As a mom of 3 kids who are pet crazy, I am always looking for new books that will peak their interests and keep them learning all about different pets. This list of books about pets for kids is full of silly stories, sweet stories, and tons of fun information about pets that your kids may not already know! I even added some preschool books for those of you with really young kids, even they can start to learn all about animals and how to care for them. So, let’s dive into this list and find the perfect book for your kiddos! 

13 Books About Pets For Kids

1. Puppy Tales Series By W. Bruce Cameron

Puppy Tales Series By W. Bruce Cameron - books about pets for kids

Ages 8-12 years

My son has read several of these books, and recently my 8 year old daughter started reading them as well. This is a great book series for your young readers. It comes with four story books all about a dog’s unconditional love for his best friend. If your young children are animal lovers, this is a great children’s book series to see life through a dog’s perspective. 

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2. My Furry Foster Family By Debbie Michiko Florence

My Furry Foster Family By Debbie Michiko Florence

Ages 5-7 years

My daughter loves these books! She has read and then re-read all of them!

If your little learners enjoy learning about different kinds of pets and always wanting you to buy them a new pet, they will love this book. It is a really sweet story about a little girl and her family that takes in animals to foster. Instead of these animals having to be in an animal shelter, they foster them until they can find a responsible pet owner to take them in. It is really touching for young kids to read about how a whole family can help animals until they find a new home. 

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3. Critter Club By Callie Barkley

Critter Club By Callie Barkley - books about pets for kids

Ages 6-8 years

This set is full of 4 high-quality books all about little kids that take in animals and provide them pet care and shelter. It is a great way to get your little readers to show compassion and learn great lessons about caring for their own pets.

If you are looking for a great pet book for your kids, I have a post detailing all about the Critter Club books, because my daughter has read every single one!

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4. All Things Hamsters For Kids By Animal Reads

All Things Hamsters For Kids By Animal Reads

Ages 6+ years

A perfect family pet that a lot of kids will love, are hamsters! There is something about going to a pet store and letting your child pick out their new pet hamster, they are easier to care for and so cute. If your kids have a hamster or love these little critters, this may just become one of their new favorite books. They will be able to explore this colorful picture book all while learning fun and interesting facts about hamsters. 

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5. How To Care For Your Dog By Janet Skiles

How To Care For Your Dog By Janet Skiles - books about pets for kids

Ages 3-8 years

This is a fantastic book for your kids to learn how to care for their new pet dog. They will learn helpful hints and facts about their little dog and be able to color fun pictures throughout the whole book. The best thing about it is, their attention will be kept until the end of the book between the colorful pictures, them being able to color and all the learning they will encounter throughout it. 

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6. National Geographic Kids Everything Pets By James Spears

National Geographic Kids Everything Pets By James Spears

Ages 8-12 years

Whether your kids are looking to take in a new cat, dog or a few guinea pigs, they will learn everything they need to learn about any pet in this book! It is a great children’s books for your curious learners as they will have pages and pages of fun facts about each type of pet they could think of. It is also filled with colorful pictures so they can get a glimpse of different pets and what they look like if they don’t already know. 

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7. Little Kids First Big Book of Pets By Catherine D. Hughes

Little Kids First Big Book of Pets By Catherine D. Hughes

Ages 3-5 years

This is the perfect book for your kids to learn all about their new animal or, any pet that they are interested in. It is so much fun to sit down and read this book with your kiddos because they will learn fun facts about any pet from snakes, to fish, to dogs and more! Having a pet rocks and now they can learn facts about their favorite ones! They will also learn about what makes a perfect pet for the house and which pets should remain wild animals. 

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8. Strictly No Elephants By Lisa Mantchev

Strictly No Elephants By Lisa Mantchev  - books about pets for kids

Ages 2-5 years

This is a charming story all about a young boy with a pet elephant. When he gets turned down by a pet club because he has a pet elephant, the little boy does everything he can to show them that elephants make a good pet and no matter what the animal is, they should be allowed in the pet club. 

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9. What Pet Should I Get? By Dr. Seuss

What Pet Should I Get? By Dr. Seuss

Ages 3-7 years

I love all Dr. Seuss books and my little readers love this one! Picking the right animal for your house is a lot of work! The kids in this story are torn when they go to the animal store on the best pet to get. Should they get a peg dragon, pet iguana, hermit crabs or a dog? If your kids are struggling with picking out an animal, or if they love animals in general, they will love this book! 

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10. Just Me and My Puppy (A Little Critter Book) by Mercer Mayer

Ages 2-5 years

In this timeless, amusing, and heartwarming tale, Little Critter by Mercer Mayer welcomes a fresh addition to his life: a new puppy. Whether he’s imparting clever tricks to the young canine, providing a bubbly bath session, or snuggling with the pup when it’s time to sleep, both kids and parents will find a connection to this cherished narrative. This story is an excellent tool for instilling in children the importance of looking after a pet and the responsibilities it entails.

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11. Do Not Wish for a Pet Ostrich! by Sarina Siebenaler

Ages 3-9

Embark on a journey filled with excitement and laughter as a spirited youngster dreams of having her very own pet ostrich. Will the reality match her expectations, or will it turn out to be a colossal avian blunder? This charming and rhythmic story, centered around the swiftest bird on the planet, concludes with an unexpected twist that’s bound to light up your face with a grin.

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12. The Night Before the New Pet by Natasha Wing

the night before the new pet

Ages 3-5

The evening prior to welcoming a new puppy into their home is brimming with anticipation for the entire family. The collective effort involves purchasing goodies, arranging a crate, and engaging in discussions about the best name for their future furry friend. Upon arriving at the shelter, a multitude of canine companions captures their attention, until they finally encounter the ideal match. However, an unexpected twist right before the adoption adds an extra layer of exhilaration to the proceedings!

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13. National Geographic Kids 125 True Stories of Amazing Animals: Inspiring Tales of Animal Friendship & Four-Legged Heroes, Plus Crazy Animal Antics

National Geographic Kids 125 True Stories of Amazing Animals: Inspiring Tales of Animal Friendship & Four-Legged Heroes, Plus Crazy Animal Antics

Ages 6-10

Encounter a sea otter with a penchant for kayaking, a penguin that earned knighthood, a bear that pulled off a family car heist, a feline companion that dialed 911 to aid its owner, and a plethora of other extraordinary animals. This captivating read presents a collection of 100 heartening and amusing tales, each accompanied by vibrant, full-color photographs showcasing these captivating creatures. Among these stories are accounts of improbable animal friendships, valiant animal heroes, astonishing animal feats, unexpected animal crossbreeds, and peculiar tales of animal antics that defy belief. Additionally, a wealth of animal-related facts, listings, and informative sidebars amplify the enjoyment on every single page.

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I hope this list has helped you find some perfect pet books that you and your kids can enjoy together! If you have any other books about pets for kids that are not on the list, I’d love to hear about them!

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