As we gear up for the Fourth of July, a day synonymous with the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States, jokes are a great way to get kids excited about the holiday. Get ready to hear a lot of laughter as we explore 110 kid-friendly 4th of July jokes that touch upon the founding fathers, the Statue of Liberty, American colonists, the Liberty Bell, Mt. Rushmore, and everything in between. 

From knock-knock jokes to playful puns, these comedic gems are sure to add an extra spark to your Independence Day festivities or Fourth of July celebration. 

53 4th of July Jokes for Kids

Get ready for some laughter with these funny patriotic jokes!

  1. Why was the American flag so good at math? Because it’s always counting its “stars” and “stripes”!
  2. What did the American flag wear to the 4th of July party? Red, white, and blue jeans!
  3. Why did the fireworks break up? They just couldn’t handle the “spark” in their relationship!
  1. What did one firework say to the other?  “You really light up my life!”
  2. Why are big fireworks like bad students? They always “burst” out when they shouldn’t!
  3. What’s a firework’s favorite snack? “Pop”corn!
  4. How do fireworks clean themselves? With “sparkling” water, of course!
  5. Why did the firework go to the doctor? It had a case of “burnout”!
  6. Why don’t fireworks ever tell secrets? Because they might “explode” with excitement!
  7. What did the firework say to the crowd? “Let’s make tonight a blast!”
  8. Why did the firework bring a ladder? It wanted to “reach new heights”!
  9. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a fireworks display? Frostbite!
  10. Why did the firework get grounded? It had a “flare”-up!
  1. What do you call a lazy firework? A “fizzle” stick!
  2. Why was the patriotic candy so confident? Because it had a “sweet” sense of liberty!
  3. What did one American flag say to the other on Independence Day? “You’re really showing your true colors today!”
  4. Why did the American flag bring a ladder to the parade? Because it wanted to “rise” to the occasion!
  5. Why don’t fireworks ever gamble? Because they’re afraid of losing their “spark”!
  6. Why did the firecracker go to school? Because it wanted to be “explosively” smart!
  7. What did the American flag say to the little firecracker? “You’re a real blast from the past!”
  8. Why did the American colonists get into the fireworks business? Because they wanted to make a bang with their Declaration of Independence!
  9. What did the Statue of Liberty say to the American flag? “Wave hello to freedom!”
  10. What did the parrot say on July 4th? “Polly want a Declaration of Independence!”
  11. Knock, knock. 
    Who’s there?
    Yankee who?
    Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony!
  1. Why did the American colonists play flag football on July 4th? Because they wanted to capture the spirit of the American flag!
  2. What did the American flag say to the little firecracker? “You’re a real blast!”
  3. Why was King George III a good boxer? Because he could “knock out” the competition!
  4. Why did Uncle Sam plant a tree on Independence Day? Because he wanted to grow “independent” branches!
  5. Why did the Statue of Liberty go to the hair salon? Because she wanted to have a “crowning” glory on the 4th of July!
  6. What’s a dog’s favorite part of the 4th of July parade? The “bark”-ade of floats!
  7. Why did the American colonists love fireworks? Because they believed in the “inalienable rights” to light up the sky!
  8. What’s Uncle Sam’s favorite snack? Firecracker jacks!
  9. Why did the American flag go to the July party? Because it wanted to “flag” down some fun!
  10. What did the Statue of Liberty say about the fireworks? “They’re really lighting up my life!”
  11. Why did the American colonists have a “fancy meat-ing” on Independence Day? Because they believed in the pursuit of happiness through a good barbecue!
  12. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Liberty who?
    Liberty bell ringing for freedom!
  13. Why did the American flag go to the 4th of July parade? Because it wanted to “wave” to the crowd!
  14. What did the Statue of Liberty say to the firecracker? “You’re a little firecracker with a big boom!”
  15. Why did the American colonists have a “ducklaration of independence” party? Because they believed in the freedom to quack!
  16. What’s the American colonists’ favorite kind of tea? Liberty bell peppermint tea!
  17. Why did the Founding Fathers start a rock group? Because they wanted to rock the boat of British rule!
  1. Knock, knock.
    Who’s there?
    Fire who?
    Fire-cracking up at these jokes!
  2. Why did Captain America become an artist? Because he knew how to draw the line between good and evil!
  3. Why did the Star-Spangled Banner take up painting? Because it wanted to express its true “colors”!
  4. What did Paul Revere say at the Boston Tea Party? “Tea-rific!”
  5. What do you call a patriotic flower? A “Yankee Doodle Dandylions”!
  6. Why did Mount Rushmore throw a party? Because it wanted to have a “rockin'” good time!
  7. What’s Mount Rushmore’s favorite type of music?Rock and roll, of course!
  8. What did Mt. Rushmore say to the geologist? “I’ve been carved out for this job!”
  9. Why did Mount Rushmore get so popular? Because it had a “face-lift” everyone could appreciate!
  10. What did the American flag do at the party? It “raised” the roof!
  11. Why did the parade float break up with its partner after the Fourth of July parade? Because they just couldn’t “march” in step!
  12. Why did the hamburger go to the Independence Day celebration? It wanted to “meat” some new friends!

I hope you enjoyed this list of funny 4th of July jokes! It was really hard to create a list of Fourth of July jokes that were actually funny, so I hope you enjoyed these. Share them at your next Fourth of July picnic or get together and give the gift of laughter to your friends and family!

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