Mamas, it’s almost Easter! I know, time flies. Just thinking about loads of plastic Easter eggs stuffed with candy is giving me nightmares. Therefore, I present to you this blog post highlighting all of the best non candy easter egg fillers! Easter egg stuffers do not have to be candy or plastic junk. I repeat, Easter egg stuffers do NOT have to be candy or plastic junk. Plastic eggs are bad enough as it is because so many of them are just discarded every single year (can we please re-use these things, mamas? Let’s make a pact, for real.). Okay, let’s jump in and get to the list of non-candy easter egg fillers.

Pro Tip: Get this bin now so you can store your plastic eggs for next year and you won’t be tempted to throw them out! Label it: Easter Eggs. Done. You’re saving yourself future money and helping the environment. Good job, you.

Here’s a huge list of the non-candy easter egg filler ideas:

Some of these ideas will fit in regular Easter egg sizes, and others may need to go in jumbo easter eggs. I’ve tried to include ideas that are great for little kids and big kids, eggs of different sizes (regular sized eggs, medium-sized eggs and larger eggs). I tried to avoid sugary treats like jelly beans and those other typical candy Easter ideas. Easter can be just as fun without the sugar overload! I did include a few special treats like dark chocolate.

  1. Fun shoe laces
  2. Hair ties or clips
  3. Fun shaped mini erasers
  4. Erasers for pencil tops
  5. Silly putty
  6. Small Barbie accessories
  7. Hatchimals
    (I know these are technically plastic, but my daughter loves these and has had a lot of them for years, so they don’t go in the “plastic junk” category in my mind so much, because they aren’t just bought and then thrown right out like most mini items that are plastic.)
  8. Nail polish
  9. Mini flashlight
  10. Chapstick / Lip balm
  11. Stress ball
  12. Friendship Bracelets
  13. Fun boys’ bracelets
  14. Mini Bubble Bottles
  15. Water bottle stickers
  16. Bandaids
  17. Animal figurines
  18. $1 bills
  19. Socks
  20. Mini play-doh containers
  21. Sleep mask
  22. Key chain
  23. Flower seeds
  24. Mini Stamps
  25. Rings 
  26. Anklets 
  27. Temporary tattoos
  28. Mini Plush Animals
  29. Charms
  30. Balloons
  31. Grow toys
  32. Bouncy balls
  33. Necklaces 
  34. Clip on earrings 
  35. Little love notes from mom and dad 
  36. Silly questions or jokes on post its
  37. Glow In the dark stars
  38. Water beads
  39. Superhero mask
  40. Washi tape
  41. Cool paperclips 
  42. Flavored floss
  43. Mini bath bombs 
  44. Puzzle pieces
    (a fun idea would be to have them collect them all to complete the puzzle!)
  45. Body glitter
  46. Scrunchies 
  47. Nail stickers 
  48. Movie tickets 
  49. Mini pretzels
  50. Mochis
    (I know, these are actually plastic junk but kids are obsessed with them these days so at least they won’t be so easily discarded.)
  51. Marbles 
  52. Raisins 
  53. Slap bracelets
  54. Bandanna 
  55. Mini nail files
  56. Mini glow sticks 
  57. Pencil grippers
  58. Mini Rubix cube
  59. Mini chalk 
  60. Animal crackers
  61. Teddy grams 
  62. Popcorn 
  63. Pirate Booty 
  64. Gold fish 
  65. Cheerios
  66. Water growing sea creatures
  67. Glue sticks
  68. Pull back race cars 
  69. Makeup 
  70. Seashells 
  71. Beads 
  72. Dice 
  73. Pencil sharpener
  74. Finger puppets 
  75. Mini slime
  76. Mini dinosaurs
  77. Rubber bugs/spiders
  78. Light up jelly rings 
  79. Geometric shape puzzle erasers 
  80. Mini yo-yo
  81. Whistle 
  82. Magnets 
  83. Hot wheels 
  84. Face masks for a spa day
  85. Small craft supplies
  86. Fruit snacks
  87. Cadbury eggs
  88. Dark chocolate eggs

Have an idea that is not on this list? Leave a comment and share your favorite non-candy easter egg fillers! Us mamas have to stick together and share our ideas with each other!

Easter activities can be fun without all of the candy. There are plenty of fun surprises and fun Easter egg fillers, as you can see from this list, that will be a huge hit with kids of all ages and a lot of it can be accomplished without an additional cost that you would spend above and beyond a ton of candy. So this year, when you’re planning your annual Easter Egg Hunt, I hope this list helps you with plenty of ideas for your kids’ easter eggs that are more creative!

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