We all want our kids to make good choices, especially as they get older and start spending time away from us at school and other activities. We want our children to take responsibility for their actions and think about the consequences before they speak or act. But do they know how? What are the best ways to help them learn? I’ve found that a good decision-making book is a great illustration for kids to see the process of how a thought becomes an action and an action becomes a consequence.

Our first book about making good decisions made it evident to me that books are a great way to teach little kids to think through their own decisions. Books can be a powerful tool to teach those important lessons. Since I have found so much value in books as a resource for teaching good behavior, I made a list of the best children’s books for making good choices.

The best books about making good choices for kids:

1.) What Should Danny Do (series)

books about making good choices for kids - What Would Danny Do

This is our favorite in my house! It’s one of the best books about making good choices! It’s an interactive book and allows kids to make different choices for the story to go different ways. There are nine different possible storylines that help kids see how the decisions they made led them to different endings. What Should Danny Do is part of a series of books where Danny is a superhero-in-training who encounters normal things kids would face as they go through their days.

2.) The Choices I Make: Children’s Books About Making Good Choices, Anger, Emotions Management

This is a great book to help young children with self-regulation skills and anger management for young kids. It’s excellent for encouraging discussion questions and will have your kids see things differently when it comes to making better choices.

3.) What if Everybody Did that (series)

I love the idea of my kids thinking, “what if everybody did that,” before they make a choice. We all know kids are great about being in the moment, which usually means they will struggle to see the big picture. This line of thinking helps kids recognize the grand scheme of things when it comes to their choices. This book asks and answers questions in a child-friendly way that encourages critical thinking, one of those really important life skills.

4.) Train Your Dragon to Clean Up: A Story to Teach Kids to Clean Up Their Own Messes and Pick Up After Themselves

This book can help teach your kids the importance of cleaning up after themselves, staying tidy and organized. Mamas rejoice, we all know we need help with that!

5.) Teach Your Dragon To Understand Consequences: A Dragon Book To Teach Children About Choices and Consequences. A Cute Children Story To Teach Kids How To Make Good Choices

This is a great book for teaching kids about making good choices, and that all of our choices have consequences.

6.) What Were You Thinking? (Series)

This is a cute story that will teach kids a specific strategy for managing their behavior: stopping, thinking, decision-making, and choosing the right behavior.

7.) Impulsive Ninja – (Part of the Ninja Life Hacks Series)

This series of really fun books will be helpful to any child learning impulse control but is especially helpful to children who face extra challenges like autism, ADD, ADHD, and SPD. The author spins the Ninja’s impulsive reaction into a superpower but teaches the Ninja how to use it for good. This seems like a great way to teach kids how to embrace their differences and learn skills to cope with their unique challenges and make them productive.

8.) Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big

We all know kids go through that phase of telling fibs, some more extreme than others. The main character in this funny book gets himself in really deep with some much bigger consequences than he could have imagined. Your kids will find this quirky book hilarious and probably laugh through the entire book!

9.) Pig the Pug 

This is one of those picture books your kids will love to stop on every page and point out the humor in all the illustrations. Pig the Pug learns how to make better choices when it comes to sharing with others. This is a great choice for siblings to read together.

10.) The Weasel, Puffin, Unicorn, Baboon, Pig, Lobster Race

The moral of this cute children’s story is that cheaters don’t prosper. This one is fun to read and the illustrations and rhymes are engaging and entertaining for everyone! You and your kids will have a good time reading this one together.

Hopefully, you’ll find some of these book recommendations both enjoyable and helpful for teaching your kids the importance of making good choices. The good news is that almost every children’s book out there has a moral storyline that helps kids see the difference between right and wrong, so you can probably already find one in your own book collection until you can grab a new book from this list.

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