I’m excited to share these free printable Halloween candy sign designs with you! If you’re looking for a cute sign to display with Halloween candy, these signs are a great way to encourage people who come to your front door not to grab multiple pieces of candy, or to leave with an unattended bowl on Halloween night.

free printable halloween candy sign

Free Printable Halloween Candy Signs

Please note: These printable Halloween candy signs are for personal use only, and should not be redistributed, shared, or sold. The digital printable file has 3 different designs in PDF format. 

These can be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper, and it’s a good idea to print them on white cardstock so the paper holds itself up better. If you plan to tape up or put the sign in a picture frame, you can print it on regular printer paper.

To download the free printable trick or treat signs, enter your email below and click the download button. You’ll be sent an email with the direct link to the instant download of the PDF file. In email you can just click the download link to access the free printable signs. The file has 3 printable happy Halloween signs in it, so if you only want to print one of them, be sure to choose the page number in the print menu.

Download the Halloween Candy Signs Here

Ways to Use a Free Printable Halloween Candy Sign

These simple Halloween candy signs are good for:

  • Kids Halloween party
  • Halloween candy bowl sign to go with an unsupervised bowl of candy
  • Put on your front porch with a big bowl of candy
  • Print multiple in smaller sizes for Halloween party favors

A lot of times friends of ours with young kids want to leave a candy table at the end of their driveway with a whole bowl of candy, so while they’re out trick-or-treating with their younger kids, people can stop by and grab a piece, rather than them not participating. However, sometimes people can get a little greedy and take too much, and then there is not enough candy for the the entire neighborhood. While free printable Halloween trick or treat signs may not solve the problem, at least they can potentially encourage people to take just one.

While Halloween is admittedly not my favorite holiday, since having kids I do love a good Halloween celebration and making Halloween time fun for my kids. To me, one of the best parts of Halloween is seeing families come out together, walk around and meet new people, and the somewhat simple tradition of knocking on a door and saying trick-or-treat, hello, thank you, you’re welcome. That’s probably my favorite part. Okay, and eating fun treats from my kids bags of candy after they go to sleep. There, I said it. 🙂