Okay, it’s time to talk about the Critter Club books! My 7 year old daughter has been reading all the Critter Club books in order, and she is now nearing the very end (well, hopefully, it won’t be the end). She is basically obsessed with these books by Callie Barkley, to the point where I cannot get her to put them down and go to sleep at night. She will start a book and finish it in the same day. When I told her the series had no more books for me to purchase yet, I think people in the next state over heard the long, drawn-out, “NOOOOO!” she let out in agony.

What’s not to love? Best friends and all kinds of critters, this is the perfect girls series. Although, I will say I have friends with boys who love this series just as much! I would say if your child has a serious love of animals and good fun, they will love this chapter book series. We have already pre-ordered book #26 which will be released in July of this year!

critter club books in order

One fun note about these books: my daughter noticed that the first several were illustrated by Marsha Riti and the rest have been illustrated by Tracy Bishop. Trust me, I have Googled to try to find out why the illustrator changed, just out of curiosity, but I got nothing. If you know, please tell us, we’re quite intrigued!

All the Critter Club Books in Order

Here is a list of the Critter Club chapter books in order of the series:

Book 1: Amy and the Missing Puppy

critter club books amy and the missing puppy

When Amy is stuck home for Spring Break while all of her friends are away, she thinks she’ll just be helping out at her mom’s vet clinic. Things get exciting, though when the local elusive millionaire brings in her puppy, Rufus, for a check-up, and Amy finds herself in the middle of an unexpected mystery. When her friends return from Spring Break, they team up to find out what happened to Rufus and find a way to help other lost and lonely animals.

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Book 2: All About Ellie

critter club books all about ellie

Ellie has wanted to be a performer her whole life, so landing the role in Santa Vista Elementary’s Spring Spectacular is very exciting! As the play draws near, things get complicated, and she finds herself in a tough spot between her determination to succeed and being a good friend. There are also some very adorable baby rabbits brought to the Critter Club that plays an important role in the story!

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Book 3: Liz Learns a Lesson

critter club books  liz learns a lesson

Liz is looking forward to summer vacation so she can sleep in and spend time with her friends in Critter Club. But on the last day of school, Liz gets bad news about her math grades and ends up being stuck in summer school. Turns out, it helps her learn a very important lesson!

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Book 4: Marion Takes a Break

critter club books marion takes a break

When an injury slows Marion down, she counts on her friends in the Critter Club to help her focus on what’s most important!

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Book 5: Amy Meets Her Stepsister

critter club books amy meets her stepsister

While Amy is excited to meet her new stepsister, Chloe (the stepsister) doesn’t share the same feeling. Will Amy and Chloe ever be able to get over their differences and be friends?

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Book 6: Ellie’s Lovely Idea

critter club books ellies lovely idea

For Valentine’s Day, the Critter Club decides to sing telegrams for charity. The question is, will Ellie receive back some of the love she is spreading?

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Book 7: Liz at Marigold Lake

critter club books liz at marigold lake

Is the Critter Club ready for a weekend spent in the wilderness? We’ll find out in Book 7 because they’re going camping!

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Book 8: Marion Strikes a Pose

marion strikes a pose

Marion is such a fashionista, and she enters a styling competition in Book 8, but when she helps out a competitor, will she end up regretting it?

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Book 9: Amy’s Very Merry Christmas

critter club books  amys very merry christmas

In book #9 of the Critter Club, Amy comes up with the best idea for a Christmas present for Ms. Sullivan.

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Book 10: Ellie and the Good-Luck Pig

ellie and the good luck pig

Could a pig be giving Ellie good luck? Find out when they take care of a quite precocious pig in book 10!

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Book 11: Liz and the Sand Castle Contest

liz and the sand castle contest

In book 11 there is a baby octopus rescue and some unfriendly competition at the beach!

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Book 12: Marion Takes Charge

critter club books marion takes charge

In book 12, Marion gets to babysit Gabby, her little sister (finally)!

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Book 13: Amy is a Little Bit Chicken

critter club books amy is a little bit chicken

In the 13th book, Amy and her friends prepare or the Santa Vista Quiz Bowl and care for some chickens!

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Book 14: Ellie the Flower Girl

critter club books ellie the flower girl

Ellie finally gets to live her dream of being a flower girl in the 14th book of the Critter Club series.

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Book 15: Liz’s Night at the Museum

critter club books lizs night at the museum

In book 15, Liz gets scared by some spooky noises during a sleepover at the museum.

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Book 16: Marion and the Secret Letter

marion and the secret letter

Eek, Marion loses her classes’ pet hamster, and then a mysterious letter pops up in her locker in book 16.

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Book 17: Amy on Park Patrol

critter club books amy on park patrol

In book 17, Amy is on a mission to make a plan to save a park and the animals living in it.

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Book 18: Ellie Steps Up To the Plate

ellie steps up to the plate

Ellie wonders if she’s only meant for the stage when she tries out softball in book 18 of the Critter Club series.

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Book 19: Liz and the Nosy Neighbor

critter club books liz and the nosy neighbor

Liz has a nosy new neighbor who keeps popping up everywhere, distracting her from a big class project she needs to complete in book 19.

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Book 20: Marion and the Girls’ Getaway

marion and the girls getaway

In the twentieth book of the Critter Club series, Marion plans a girls weekend and a snow bunny makes a surprise appearance!

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Book 21: Amy the Puppy Whisperer

amy the puppy whisperer

In the twenty-first book of the Critter Club series, Amy ends up taking on too many puppy training clients and things get a little out of hand!

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Book 22: Ellie Tames the Tiger

ellie tames the tiger

Ellie Tames the Tiger is the twenty-second book of the Critter Club series. In it, Ellie has her stage debut but preparing is difficult while she and the other girls try to tame a new kitty who is wreaking havoc on their barn.

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Book 23: Liz’s Pie in the Sky

lizs pie in the sky

In book 23, Liz and friends have a fall weekend at Marigold Lake where they go on nature walks, bake pies, and help a goose out!

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Book 24: Marion’s Got the Butterflies

marions got the butterflies

In book 24 of the Critter Club series, Marion helps her sister get over a fear of bugs and volunteers at a butterfly release event.

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Book 25: Amy and the Emerald Snake

amy and the emerald snake

In the twenty-fifth book of the Critter Club series, Amy worries that her friends may like her new stepsister Chloe more than her, and they care for a charming snake!

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Book 26: Ellie’s Spooky Surprise

ellies spooky surprise

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In the upcoming 26th book in the Critter Club series, Ellie and the girls decorate the Critter Club barn and throw a costume party for the neighborhood. It will be released on July 18, 2023 and you can preorder it on Amazon now!

We love these heartwarming Critter Club books, and definitely recommend it for your kiddos to read!

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