Does iced coffee go bad? This is a question my fellow coffee lovers I’m sure have asked themselves more than once. If you have old iced coffee that maybe you forgot about or you want to double up on your Starbucks run and save it for the next day, this post is for you! Of course, you want to drink your iced coffee drink the same day when it is as fresh as possible because, as I am sure you know, stale iced coffee just doesn’t taste the same! But if you want to save it, does it go bad? Let’s explore!

Does Iced Coffee Go Bad?

If you are like me and you think it is a good idea to save your leftover coffee for later but then forget about it, you may be wondering if it is bad. The good news is that an opened bottle of iced coffee is still good in the refrigerator for a few days, but of course, it is nowhere near as fresh! Black cold brew coffee is safe to drink for about a week to a week and a half if stored properly. Using an airtight container to store your iced coffee will give you the best taste even the next day or a few days later. Try not to leave your iced coffee out in room temperature for longer than a few hours to avoid it from turning into stale coffee. You will get the best results if you are using a high quality cold brew coffee. 

Also, if you have already added creamer, be sure that the creamer is not expired prior to drinking it again. The best way to drink an iced latte or iced coffee, of course, is drinking it as soon as it is ready in the coffee maker and before the ice melts. This will ensure you have the best flavor, and it won’t become super watered down. 

If you have something like a Starbucks coffee and you have not finished it, you want to try to drink it within two days, especially if there is creamer involved. The last thing you want to happen is that you get food poisoning from the dairy products in your coffee! 

Difference Between Iced Coffee and Cold Brew

A glass of cold brew is made with no heat, but instead by steeping grounds in room temperature water. Iced coffee comes from regular hot brewed coffee that is chilled and then served over ice. Both ways are delicious and can be served with milk, creamer, or sugar, depending on how you like it to taste! 

does iced coffee go bad

Fun Spin on Iced Coffee

The next time you start your brewing process for your cold drink, consider this fun little spin on iced coffee that I sometimes do for my drinks. If you love the coffee taste but sometimes find yourself not drinking your iced coffee drinks fast enough, the best option that I have found is using coffee ice cubes. It is a great way to save extra coffee that may be sitting in your pot and spruce up your next iced coffee drink. On the next hot day, you can enjoy the taste of your coffee even as your ice melts. Take an ice tray and put your coffee into it as you would do for normal ice and freeze! If you are more of a sweets person, it may be a great idea to also tweak the taste of the coffee ice cubes by adding some sweetener to the ice as well. Voila, you have your ice cube tray full of coffee ice cubes for your next cold coffee! The best part is that even if you take a long time to drink the coffee, you will still have high quality coffee. 


Whether you are getting coffee from a coffee shop or making your own from fresh coffee grounds at home, the life of your coffee depends on how it is made! I’m sure we can all agree that a nice cup of iced coffee and a hot summer day just hits the spot every time, but watered-down coffee just doesn’t taste the same. To make sure that your cold beverage is safe to drink, be sure to store your black coffee in an air-tight container for no longer than about a week or so. The last thing you want is to take a sip of your coffee and get a super sour taste in your mouth. Cheers, coffee loving friends!

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