Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, you enjoy some good laughs with your kids. I’m excited to share these Mothers Day jokes for kids with you, and hope they’ll add some extra joy to your day!

65 Mothers Day Jokes for Kids

Celebrating mom is always fun for kids and you can make it even more fun with these silly jokes. They can use them in creative ways like in a card or homemade craft. However they use them, kids will have fun with these Mother’s Day jokes!

1. What did the mama tomato say to the slow baby tomato?

Hurry, ketchup!

2. What did the baby owl say to its mom on Mother’s Day? 

Owl love you forever!

3. Why was the mom elephant always prepared? 

Because she had trunk-loads of love!

4. What do you call a mom who loves to take care of chickens? 

An egg-cellent mother hen!

5. Why is a computer so smart?

It listens to its motherboard.

6. Why did the mom dolphin swim to the internet café? 

To surf the web!

7. What did the mommy bear say to her cub? 

You’re bear-y special to me!”

8. Why did the mommy rattlesnake go to the hospital?

She bit her tongue.

9. How do mother ducks wake up their ducklings? 

They quack them up!

10. What’s a mama sheep’s favorite weekday? 

Ewe’s day, of course!

11. What did the little corn say to the mother corn?

Where’s Popcorn?

12. Daughter: Mom, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world?

Mom: I’m not sure, as your Grandmother.

13. What did the mom chef wear to work? 

A “taste-ful” apron!

14. How does a mom make a recipe more comforting? 

She adds an extra cup of love and a pinch of hugs!

15. What kind of sweets do astronaut moms like?

Mars bars.

16. Why was the cake as hard as a rock? 

Because mom said it was “marble” cake!

17. When would you hit a Mother’s Day cake with a hammer?

When it’s a pound cake.

18. What did the mother broom say to the baby broom?

It’s time to go to sweep.

19. Why did the cookie cry?

Because his mom was a wafer so long!

20. What’s a mom’s favorite type of music while cooking? 

Anything with a good “beet”!

21. Why couldn’t the digital clock make dinner for Mother’s Day?

He had no hands.

22. How did the Panda open her Mother’s Day card?

With her bear hands.

23. When does Mother’s Day come before St. Patrick’s Day?

In the dictionary!

24. What’s a mom’s favorite type of software? 

Something that comes with “motherboards”!

25. Why didn’t the teddy bear’s mommy want a big meal on Mother’s Day?

She was already stuffed!

More Mothers Day Jokes for Kids

26. Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Noah who?

Noah good joke for Mother’s Day?

27. How did the mommy cat feel on Mother’s Day?

She was in a great Mewd.

28. Where did the spider learn how to make a Mother’s Day gift?
On the web.

29. Why did the mom bring a ladder to the bar? 

She heard the drinks were on the house!

30. What kind of coffee was the alien mommy drinking on Mother’s Day?


31. Why was the grape late for Mother’s day brunch?

She got caught in a jam on the way.

32. Why did the dentist’s children give their mommy so many gifts for Mother’s Day?

The love toothee her smile.

33. Why was the cracker so happy to see his mom on Mother’s Day?

Because he had been a wafer so long.

34. What do you call a mom who never sits down? 


35. What was Cleopatra’s favorite day of the year?

Mummy’s day.

36. What did mom spider say to her son?

You’re spending too much time on the web.

37. What did the digital clock say to its mother?

‘Look, Mom! No hands!’

38. What magazine did the mommy cow read while her calves made a Mother’s Day brunch?


39. Why do moms always know the weather forecast? 

Because they have their own mom-netic field!

40. How come the mother needle got frustrated at the baby needle?

It was up past its threadtime!

41. Why did the baby strawberry cry?

Because her mom was in a jam!

42. How do you have a party with a space theme on Mother’s Day?

You Planet!

43. Why were the rope children so quiet on Mother’s Day?

They were trying not to be knotty.

44. How did the alien boy write her Mother’s Day poem?

In uni-verses.

45. Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Omelet who?

Omelet mommy sleep in because it’s Mother’s Day!

46. What kind of flowers do yellow jacket mothers like for a happy Mother’s day?


47. What did Chewbacca bake for his mom on Mother’s Day?

Chocolate Chip Wookiees.

48. Son: Mommy, how does breakfast in bed sound to you?

Mommy: It sounds wonderful!

Son: Great… I’ll have scrambled eggs, pancakes and hashbrowns…

49. What’s the best thing a new mom can get for Mother’s Day?

A long nap.

50. How do piglets wake their mama up on Mother’s Day?

With hogs and kisses.

51. What did the martians wear to Mother’s Day dinner?
Space suits.

52. Why did the kids give their mom a blanket for Mother’s Day?

Because they thought she was the coolest mom.

53. What did the cheerleader bring her mom for breakfast on Mother’s Day?


54. Why didn’t the maid’s children wake her up?

It was Mother’s Day and they let her sweep in.

55. Why couldn’t Mom put her crochet project down on Mother’s Day?

She was hooked on it.

56. What makes more noise than a child jumping on mommy’s bed on Mother’s Day morning?

Two children jumping on mommy’s bed!

57. What can mommy reindeer see on Mother’s Day that no other moms can see?

Their reindeer children.

58. Where did the cow family go on Mother’s Day?

The moo-vies.

59. What did the Panda give his mommy on Mother’s Day?

A bear hug.

60. Why did the boy make sweet potato pie for Mother’s Day?

His mom always said his pie was yamtastic.

61. Why did mommy’s gift arrive the day after Mother’s Day?

It was chocoLATE.

62. What did the hermit crabs do on Mother’s Day?

They shellabrated their mommy.

63. Why did mom get a plate of English muffins on Mother’s Day?
Her family wanted her to feel like a queen!

64. What did the mommy cat say when her kittens brought her warm milk on Mother’s Day?

It’s purrrrrfect.

65. Why did the boy put the Mother’s Day cupcakes in the freezer?

His sister told him to ice them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Mothers Day jokes for kids and that you share lots of laughs together as a family for years to come!

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