Social distancing is hard. I’m hoping this free printable letter template for kids will help them stay in touch with friends in a way that has become “unconventional” to us anymore.

Did you ever have a pen pal when you were a kid?

free printable letter template for kids

I did, and honestly I still sometimes think about her and what she might be up to today. I’m sad that we lost touch as we got older. I remember the excitement about receiving a letter in the mail, and how much time, thought and effort I would put into my return letter to my pen pal. So I was thinking, why not bring pen pals back and make it a popular thing again?

My kids wanted to write some letters to their friends, so I designed these cute letter templates to show them how to start and end their letters, and give them a cute layout they would each like.

Free Printable Letter Template for Kids

printable letter template kids

Sure, regular paper is just fine for writing letters to friends. But a cute design gets them excited about it, and also gives them the basic structure for how a letter begins and ends.

I designed two printable letter templates so kids can choose which one to send to which friends. My almost-five-year old daughter wrote the sweetest letter to her friend today, and my almost-seven-year old son wrote a really nice letter to his cousin in WV. They are so excited to mail them tomorrow!

kids letter stationery printable

Down the Free Printable Letter Templates for Kids Here

Click on the image or link below to download the PDF version of each letter template.

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pen pal letter template printable

Download this printable letter template by clicking here.

printable letter pen pals

Download this printable letter template by clicking here.

I hope your kids will enjoy using these letters, and that you’ll share a picture and tag me in it! I am @_jessicalebrun on Instagram.

Before you go, download this free printable reading log and sight words lists!

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