t result in an ER trip or expensive damage to household items, it’s a good idea.

I digress. At 19 months old we need to work on fine motor skills, gross motor skills, new words, pretend play, hand-eye coordination, sensory development, imaginative play, spatial relationships, and more (like mom not losing her mind). Those words can be intimidating, especially to new moms. But there are tons of different activities for your 19-month-old toddler that teach all sorts of basic skills. The best part is, to your little one, it’s just playing.

I put together a list of indoor and outdoor activities for young toddlers. Most of the below are also great ideas for most babies and toddlers, from 6 month olds to 2-3 year olds. Young children all enjoy these toddler activities. These include fine motor activities, sensory play ideas, and are really just some creative ways to entertain your kid. You’re welcome.

Outdoor 19 Month Old Activities

Outdoor 19 Month Old Activities

Carwash, dino wash, doll wash

This simple but engaging activity is always a big hit! Just add your kids’ favorite items — cars, dinos, dolls — to soap and water and watch them get to work cleaning. Toddlers have a short attention span. This task-oriented play can help them concentrate longer.

Move water from one container to another

This type of water play is great for increasing strength, focus, and improving gross and fine motor skills. All you need is a few containers to fill with water and a few cups or bowls to move the water from one container to the other.


Bubbles are always a hit and a good way to get your toddler moving. Walking, running, reaching, climbing and trying to catch and pop the bubbles helps toddlers strengthen muscles and develop gross motor skills.

Water table

I’ve had a water table with all of my kids because it’s an easy activity that does a good job of both keep them busy and helps with sensory processing. This is one of my favorite sensory activities for toddlers.

Sink or float

Easy ways to entertain and teach a useful skill are the best ways in my opinion. This activity only requires a container for water and a pile of items your toddler can experiment with. Although, you might want to supervise the collection of those items. You don’t want something like your cell phone being dropped in the water to see if it sinks or floats.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunting can be an exciting activity and a great opportunity for older siblings to play with younger toddlers. Give your kids a basket or box and send them out to find the most interesting things they can find in the yard.

Play in the mud

Mud is such an interesting thing to kids and learning activities involving mud can help develop their tactile skills. Plus it’s a good chance for them to connect with nature and explore different textures.

Finger and feet painting on cardboard 

Have you noticed how much your kids enjoy playing with an empty box? Yeah, mine too. Usually more than what came in the box. This activity is a great way to put those large cardboard boxes to use and entertain your toddler. Break down cardboard and make a large area outside for your kids to paint a masterpiece with their hands and feet. And of course some washable and even edible paints.

Sidewalk chalk

This one is a classic go-to for kids of all ages. It’s another one of those simple ideas that are also inexpensive and likely uses what you already have on hand.

Collect and paint rocks

Another fun activity that would be good to do with siblings, your older kids could help your toddler find special rocks and then paint them together.

Freeze flowers and sticks in ice cubes

Take those items your toddler found on his/her treasure hunt, like little flowers and sticks, and freeze them in ice cube trays. Then dump all your ice cubes into a large container outside, give your little ones some toys and tools for working on those ice cubes, and let them go at it. This. is a great sensory activity and a good way to keep your kids cool on a hot day.

Indoor 19-Month-Old Activities

indoor 19 Month Old Activities

Busy board

Busy boards can be homemade or purchased. They include simple activities like knobs to turn, latches to close, and buttons to push. They are a fun way to work on fine motor skills and give kids the opportunity to explore everyday household items in a fun, educational way.

Coloring or tracing

Coloring and tracing might not be beautiful at 19 months old, but they help with hand strength, fine motor coordination, and creativity.


Of course, I couldn’t leave out playdough. Although I think all moms secretly hate playdough, it’s one of the best activities for kids. It’s good for your toddler’s hand-eye coordination and, again, those fine motor skills.

Obstacle course for climbing (cushions, etc)

Toddlers like to climb and it’s not just fun for them, it’s developmental. Climbing helps with spatial and directional awareness and it improves physical skills such as balance, hand and foot coordination, and agility.

Busy Baskets

Fill a small basket with random things from around the house that your toddler doesn’t normally have access to. Things like kitchen spoons and bowls or a few things out of your junk drawers like a flashlight, cloth measuring tape, and nail buffer. Those things he/she can check out as a new experience. Even better, make it a sensory bin with items of different colors and textures for your toddler to explore.

Reading a book or picture books

Toddlers love books and reading to them helps develop their language skills.

Color sorting

Gather a bunch of different objects from around your house, toys, and other items, and tell your toddler to sort them out into piles by color.

Masking tape path walking

Create paths out of masking tape for your toddler to walk inside of. Make some longer distances and some that are just a short distance. Throw in some curves and sharp turns for extra work on spatial awareness and balance.

Matching socks

This is the classic matching game, but make it productive. Give your toddler all your freshly cleaned kids’ socks and let him/her match them up.

Sweep pom poms into a square

Use pom-poms or any small pieces and masking tape to draw a square on the floor. Have your toddler practice sweeping the pieces into the square.

Open and close

Use a ziploc bag or Rubbermaid containers as a simple way to help your toddler develop dexterity and hand strength. The more different types of opening and closing they can do, the better. Try to find a variety of containers for them to rotate through.

19 month old activities

These 19 month old activities will help your toddler’s little hands and mind develop and hopefully, some of them will keep them occupied so you can have a moment. Many of these indoor and outdoor activities can be done anywhere, so you should have plenty to occupy your toddler on a daily basis.

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