There is nothing more special than welcoming a new baby into your family! If you are about to embark on this new journey, I want to give you a huge congratulations! I wanted to share some of my favorite big sister gift ideas for that little girl in your life that is about to have a little brother or sister!

Becoming an older sibling is a big change and such a special occasion. I have created this list in hopes that you will find the perfect big sister gift for when their new sibling comes into this world! Giving them a gift will not only make them feel special but it will also make them feel included in this new role they are about to take on. So what would be an ideal big sister gift? See my list below and follow the links if you see something your daughter would love!

First, Check Out the New Sibling Kit

new sibling kit

One of my favorite gift ideas for a new sibling is the New Sibling Kit. It is full of fun activities you can do with your children, along with games they can play and tips for you as well! It is no secret that sometimes when the second child comes along, the older sibling becomes a bit jealous or worried they are being replaced. This kit helps them feel part of it rather than on the sidelines with your new addition. It has coloring pages, word searches, a place they can come up with baby names, etc. It is a great idea to start getting them involved in the whole process from the beginning so that bond can start to form!

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8 Best Big Sister Gift Ideas

1. Big Sister T-Shirt or Outfit

Getting your baby girl a big sister shirt is a good way to make her feel included from the very start. She can wear this shirt to help you tell your other family members, and she can also wear it when meeting her new little sibling. Have fun with it! You can choose to give her a shirt or a full outfit, depending on what she likes. The one I linked here is a cute little tutu outfit from Amazon, but there are a ton of options out there!

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2. Teddy Bear

A big sister teddy bear would be a sweet little gift idea for a soon-to-be big sister. The fun part with this is she can even put her big sister shirt on the teddy bear or use the shirt that comes with it originally. It is an easy way to make her feel included, and she can snuggle with the bear at night.

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3. Coloring Book

If your daughter likes to color, a coloring book would be a fun idea to get her! She can bring her imagination to the new role she is taking on and have fun coloring! You can even have her draw a picture of what she thinks her new sibling will look like or, when the baby is born, draw a picture of her holding the new baby.

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4. Super Big Sister Plush Doll

What better way to prepare your little one to become a big sister than having a baby doll she can carry around? Getting her a baby doll while you are pregnant and to have while the new baby is there will make her feel like she has her own little baby. You can have her name the doll the new baby’s name or come up with her own, and she can even practice holding the baby. You can use this as an opportunity to show how to be “gentle” and careful with the new baby. This is the perfect gift to not only get her prepared and help her practice but also it brings life to the situation- she can actually see a “baby” and, with that, be even more excited! Plus, you can really amp it up and get the baby a small bed or get her a little doll stroller to push around. She will be so happy!

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5. Big Sister Books

big sister gift ideas

This is one of my favorite big sister gift ideas! A super fun way to amp up the excitement for the older daughter is getting her a personalized big sister book. I got this same one for my son when he became a big brother, and you can see it in this blog post about gifts for new big brothers. You can get her a book that has her name in it, for example, “Big sister, Aaliyah”. This will for sure bring a smile to her face, and she can read it while rubbing your belly so she is reading it to her new baby sister. Then, once the baby is born, she can read it for the first time to her new sibling, which would be beautiful quality time. You can make it either a personalized gift or a regular big sister book.

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6. Gift Baskets/Box

big sister gift ideas

Depending on the age of your child, a gift basket would be a great choice to announce to them they are going to be a big sister! You can fill it with things like a big sister necklace, a baby doll, and anything else you think she would love. You can get super creative with a gift box and make it a really exciting time for her!

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7. Big Sister Bracelet

sister bracelet

A bracelet is a very meaningful gift that she can wear on her wrist as often as she wants to think about her younger sibling. Once again, you can get creative with this! You can make it a little activity between you and her and have her make one herself, depending on her age, or you can get her an already made one. She can wear it to your baby shower with her new big sister outfit and show it off to your guests!

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8. Photo Book

big sister gift ideas

Once the baby is born and she has spent some time with her new baby brother or sister, you can gift her a photo book. This would be a very sentimental gift filled with pictures of her (and the rest of your family) during the pregnancy stage, followed by pictures of her holding her new sibling. This would always hold a special place in her heart, and she can keep it for a long time! You can include pictures of your whole family, and it would be a perfect way to capture those special moments.

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Big Sister Gift Ideas to Make The Older Sister Feel Excited

Getting your daughter a special gift to include her in the process of welcoming a new baby into the family is a great way to get her excited! From a t-shirt to a big sister bracelet, I hope this list gives you a great gift idea for your little one! There is nothing more beautiful than the special bond between little kids. Having a sibling gives you a best friend for life, so use this as a perfect opportunity to get the older children in your family involved! Some of these gifts, such as the baby doll and the teddy bear, will be a great way for them to have imaginative play and get in the big sister swing of things!

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