I’m so excited to share these fun new printable Pumpkin Themed Activities for kids! These are great to use at home or in a classroom, or even for a little get-together with friends. It’s the perfect way to entertain kids while also sneaking in a little education.

​I’m jumping right to the point with the link to get the printable pumpkin activities right below, but if you want to also learn about what is included and the specifics of each sheet in the pack, keep reading below!

pumpkin themed activity sheets

How to Download the Printable Pumpkin Themed Activities for Kids

Downloading the printable set is easy, all you need to do is click here or the button below. Once you submit your info, you will get instant access to download the printables. Don’t worry, you won’t leave my site!

This pack of Pumpkin Theme Activities includes:

  • The Pumpkin Says…
  •  Movement Activity
  • Pumpkin Dot Sticker
  • Tracing Words and Sentences
  • Feed the Pumpkin (letters)
  • Spelling Activity
  • Pumpkin Shapes
  • Number Order
  • Life Cycle
  • Facts About Pumpkins
  • Floating Experiment
  • Pumpkin Salt Painting
printable pumpkin themed activities

Here’s a breakdown of each of the sheets included in this set of Printable Pumpkin Themed Activities:

The Pumpkin Says…

This gross motor activity is so fun and a great way to get kids moving while also laughing and having a great time, pretending to be little pumpkins!

Movement Activity

These pages are full of different activities that involve movement. The pumpkins can be cut out and shuffled, pulled out of a basket or picked from the back where little hands can’t see which activity they are picking.

Pumpkin Dot Sticker

This sheet is designed to outline the pumpkin in dot stickers, great for fine motor skills. However, it could also easily be a coloring page as well, or use any other creative ideas for the pumpkin outline.

Tracing Words and Sentences

These pumpkin worksheets are designed for young learners to trace words and sentences, all pumpkin themed of course. This is perfect for young kids, kindergarten students, or anyone who is learning or has just learned to write.

Feed the Pumpkin (letters)

This is one of my favorite fun pumpkin activities! This literacy activity is great for early learners to identify between uppercase and lowercase letters, and to start building letter recognition, putting together words, and working on fine motor strength while cutting at the same time. 

Spelling Activity

This spelling list allows you to use the different pumpkins that were cut out in the previous lesson to practice spelling the words on the list. This is a great spelling pumpkin activity for kids of all ages.

Pumpkin Shapes

Included in the free pumpkin printables is this shape recognition worksheet, a fun way to practice knowing shapes.

Number Order

These number order sheets are fun pumpkin printables that help teach number recognition. Children will cut out the numbered pumpkins and practice placing the correct number in order on the right pumpkins.

Life Cycle

The life cycle set in these pumpkin-themed printables teaches about the life cycle of a pumpkin, incorporating a little pumpkin science lesson into this fun activity set. 

Facts About Pumpkins

The facts about pumpkins worksheet doubles as a way to tie together all the other fun activities and see what pumpkin facts have been learned, and also could be used as coloring pages.

Floating Experiment

This pumpkin science experiment is so fun! This is one of my favorite Fall activities and kids really love it. I love the mix of independent and hands-on activities in these printable activities.

Pumpkin Salt Painting

This is one of my favorite fun pumpkin crafts and Fall crafts to do with kids! If you’re looking for Halloween crafts, this is a great pumpkin craft for young children and honestly, older children enjoy this one too! 

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