Looking for the best Harry Potter gifts for kids or the ultimate Harry Potter fan in your life? You’ve landed on the right place, the golden snitch of all Harry Potter Gift Guides, if you will. Read through this Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide and you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your beloved Harry Potter fan.

Shop our Diagon Alley of the Best Gifts for a Harry Potter Lover

1) Girls’ Harry Potter Nightgown

A nightgown is a fun way to gift a Harry Potter fan but with something more practical that they will actually use time and time again. Get it here.

2) Harry Potter Themed Charm Bracelets / Friendship Bracelets

Girls love Harry Potter films, too! This bracelet features the golden snitch, one of the most popular little gadgets in the series. Get it here.

3) LEGO Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village Visit 76388 Building Kit with Honeydukes Store and The Three Broomsticks Pub

This is an awesome LEGO set that is sure to make your little wizard super happy! Get it here.

4) Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket with print of Marauder’s Map

If you know a true Harry Potter lover, this throw blanket is a fun and practical choice for a gift this holiday season, or any time of year. Get it here.

5) Harry Potter Ankle Socks

These are the cutest Harry Potter socks for women or girls! Get it here.

6) CunMei Quill Pen – Feather Calligraphy Pen and Ink Set

HP fans will love this calligraphy set, it’s a unique and fun gift for slightly older HP fans. Get it here.

7) Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light

Fans of Hogwarts house will love this official Harry Potter item. Get it here.

8) The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

If you’re looking for magical Harry Potter gifts, this is a must-have. Get your kids in the kitchen to cook dishes straight from the Harry Potter stories. Get it here.

9) Perler Harry Potter Fuse Bead Kit

This kit is a great idea for a craft activity for your Harry Potter-loving kids and their friends! Get it here.

10) Ultimate Harry Potter Movie Quiz, Officially Licensed Trivia Game

This Harry Potter card game is great for older kids to play with family and friends! Get it here.

11) Wizarding World Harry Potter, Magical Minis Collector Set

This set of mini main characters from Harry Potter are perfect for your kids to collect. Get it here.

12) Harry Potter Party Game

This game offers a great way for your kids to put their Harry Potter knowledge to the test! Get it here.

13) Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition Compact Trivia Game

This game is a great choice for travel with its compact case and no game board. Get it here.

14) Harry Potter Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves

This Warner Bros Harry Potter “Ravenclaw Rules” blanket will be a favorite for older kids or even adults. Get it here.

15) Harry Potter Candy

Your favorite Potterhead who loves all things Harry Potter will love these treats! Get it here.

16) Harry Potter Stationery Set

This Harry Potter stationery set will be the next best thing to attending Hogwarts, your kids will love it! Get it here.

17) LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

If your kids love the Harry Potter books, they’ll love recreating the Hogwarts Castle with this Lego set, complete with a host of Harry Potter characters and other accessories. Get it here.

18) Spoontiques Hogwarts Glitter Cup with Straw

This great 20 oz cup is a great gift for your Harry Potter fan to show their love of all things Potter. Get it here.

19) Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Journal with Harry Wand Pen

This journal is the perfect place for your kids to remember their favorite parts from Harry Potter World. Get it here.

20) Harry Potter Books Set #1-7 in Collectible Trunk-Like Toy Chest Box

This collectible chest is a great place for your serious Harry Potter lover to store their original books. Get it here.

21) Enchanting Hedwig Interactive Owl with Over 15 Sounds and Movements

Enchanting Hedwig will be one of your kids’ favorite Harry Potter gifts. It responds to your touch and recognizes your tone of voice! Get it here.

22) Wizarding World Harry Potter 200 Page Smash Journal Kit

This journal makes a better gift for your slightly older Potter fans. The soft leatherette journal has lots of accessories! Get it here.

23) Douglas Wizard Snowy Owl Plush Stuffed Animal

This snowy owl will be a great addition to your little Harry Potter lover’s stuffed animal collection. Get it here.

24) Paladone Golden Snitch Lumi Clip 

This Harry Potter-themed reading light will be an added bonus to make reading their favorite book series even more magical. Get it here.

25) LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake Bathroom Building Kit 

This is a great gift for girls or boys to explore a scene of the wizarding world of Harry Potter! Get it here.

26) Wizarding World Harry Potter, Talking Sorting Hat 

Transport your Harry Potter fan to the great hall with this talking sorting hat. Get it here.

