This free summer activity placemat for kids is perfect to have on hand for those rainy summer days, when you go out to dinner any time! As a mom of 3, I am always looking for an easy way and also a cheaper way to entertain my kids and this is one of my favorite tools. 

All you need to print this and have fun activities ready for your kiddo is regular printer paper and ink in your printer! You can print it as many times as you’d like! Keep scrolling to the bottom for some creative ways to use the summer activity placement printable.

Free Summer Activity Placemat for Kids

Download the Free Summer Activity Placemat

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Ways to Use This Free Summer Activity Placemat for Kids

​Use during lunch, snack or dinner time

This free printable activity placemat has a few different games all on one activity mat and it is great for kids of all ages. This can be a coloring activity and also serve as a challenge for kids because of the crossword puzzle, word scramble, and maze. Fun placemats like this one are great to have your kids play with during snack time and can stir up some family fun if your kids ask you to help them. Using this printable placemat is also a fun way to keep your kids occupied on road trips; full disclosure, you will want to print one for each kid so they don’t get FOMO! 

The perfect activity for a road trip 

Another great idea, especially for younger kids that are really growing their vocabulary, is to do the word search and word scramble together so you can make it fun while they are learning. To have an even better time on your road trip, you can talk about the words on the activity pages and ask them what, from this list, they think they will see on your summer trip. For example, maybe you will be going to a pool, seeing friends, having a picnic, etc. 

Create a scavenger hunt

Your older kids will also love this summer days activity placemat! You can really have fun with this placemat and make it even more engaging by planning activities around it. On the next rainy day, a great option to keep your kids occupied would be to create a scavenger hunt that goes with this activity page. A great way to do this would be to use the words from the word search, “watermelon, popsicle, swimsuit” and have them go find these things in the house. The first one to find all of them gets a prize or gets to pick the next game. Your older children will love this and it is a perfect way to have fun with your kiddos without any additional cost. Or, you can check out my scavenger hunt printable here.

Laminate to re-use

If you have a laminator at home, you can laminate summer placemats for each child and get washable markers or dry erase markers so they can use them again and again. This is my favorite laminator I use at home.

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