I love the idea of gifts for big brother when baby is born! We did this for my oldest son, Kai, when he became a big brother. He was just under 2 years old when he became the big brother to a little sister, and now is he almost 10. He still has the book we gave him when he became a new big brother! Giving a gift when your child is being promoted in a new role is a great way to make them feel special, like they are a part of what’s happening in your family, and ease the stress of such a big change. A new sibling gift can make the older sibling feel more included at a time when they’re watching their parents love another child, possibly for the first time!

New Sibling Kit

new sibling kit

Before we jump into the gift list, I wanted to share this amazing New Sibling Kit. It’s an awesome kit designed to help you prepare your kiddo for becoming a new big brother or sister.

Here are some great ideas for gifts for big brother when baby is born:

I’ve pulled together a list of 20 of the best big brother gift ideas for you here!

1. The Super, Incredible Big Brother Personalized Book and Medal

gifts for big brother when baby is born

This is the exact book we bought for Kai as his big brother gift when he had a new baby sister. You can see the cover of the book in the top/main photo of this post, and you can see in this photo above where it includes both of their names throughout the book! I can still remember reading it to him the first time! This personalized book makes a super special gift because you can put your children’s names into the story! They also get a medal which kids find super fun! They also have a Super Incredible Big Sister book too!

2. I am a Big Brother Activity and Coloring Book

i am a big brother book

I don’t know about yours, but my kids love a good activity and coloring book, and my boys love dinosaurs. Dinos are always a win for a boy, so the combination of the two makes this a great gift for a new brother!

3. Big Brother Noun Sweater

big brother noun sweater

Gah, this is the perfect gift for a big brother who is maybe slightly a little older and would appreciate the definition while not finding it cheesy. I love the “protector and defender” part. My son Kai was a super defender of his baby sis from the start. He treated her like a new baby doll or something that could break, and he definitely was not going to let anyone mess with her. I will never forget walking in my double stroller and him putting his arm in front of her as people passed by and staring them down. It was hilarious and just his natural big brother instincts!

4. Big Brother’s Are Great! – Personalized Family Present With A Name & Message

big brothers are great book gifts for big brother when baby is born

This is another one of those big brother books that can be personalized and looks super sweet. A book is always a great choice for a fun gift that keeps on giving!

5. B Is For Big Brother Shirt

b is for big brother shirt

This is not only a cute shirt, but it can even be a way to announce that a second child is coming! What better way than to have your little boy wear a shirt casually over to your family’s home announcing that is going to have a younger sibling! My favorite part of seeing announcements like that is how long it takes for anyone to actually even read the shirt.

6. Big Brother Super Hero Gift Set

gifts for big brother when baby is born super hero gift set

Oh man, this big bro gift set is so fun! I kind of wish I had found it when Kai was becoming a big brother. Koa will never be a big brother (maybe I should knock on wood or something) so I won’t have a chance to use this, but it looks like a great choice!

7. Itty Bitty Newborn: 0-3 Months (Big Brother Learns All About Babies)

big brother learns all about babies book gifts for big brother when baby is born

This cute book will let a big brother learn all about a new baby. I always love the idea of letting my kids learn about something through a book, because it seems to hit them differently versus me just trying to explain it. This definitely belongs on the list of gifts for big brother when baby is born.

8. Big Brother Baseball Hat

big brother hat

If your child loves hats, a big brother baseball cap could be a great gift for baby’s arrival. Or again, maybe a fun way to announce a pregnancy to your family!

9. Big Brother Coloring Book

gifts for big brother when baby is born big brother coloring book

This coloring book is meant to prepare little boys for a new sibling, and kids love to color, so win, win!

10. You’re The Biggest: Keepsake Gift Book

you're the biggest book

This book can be used as big sibling gifts for boys or girls. It’s a keepsake gift to mark the birth of a new baby, so it has to make the list of gifts for big brother when baby is born.

11. Big Brother Shirt

gifts for big brother when baby is born big brother shirt

I love this big bro shirt, super simple yet cute shirt for younger children to celebrate or again, announce a new family member!

12. André The Best Big Brother

andre the best big brother book

This story about Andre becoming a big brother is a great way to prepare your little one for the arrival of a new baby.

13. Leveling Up to Big Brother T-Shirt

gifts for big brother when baby is born leveling up to big brother book

If your child is into gaming, this is the perfect new baby sibling gift for them!

14. Being a Big Brother – Guidance and Advice for New Big Brothers

gifts for big brother when baby is born being a big brother guide book

I love this! It’s the perfect way to teach a kid how to be an older brother and some things to be prepared for. Like, babies are boring at first, and they don’t stay little for long!

15. Superhero and Sidekick Shirts

gifts for big brother when baby is born super hero and sidekick shirts

Ooooh my, I wish I hadn’t miss this one when my kids were littler. This comes with a Superhero shirt for big brother and a sidekick shirt for his new little sibling. This could not be any cuter and I am jealous that you will get to use it for your kids and I missed out. Yes, I said it and it’s true.

16. Big Brother Gift Box

gifts for big brother when baby is born i'm a big brother gift box

Gift box for new big siblings? Yes, please. Dinosaurs, creative play, and a way to spend quality time with your child before they are not the only kiddo around anymore, all makes this a great gift!

17. Big Brother On Diaper Duty Tool Belt

gifts for big brother when baby is born big brother duty toolbelt

This literally made me laugh out loud. I can see some new big brothers taking this very seriously. While I would have never let my almost 2 year old change a diaper, this could be a great way to help them feel involved, needed and like a great helper in taking care of their new little brother or sister. And, it’s super cute and fun looking!

18. Superhero Big Brother Bag

super hero big brother bag

This bag is so cute! I could envision getting this and maybe #1 on the list and pair these two together to really make your older kiddos feel special!

19. Big Brother Stuffed Animal

big brother personalized stuff animal

Um, I want this. Again, another gift for your big kid that I missed out on. My gosh I am going to have to have another baby just to shop my own darn gift list.

20. Big Brother – Superhero Cape

big brother super hero cape

Boys love super heroes, so making them feel like they are one is the best way to help them take on their new role as big brother!

I hope this list has helped you find the most meaningful gifts for your little one. Celebrating a new addition is always an exciting time, and preparing your older children ahead of time is a good way to ease the transition for them. When they meet their new sibling for the first time, it’s a super special day. Giving them a gift to celebrate them with the arrival of a second baby is a huge hit and just makes everything easier for them.

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