27) The Noble Collection Hermione Granger’s Illuminating Wand

Harry Potter fans can pretend to use different spells with this illuminating wand that lights up when you wave it. Get it here.

28) Harry Potter, Wizard Training Wand

Fans will love having Harry Potter’s wand and training guide to make the stories come alive. Get it here.

29) Harry Potter Collectible Dobby The House Elf Doll

This 5-inch, film-inspired Dobby doll looks just like his onscreen character and will be a great addition to your Harry Potter fan’s collection. Get it here.

30) Pressman Harry Potter Triwizard Maze Game

This fun game is great for younger children or any Harry Potter super fan! Get it here.

31) Wizarding World Harry Potter, 8-inch Hermione Granger Doll

The best part about this Hermione Granger doll is that it’s posable. Harry Potter fans will have fun recreating their favorite Hermione scenes! Get it here.

32) Ravensburger Harry Potter Labyrinth Family Board Game

Great for kids and adults, this game gives your family a good chance together for some fun. Get it here.

33) LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Toy Train Building Set

Kids can transport themselves to the world of Harry Potter with this LEGO Hogwarts Express train set. Get it here.

34) Harry Potter Pencil Toppers

These are great themed gifts for your Harry Potter lovers! Get it here.

35) Wizarding World Harry Potter, 8-inch Brilliant Hermione Granger Doll Gift Set

This Hermione Granger doll gift set comes with plenty of fun accessories for your Harry Potter fan. Get it here.

36) Harry Potter Potions Challenge Board Game

Transport to Harry Potter universe with this game as you complete Professor Snape’s assignments. Get it here.

37) Magic School Uniform Inspired Doll Clothes Shoes Set for American Girl Dolls

Running out of gift ideas for your Potter fan? Your kids will love this set of clothes and shoes for their American Girl dolls! Get it here.

38) Magical Minis Charms Classroom with Exclusive Hermione Granger Figure

Harry Potter fans can create and play out their own spells with this Hermione Granger figure. Get it here.

39) Harry Potter Walkie Talkies for Kids

These walkie-talkies are a perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan of any age at a great price point too! Get it here.

40) Harry Potter Cosplay Costume Props Accessories

This Harry Potter wand and other accessories are great for dress-up and imaginative play! Get it here.

41) Harry Potter Smartwatch Band

This officially licensed Warner Brothers watch band is perfect for your bigger kids, plus they get their choice of Hogwarts house. Get it here.

42) Harry Potter: Hogwarts Trunk Collectible Set

This collectible includes a replica of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts trunk and it’s perfect if you’re looking for unique gifts for your Potter fanatic! Get it here.

43) The Official Harry Potter Baking Book

If your Potter fans already have all the Harry Potter toys, this is the next gift they need. it has 40+ recipes inspired by all of the Harry Potter books. Get it here.

44) Harry Potter Marauder’s Map – Purple Lock & Key Journal

A great gift for young kids who love Harry Potter, this journal comes with two keys to keep all their magic spells safe. Get it here.

45) Harry Potter Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff Quidditch Team Boys Youth T-Shirt

Your Harry Potter fan can be part of the team with their house’s Quidditch shirt! Get it here.

46) Harry Potter Kids Backpack

This awesome backpack will be proudly worn by the HP type of muggle (Harry Potter loving human). Get it here. All they need to go with it is their very own Hogwarts acceptance letter (which you can actually get them, here.)!

47) Harry Potter DVD Set

From Harry Potter Studios, the complete 8-film collection of Harry Potter movies is the perfect gift for any HP lover who doesn’t own the entire series yet! Get it here.

48) Harry Potter Girls’ Big Hermoine Gryffindor Uniform Night Gown

Harry Potter fans probably already have this nightgown on their wish list! Get it here.

49) Kids Harry Potter It’s LevIOsa Not LevioSA T-Shirt

Potter kids can show a little bit of Hermione’s spunky attitude with this fun t-shirt! Get it here.

50) Harry Potter Girls’ Robe

This Harry Potter robe is cozy and perfect for any young fan! Get it here.

That wraps up the best gift guide from the Harry Potter Series. Your Potter fans are sure to love any of these unique gifts! I hope this list has sparked some inspiration for your holiday or special occasion shopping. If you’ve found any other must-have Harry Potter gifts, share them in the comments. I would love to hear your ideas!

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