Are you looking for robot jokes for kids for your little robot enthusiasts and joke lovers? From knock-knock jokes and robot puns, to dad jokes and clever quips about a robot’s favorite snack, these hilarious jokes will have your kids rolling. Kids of all ages will love these silly jokes!

50 Funny Robot Jokes for Kids

My kids love jokes and I love that there are so many ways to include funny jokes in their days. Put one of these funny robot jokes in your kid’s lunchbox for school so they can have a good mid-day laugh. You could also make a kid’s jokes book and let your kids choose their favorite robot joke to add to their collection. However they’re enjoyed, kids can be entertained for a long time with a big collection of great jokes! Here are 50 of the best jokes about robots for kids!

1. Why did the robot go to school? 

Because it wanted to be a little byte smarter!

2. What did the digital clock say to the robot? 

“Look, no hands!”

3. Why did the robot go on a diet? 

Because it had too many mega-bytes!

4. What’s a robot’s favorite type of music? 

Heavy metal!

5. What do you call a robot who takes the longest time to finish a task? 

A procrastibot!

6. Why was the robot always calm? 

Because it had plenty of “tranquili-bytes”!

7. Why did the robot go back to robot school? 

Because his skills were getting a little rusty!

8. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a robot? 


9. How do robots eat guacamole? 

With micro-chips!

10. Does R2D2 have any brothers? 

No. Only transistors. 

11. What did the robot do at lunchtime? 

Had a mega byte!

12. What do you get when you cross a robot and a tractor? 

A trans-farmer!

13. Why did the droid cross the road? 

Because it was programmed by a chicken. 

14. What do you call a robot that always tells lies? 

A fib-ot!

15. What do you call a sad robot? 

A woebot.

16. Why did the robot break up with his calculator girlfriend? 

She couldn’t count on him!

17. How does a robot shave? 

With laser-sharp precision!

18. What do dog robots do? 

They byte.

19. Why was the robot tired when it got home? 

It had a long day and a “hard drive”.

20. What’s the difference between a pizza and these robot jokes? 

These robot jokes can’t be topped!!!!

21. What’s a robot’s favorite snack? 

Computer chips and dip!

22. Did you hear about the robot pizza joke? 

Never mind, it’s tooooo cheeeesy!

23. Why did the robot go to the doctor? 

It had a virus.

24. How do you know when you’re in love with a robot? 

You feel a little spark.

25. How do robots pay for things? 

With cache!

26. Why does everyone fall asleep in Professor Robot’s flying class?
Because he drones on and on.

27. What do you call a robot in a boat? 

A row-bot.

28. What was the baby robot’s first word? 


29. Did you hear about the writing robot who combined all the books in the world into one big novel? 

It’s a long story.

30. What is a robot’s favorite dance?
The Roomba.

31. Why is a droid mechanic never lonely?
Because he’s always making new friends.

32. What do robots do after a breakup? 

They de-lete their ex-files!

33. Why does a robot malfunction when they get sad?
Because they have a break down

34. What do you call a frozen cyborg?

An ice borg

35. Why was the robot embarrassed?
He had software and hardware, but no underwear.

36. Why was the robot so angry?
Because someone kept pushing his buttons!

37. How do you use a remote control to calm a robot dog?

Press the paws button.

38. What did the man say to his dead robot?

“Rust in peace.”

39. Knock knock
Who’s there?
Anne who?
Anne Droid!

40. Why wasn’t the robot afraid of anything?

Because it had nerves of steel.

41. What’s a robot’s favorite way to exercise?
Circuit training

42. What do you call it when two robots eat in a restaurant together?
A dinner data.

43. What do you call a pirate robot?


44. Why wasn’t the robot confident that he was really smart?

Because he had artificial intelligence. 

45. Why was the robot kid told not to pet robot dogs?

Because they byte.

46. What sound do robot sheep make?
Beeeep beeeep. 

47. Why did the robot sneeze.

It downloaded a virus.

48. What are parties in robot neighborhoods called?

A ro-block party.

49. What is R2D2 short for?

Because it has little legs.

50. What do you call a sad robot?

A woe-bot.

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