If you’re looking for a surfing board for kids, we were right there with you last year. My son was turning 9, and as a beginner surfer, all he wanted for his birthday was his own board. We already had a kids foam standup paddle board which was really awesome and had lasted quite a while, but he was ready for his first real surf board.

There are so many options for surfing boards for kids, it can be overwhelming. If you’re just starting out looking, you might be the different options including larger boards, smaller boards, soft tops, fiberglass boards, boogie boards, foam core boards, and more. The good news is, my family and I have experience using and trying these boards, so I’m sharing the below recommendations based on our own research and experience trying to find the perfect board for our kids. Reading surfboard reviews, like this one, is a great place to find the right surfboard for young kids.

Here are some of the best surf boards for kids:

surfing board for kids

1) Giantex Surfboard, 6 Ft Stand Up Surfing Board w/ 3 Detachable Fins

surf board for kids

We actually have this same board, but in a different design. We actually got this board several years ago when our two oldest were much younger (as seen above), and it lasted 3-4 years. We loved it so much that when recently got a new one for our 7 year old daughter for her first board official board of her own. It has 3 detachable fins can help to control speed and direction, which are made to provide flexibility for different wave conditions. For our daughter and our local water conditions, we just popped them on when we first got the board and haven’t touched them since. I personally like foam boards because they’re lightweight. If you’ve ever taken three kids to the beach, you know what a struggle it can be to carry everything. If kids have their own surf board, they need to be able to carry it themselves, and that is a major benefit of foam surfboards! One of my daughter’s favorite features of this board is the safety leash. She loves that her board cannot get away from her in the water, and as parents, we love that too.

2) Rock-It 6′ Albert Surfboard

surf board for kids

We think this is one of the best surfboards for kids. It’s a smaller board with specs of 72″ x 22.4″ x 3.2″ (49 L). It’s a great board to start out with for kids or even adults up to 175 lbs in weight. It also featured removable performance fins. This is board we purchased for my son’s 9th birthday and it has definitely been the right board for him.

3) THURSO SURF Lancer 5’10” Fish Soft Top Surfboard

This package includes package includes one surfboard, twin fins, 6′ high-end double stainless steel swivels, and triple rail saver ankle leash made with strong recycled plastic. I love the colors of this board, for one. It was designed for stability and easy riding. It featured a high density EPS core, which makes the board very light in weight and highly buoyant, which is great for kids. The fins add stability, while the two wood stringers provide greater longitudinal strength, rigidity and controlled flex. The adjustable fin box makes the board easy to transport, which is also a plus. Last but not least, the fish tail design of this board gives it more hold and traction in the waves. This particular surfboard is popular among high performance surfers in the nitro-small-wave hotdogger range.

4) South Bay Board Co. – Hybrid Surfboards – Shortboard & Longboard – Wax-Free Soft-Top Surfboard

surfing board for kids

This is one of the best hybrid surfboards for kids and adults. The 5’5 Big Betsy Foam Surfboard is 65.3” x 20” x 2.3”, with 30.9L of Volume, and easily supports surfers up to 220 lbs. The 5’5 Big Betsy soft top surf board weighs 9 lbs with included future fins and leash. The South Bay boards feature a wide rounded nose for extra float, with a nose rocker to prevent pearling. They also have a widened chest area for easier pop-ups and a double winged tail for ripping through waves. One other perk to South Bay Board Co is that their customer service boasts real live humans who actually surf daily and are happy to answer your questions. If you don’t live near a local surf shop, this is a great perk!

5) Wavestorm 8ft Classic Surfboard // Foam Wax Free Soft Top Longboard for Adults and Kids of All Levels of Surfing

surfing board for kids

You may have heard of Wavestorm before, because they’re one of the most popular brands of soft top surfboards and stand up paddle boards in the US. Based on online reviews, it’s one of the best soft boards out there that both small children and bigger kids can enjoy.

6) South Bay Board Co. – Beginner Surfboards – 5′ / 6′ / 8′ Sizes – Safe Foam Surf Boards for Kids & Adults – Includes Surfboard Leash & Safe Round Edge Fins – Carry Handle for Easy Transportation

surf board for kids

This is one of the best boards for beginners because of its great price. South Bay Board Co made this specific type of surfboard for beginners (kids and adults alike) to learn how to surf with. The 5’ Guppy Foam Surfboard is 60″ x 21” x 3”, with 40L of Volume, and easily supports surfers up to 100 lbs. The 5’ Guppy surf board weighs 8 lbs with included soft-top surfboard fins and leash. And let’s be real, this striped pink and white design is perfect for our little surfer girls!

7) KONA SURF CO. The 4-4 Surfboard for Beginners Kids and Adults – Soft Top Foam Surfboards for Beach – Surf as a Boogie Board Bodyboard or Soft Surfboards – Includes Fins and Leash

surf board for kids

This board comes in a variety of fun colors great for boys and girls. This is a great option for a starter board. As the name implies, the 4-4 board is 4 ft 4 in. This mini kids surf board is a perfect beginners surfboard for kids and adults alike with plenty of volume to catch waves easily. With removable fins, these surfboards double as a boogie board for the beach and surf board, allowing each rider to use it as they like in different kinds of surf.

Kids Boogie Boards

As a first step before a surf board, a boogie board is a great option. Our kids have had boogie boards since they were really little. Even if they just use them to float around in tiny waves, they’re a great start for water fun for kids.

Here are some great boogie boards for kids:

More on Selecting the Right Surf Board for Kids

When it comes to finding the best beginner board for your child, we recommend considering your child’s age, your childs size, your childs skill level / surfing experience, and other important factors like the weight of the board as mentioned above. Most listings for boards have some sort of size chart or specs like length and weight, and give you a recommended height and weight for the user. Use this as a rough guide to help you select your child’s new surfboard. If you have any local surf shops near you, that would be the right place to check out some boards in person and get more specific advice from experienced surfers.

If you don’t have any surf shops around you or just would rather order online like we did, you can definitely find the right beginner surfboard in this list for your young surfer. The next step in your child’s surfing journey? Take them to the beach, let them get out there and catch their first waves!

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