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How this Mom Makes over $7,000/month from Home with 5 Kids

make money with beachbody

Can you really make money with Beachbody?

I’ve heard this question a lot over the past few years, especially as I built my own Beachbody fitness coaching business from home. In short, from personal experience, the answer is yes. You really can make money with Beachbody. Over the past year I have transitioned slowly more into the world of blogging as a business, and I’ve taken a back seat on the fitness coaching business. However, because I put in a couple years of solid work, I still get a paycheck every single week. Pretty cool, huh?

I may one day spend more time on my fitness coaching business because I really do love it, but for now I am happy with where my focus is. I am a computer nerd at heart, and my first passion is writing, so blogging is really the perfect “job” for me. In addition to the income, I have made tons of amazing friends through Beachbody. One of those friends is Ashley Brockinton, our newest Moxie Mama. Ashley is a mom of 5, a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, and an awesome online fitness coach!

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How Ashley Built a Fitness Coaching Business from Home

Ashley majored in media communications in college because she saw the potential of being able to use those skills acquired to work for herself. Even in college, she knew that she wanted to be a mom first and foremost, but that she also craved to create and be successful.

Let’s dive in to Ashley’s interview and learn how she does it all.


What is your business and when did you start it?

I currently bring in income from three sources:

1. Influencer marketing on social media.
2. Freelance photography and videography.
3. Online fitness coaching and business mentoring.

The coaching provides 90% of my income and I see the influencer gigs and photo gigs as a way to both expand my brand and make a small amount of quick cash for extra things (like birthday or Christmas presents or an unexpected medical bill). I started fitness coaching in August of 2014.

What made you want to get into the fitness coaching business?

I didn’t mean to. I originally just wanted to get into shape and hold myself accountable by helping a few women a month. As a full time photographer (what I did for 10 years) I neglected my health for an entire decade. Becoming a coach was a turning point in my life, and as I saw a change in my body and mind I decided to look into the business part of being a coach. I realized it was something that would be perfect for me as a busy mom that still had that desire to be successful and create something significant.

What is your favorite aspect of your fitness coaching business?

Having started and run multiple businesses (I also own a photo booth business and co-created a top selling makeup app) over the last 15 years, I’ve learned what I like and hate about business. I LOVE that fitness coaching is so positive and I’m not having to always be customer service or deal with returns or picky clients. I love that I am not working alone and always in competition with those in my field, but that I have a team that I collaborate with. They have become my best friends. Having employees can be very tricky as far as the friend zone goes, so having a team is what I prefer. They are working for themselves and their dreams instead of punching in and punching out for me.

What is your monthly income from your business?

I make about $250 from influencer marketing per month (it depends on how many jobs I take), about $400 from freelance photography or video work, and around $6,500 a month from coaching. The irony is that at this point I spend only 20% of my work time on the coaching. Typing that makes me feel a little silly. Why don’t I spend 100% of my time there?

To answer my own question, I think it’s because I’m such a creative person. I like having the quick projects from the photography that I can knock out in a day… it adds that extra excitement. The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is doing the basic things day in and out. That’s why a lot of people quit new businesses before they can become successful.

What are your thoughts on the skepticism and stigma surrounding Networking Marketing and other work-at-home businesses?

I always knew I wanted to work at home, but I used to think Network Marketing jobs were scams. I thought they were annoying and that you just got paid in product. I didn’t want a closet full of workout shirts or bags or makeup. If I was going to work, I wanted cash, something that would change my life.

I get why people are skeptical and I get that they want to be original and come out with something new that feels 100% them. The thing is though, I’ve been on this journey of entrepreneurism for 15 years and what matters to me even more than being cool and Ashley Ashley Ashley is creating the life I want for my family and me.

I value low stress and positivity way more now as a mom of 5 than I did my first 3-5 years in. If someone is skeptical, my suggestion would be for them to use Network Marketing as a long-term lifestyle plan and to do on the side what they need to fulfill their other passions or quick-fix desires. You can do both. If you’re going to split your time, you just have to be realistic about the type of results you’ll see from your Network Marketing business. I’ve learned this the hard way.

About how many hours per week do you work on your fitness coaching business?

I work about 10-15 hours a week on my fitness coaching business. For the first 18 months, when I was building to a 6-figure income, I was working 20-30 hours a week. Now that I’m picking up freelance side jobs to pay some quick medical bills for my son, I’m working 30-ish hours again but about 15 of those are for the freelance jobs.

