Did you know that learning to play a musical instrument can actually increase your child’s IQ? Not only is it easier for kids to learn to play the piano, it’s beneficial to their brain development and has been shown to improve their academic success too.

Even if kids don’t have a particular interest in playing a musical instrument, having them spend some time in musical education at a young age can make a big difference in their overall experience with learning in the future. The piano is probably the easiest instrument to learn first, for anyone, but especially kids. 

I put together this list of the best piano books for kids to learn in a fun and engaging way. If your child is already interested in piano or you want to capture their interest, these books are great resources. Use these to supplement lessons with a piano teacher or on their own.

Best Piano Books for Kids

1. My First Piano Book

This award-winning illustrated songbook includes a color-coded key chart for your child to start learning to play songs without having to read music. This book is ideal for kids 3 years and up and certainly a complete beginner. 

2. Alfred’s Basic Piano Prep Course Lesson Book Level A

This prep course is specifically designed for kids 5 years old and up. This course considers the attention span and hand size of these kids and offers a progression that makes sense for new pianists.

3. How To Play Piano for Absolute Beginners

Featuring video tutorials and easy sheet music with letters, this is one of the best books for an absolute beginners to playing piano. Get it on Amazon.

4. Let’s Play Piano! Board Book with Built-In Keyboard Piano

Your little one can learn how to play piano with some of their favorite Nickelodeon characters. Kids can practice matching piano keys to color-coded musical notes to play the songs while singing the lyrics printed in the book. This is great for absolute beginners like babies and kids up to 6 years old.

5. Musical Note Names Coloring Book

This is coloring book teaches kids ages 4-8 musical notes and piano keys using this coloring game. This book includes 97 pages of coloring notes and piano keys according to the appropriate musical note names to teach children the musical staff. Get it on Amazon.

6. Beginner Piano Lessons with Online Video and Audio Access

These lessons are designed for elementary-aged kids, 5-11. Progressive lessons beginning with one-handed play allow for easy transitions through the learning process. This lesson book is not only good for kids, it’s helpful for any beginner piano player at any age.

7. Little Pianist Piano Songbook for Kids

This book includes 55 easy-to-learn songs for kids to practice playing with both hands. The songs progress in difficulty as the book goes on and free audio files are available for download to help with the learning process.

8. Play It! Children’s Songs

Using color-coded notes and character icons, this book is a super fast way for your kids to learn to play songs on the piano. 

9. Teaching Little Fingers to Play

The simple but fun melodies and popular songs in this book are great for earlier beginners to learn to play the piano. Some say this book is the “traditional gold standard” for learning piano. 

10. Piano Book for Kids 5 & Up

This piano book touches on music theory, piano technique, and reading music. It features famous piano songs plus easy pieces and fun songs kids will love.

11. Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids

These 40 easy-to-play familiar favorites are geared toward beginners. With letters above each note, every child will be able to learn these classic piano songs on the first piano adventure. Get it on Amazon.

12. Piano-K

Piano-K is a self-teaching game book for kids around ages 3 to 6. The book includes colorful animal stickers that make it fun and engaging for kids.

13. Piano for the Young Beginner – Primer A

This piano book is the first in the Primer series for young beginners, ages 5 to 6. It covers pre-staff notation all the way to reading on the grand staff. It features original, folk, and seasonal songs, and full-color artwork that makes learning more fun.

14. Super Start! My First Piano Patterns

36 piano songs, games, and activities that feature fun characters who keep children interested. This prep-level book and the rest of this piano adventures series takes kids on a tour of Planet Plunk with step-by-step, visual instructions and ways to interact.

15. Little Pianist Piano Songbook for Kids

This piano songbook teaches kids to play even the simplest of songs with two hands instead of learning with their index finger, just the right hand, or just the left hand to start out. This book is great for kids and adult learners.

16. Easy Piano Songs for Kids

This simple crash course piano lesson for kids includes 65 classic melodies for young students. It’s a great book for new learners and a refresher course for others. Get it on Amazon.

17. Piano For Kids

Beginner students can benefit from the Musicolor Method featured in this book. The Musicolor Method uses matching to teach kids preschool age and beyond, even adults. 

18. Primer Level – Lesson Book: Piano Adventures

This slightly more technical lesson book introduces the keyboard, note values, and the grand staff. This is a great book for beginners to learn piano techniques and basic music theory. 

19. Easy Keyboard and Piano Pieces

All notes in this keyboard and piano pieces book have their letters printed above them in a large easy-to-read font, to help those who haven’t quite learned how to read music.

20. Piano for Beginners – Learn to Play Nursery Rhymes

Kids anywhere from 2 years old to 11 years old will find the book for ultimate beginners fun and helpful. It contains familiar tunes and simple rhythms that your kids will love and be interested in. Get it on Amazon.

21. Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids

This book includes a mini course and free audio to play along to. The included step-by-step learning is recommended for ages 5 to 11. 

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22. Musical Note Names Coloring Book

Best for ages 4 to 8 years old, kids can learn the musical staff by coloring notes and piano keys according to the appropriate musical note names. Get it on Amazon.

23. How to Read Music: Fundamentals of Music Notation Made Easy

Learning to read music can feel complicated. This book is a great primer for anyone new to the concept of reading music.

24. My First Piano

This book features clear and simple diagrams and photos to help kids learn notes, play fun tunes and gain confidence playing their first piano. It’s the perfect introduction to playing the piano.

25. Easy Piano Songs For Kids: 40 Fun & Easy Piano Songs For Beginners

Recommended for ages 5 to 7, these 40 fun and familiar piano songs are great for beginner learning. Familiar songs like Amazing Grace, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star make it easier for young children to learn to play sounds they already know and love.

26. Chord Crash Course: A Teach Yourself Piano Book for Older Beginners and Adults

This book offers the perfect mix of fun and challenges to keep beginners of all ages interested long enough to make progress.

27. Chord Quest Powerful Piano Lessons Level 1

Chord theory and comic book quests collide for a piano exercise book that will keep even older students engaged and attaining different levels of advancement.

28. 40 Pop Songs for Kids

Intermediate-level to advanced players and older children will love this book and its popular music that they are sure to recognize.

29. Pop Songs for Kids

This is another pop song piano book with even more recognizable songs from artists like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and One Direction. Older kids who already know how to read music will get the most out of this book.

30. My Piano Practice Book

Kids can use this practice book to record 52 weeks of music lessons. This record-keeping helps kids stay organized and inspired to keep learning. Get it on Amazon.

31. Meridee Winters Super Start! My First Piano Game Book

This game book helps kids practice skills like hands, keys, finger numbers, rhythm, ear training, note reading, improvisation, creativity, and more.

32. First 50 Kids’ Songs You Should Play on Piano

This book is great for older kids who feel like they can venture away from skills training and into playing full songs.

33. BigTime Piano Kids’ Songs: Level 4

Grab this book if your intermediated piano player is ready to show off their skills with expressive performances of songs they already know and love.

34. Best Beginning Piano Book for Kids

Online video and audio support make this step-by-step method of learning simple for any beginner, even without a music teacher. Get it on Amazon.

35. Big Book of Beginner’s Piano Classics

These piano classics need a place in every musical journey. Child and adult beginners will love this book of piano classics.

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