Welcome to a world where laughter and superhero adventures collide with superhero jokes for kids! If you’re a fan of Iron Man, Peter Parker, Wonder Woman, or any other caped crusader, you’re in the right place. I’ve gathered some of the funniest super hero jokes for kids that will have kids of all ages giggling like they’ve just read the best comic books.

Whether you’re planning a superhero party, a fun activity like a scavenger hunt, or just need a good joke to brighten your day, these funny superhero jokes are sure to be a hit. You won’t have a hard time getting a laugh out of your kids with these jokes!

30 Superhero Jokes for Kids

30 Superhero Jokes for Kids

Superhero jokes are a fantastic way to bring humor into the lives of young fans. From the web-slinging antics of Spider-Man to the high-flying adventures of Iron Man, these jokes capture the fun and excitement of the comic universe. From puns about fighting crime to corny Ant Man, Black Panther, Invisible Man, Captain Marvel, Batman and other caped crusaders jokes with a punch line you wouldn’t guess, get the full list of funny jokes below!

1. What’s a superhero’s favorite part of a joke?

The punchline!

2. What do Spiderman and Ant-Man have in common? 

They bug the villains.

3. Why did Spiderman borrow his parent’s car?

To take it out for a spin.

4. Why did Spider-Man become a web designer?

Because he was great at catching bugs online!

5. Why is it hard to get to know Iron Man? 

He has a tough exterior.

6. What is Aquaman’s favorite color?


7. Who is the brightest superhero?

The Flash.

8. What do you call a superhero who likes to cook?


9. Which superhero spends a lot of time in the sun?

Cap-TAN America.

10. Which superman keeps his suit the neatest?
Iron man.

11. What is the Hulk’s favorite drink?
Fruit punch.

12. Who is Thor’s favorite singer?
MC Hammer.

13. What is Thor’s favorite day?

14. What do you call Hulk when he’s sad?

The Incredible Sulk!

15. What did everyone call Captain America when he was a kid?

 Lieutenant America.

16. What’s Thor’s favorite food?


17. What does Bruce Wayne’s mommy call him?

Her little superhero

18. How does The Incredible Hulk look in a suit?

19. What does Wonder Woman do before bedtime?
Puts her pajamazon.

20. How did Peter Parker pass his driving test the first time?
He’s a great parallel Parker!

21. Which superhero is known for its curiosity?

Wonder Woman!

22. What’s superman’s favorite kind of car?

A super fast one!

23. What happens when Batman is late to play baseball with Robin?
There is a Wayne delay.

24. What’s Iron Man’s favorite cereal?

Iron bran.

25. Did you see the new superhero movie?
It was Marvel-ous!

26. Why was the Black Widow a computer tech genius?

Because she spun the world wide web.

27. What’s Spider-man’s favorite month?


28. What is Buzzlight year’s preferred public transportation?

Bus Lightyear!

29. Where do most superheroes live?
Cape town!

30. How do you know if Cat Woman likes you?
She purrs!

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