The fitness coaching stuff needs to be done daily and consistently. The freelance stuff I can do in chunks. For me, that is a good balance but again, the more freelance stuff I do, the more it takes away from my main income so I’m trying to balance that better.

What do you find is the biggest hurdle women face today when it comes to starting their own business?

Hands down it’s that they have a lack of belief and vision. My #1 strength, according to the Strength Finders test, is “futuristic thinking”. I rarely suffer from a lack of belief or a lack of vision but when I do it is ROUGH and I feel lost and unmotivated.

Women that are successful in business are those that have a vision that they will not ever give up on, no matter how long it takes. They ride the hard seasons of life like a boat in a storm and when they find smooth waters they paddle as fast as they can. So, belief that they will be successful and then a close #2 is consistency.

They work on their business like they were wanting to become a professional seamstress but had no idea how to sew. They go hard and watch a bunch of videos for a few weeks and then when they don’t have a runway worthy piece by the end of 3 months, 6 months, or even 2 years they move on.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of doing any one thing to become a professional. I’ve put in my 10,000 hours but it doesn’t mean that I still don’t have to figure things out with every new life season.

Have you ever struggled with your own confidence in business? If so, how did you overcome?

YES! SO much. I hate it. I can go from confident and soaring to feeling like I’m in a hole and dragging everyone down. Confidence is both a gift and a skill and when I am feeling really down I try to not beat myself up too much.

I try to find something that makes me feel alive instead of force myself to do anything. Then the thing that has helped the most is:
1. Asking God who he says I am (it sounds weird but if you really ask and then speak out loud or write down what you feel like you are hearing it’s amazing).
2. Listen to personal development books. Girl Wash Your Face, Compound Effect, and You are a Bad Ass at Making Money are three books that have dug me out of some low places.

Every business gets hard at times. How do you get through the hard times?

Doing what I mentioned above and then just kind of letting go. Not quitting but opening my hands and life to God and telling Him that I am submitting my desires and goals to Him. I try to recenter in God and my family and then I make smaller temporary goals. So, if I feel like I NEED 8 hours a day to work on my business to reach my goals but I REALLY only have 2 hours a day then I change my goal to be to working 2 hours every single day and I get very clear about what activities I need to do in those 2 hours.

How do you balance motherhood with running your fitness coaching business from home?

I should be really good at this but I’m not. I think my best advice is to:

1. Make a very attainable goal of how much you will work each day and schedule it during a time that you shouldn’t be interrupted.

2. Reframe what successful mothering means to you. If I believe that being a successful mother means never having piles of unfolded laundry on your kitchen table (looking at two piles now) or baking cookies together and playing patty cake every day, then I am going to always feel like a failure and my business will be an enemy to my family.

If I reframe successful mothering to be to raise children that don’t need me to do everything for them and that can finish their homework mostly by themselves, clean up by themselves, and that are constantly thinking of creative ideas for their own businesses or other practical solutions, then I have a much greater chance of feeling confident as a mother and seeing my working at home as a giant blessing on the path to raising adults that are self sufficient and don’t die their value up in the cleanliness of the house.

I used to think having a maid or cook or nanny was a sign of maternal failure. Now I would be super proud if my children grew up to be successful enough to be able to afford help at home so they could spend more time being with their kids and less time managing the house, if that’s what they want. If they find joy in homemaking then that is what I want them to pour themselves into. Motherhood and home management to me do not have to be one in the same.

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If someone wanted to do what you are doing, how could they get started?

They could reach out to me to start a conversation. I have videos and resources they could watch on their own time. If they wanted to, we could also set up a time to talk on the phone. Some people are phone people and some are not, I get that.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just that motherhood is REALLY hard and it’s extra hard in different seasons. Sometimes you will soar and other times you will feel like you are crawling. Give yourself grace. Sometimes these seasons last a really long time but they will not last for forever. Don’t give up on your dreams, just be ok with them moving ahead more slowly at times.


Now you can see why I love Ashley, right? There are so many options for women who want to make an income from home. It’s my hope to continue sharing about different options and stories for you of real-life work-at-home moms every month. If fitness is a passion or interest of yours, fitness coaching through Beachbody may just be the perfect fit for you! Reach out to Ashley and she can answer all of your questions!

You can reach Ashley on:


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