I am so excited to introduce you to our next Moxie Mama! A Moxie Mama is a female entrepreneur who is rocking her business with passion and drive, with babies in tow. These women set out to make money from home, and they are making it happen! These women have moxie, the perfect combo of grit & grace — vigor, pep, boldness, nerve. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. If this sounds like you, fill out this quick form and you may be featured as the next Moxie Mama! Now, let’s talk about Michaela and her Norwex business! Michaela recently shared with me how she makes money from home with Norwex.

I am really excited to introduce her for a few reasons. First, she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I met her a couple of years ago at MOPs, and immediately loved her genuinely kind and caring personality. Second, she rocks her Norwex business from home! Also, she does it all with such grace and such a positive, inspiring attitude. She’s a gem, and definitely a work-at-home mom we could all learn from!

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How Michaela Makes Money from Home with Norwex

Michaela just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with her high school sweetheart! They have two girls who are 19 months apart. She joined Norwex 2 months after quitting her full-time job to be a stay at home mom.

Michaela was kind enough to answer some questions for us about being a work at home mom!

  1. What made you want to get into the Norwex business?

    I worked over 6 years for a holistic doctor who saw many patients negatively affected by food and environment. This made me aware that decisions I made could easily affect my household’s body and health. After my second daughter was born, I decided I wanted to become a SAHM (stay at home mom). Naively I was under the impression that I would be “bored” at home, as I was leaving an extremely fast-paced workplace. (Side note: believe me when I say, becoming a SAHM is FAR from boring and is very trying as a parent!)

    My girls were both little (5 months & 2 years) and I would clean their toys or library books with Clorox wipes. While watching my infant place a freshly wiped toy directly into her mouth, I shuddered at the thought of the chemicals that were entering her bloodstream. I pondered that there had to be another solution for cleaning, ESPECIALLY for cleaning children’s items. Shortly after, I discovered Norwex: cleaning with a cloth and water. My first thought was people are crazy, BUT if this did work, it was exactly what I had been searching for. Long story short, I did my research and tried the products, only to be wowed at how well Norwex worked and how the silver breaks down bacteria.

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  2. What do you love most about the Norwex business?

    I love that what I sell is what I use/need on a daily basis (laundry detergent/ dish cloths/ etc). Norwex has been a blessing as my girls have safely learned to clean (and may I add that kids truly enjoy it). I get to enjoy being home with them while earning extra income.  Best of all, I have the joy of sharing this alternative to traditional chemicals with others. It has been a solution to many people’s lives and has transformed their way of living, from eczema to asthma as well as other health issues. I love making homes into safe havens!

  3. What is your monthly income from your Norwex business?

    My income is based off of how many parties I do each month and my team’s success, so it varies. Norwex consultants make approximately $200 per party, so doing 3 parties per month would generate $600+. Looking over my income for 2018, my best month brought in $1,850 for my household. Not to mention all the extra free products Norwex blessed me with for reaching goals throughout each month!

  4. What are your thoughts on the skepticism and stigma surrounding Networking Marketing and other work-at-home opportunities?

    I love supporting my friends and helping them reach their personal goals vs. buying a gift at a big box store. I wish more people would see the value of getting a personal consultant with their purchase! You wouldn’t get that with any other purchase.

  5. About how many hours per week do you work?

    This is a tough question as I do it intermittently throughout each day. I do try to work my business a little every day, at least 6 days per week. I work around 7-12 hours per week. My hours are also in direct relation to how many parties I am doing each week (each party I average 5 hours spent between pre-party, posting or traveling, submitting party).

  6. What do you find is the biggest hurdle women face today when it comes to starting their own business?

    Possibility of failure, acceptance from others, fear of commitment. In your business you won’t always be high on the mountain with success, you will face challenges and have to make the decision to muster through the difficult times!

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  7. Have you ever struggled with your own confidence in business? If so, how did you overcome?

    Yes, especially when I first started and didn’t have all the knowledge and answers I thought I needed to know. I wondered if others would love Norwex as much as I did. I’ve learned it’s okay not to know everything. With Norwex, the products truly sell themselves and my job is to simply SHARE the products and opportunity!

  8. Every business gets hard at times. How do you get through the hard times?

    My business has gone through “dry spouts” over the years (sometimes month to month). Whenever I face difficulty, I prayerfully leave my business’ success in God’s hands. I continue to do my best to pick up the pace and don’t give up. I use my business not only for my own family’s blessings, but I frequently give back through the successes I do have. This makes it easier to “let go and let God”.

  9. How do you balance motherhood with running your business from home?

    Involve your kids if you can! My littles are walking Norwex fans! They help even with simple tasks like placing labels on catalogs.  When my schedule gets crazy, I choose to make my success a family success. Example: when mommy finishes the parties this week, we will get to go out for ice cream (or another reward).

    Discipline is also key and I’m still working on it! Make a schedule for “work time” and don’t allow yourself to get lost in scrolling Facebook (sounds like I speak from personal experience). Make sure to give your kids attention when they are requesting it and provide “mommy play time”.

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  10. If someone wanted to do what you are doing, how could they get started?

    To join this amazing opportunity, it only costs $9.99! That gives you the STARTER KIT which has over $285 worth of products, including the coveted mop!

    This document explains all the details and commonly asked questions about becoming a Norwex consultant. In my book, it’s a no brainer and the BEST deal (I am a sale shopper) if you wish to convert your home to Norwex.

  11. Is there anything else you would like to add?

    I truly love all the friendships I have made through Norwex. Many people often focus on the products and not the business as a whole, so I’ll be the first to tell you that Norwex as a company is AMAZING. Their motto is “Integrity, Trust, & Respect”, which is evident through all their interactions with customers and consultants.

    I have attended many conferences over the years and have been blown away at their giving. Each year consultants nominate non-profit charities and Norwex donates WELL OVER $100K each year. I had the privilege of nominating a local charity called ECHO farms, which Norwex gave $5,000 to! I love the company, my team, and the products. I am a big Norwex fan & would love for you to check out the products or join my team!!!

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Norwex business gives back

Michaela almost has me convinced I should start a Norwex business, or at least convert my home over to Norwex! I actually have tried a few of their products and have loved them all! Hearing stories of how moms are using their passions to make it possible for themselves to stay at home with their kids always inspires me! As a work at home mom myself, I can certainly appreciate what it takes and why we do it!

If you would like to get in touch with Michaela, here is her contact info:

Website: www.michaelathomas.norwex.biz

Facebook VIP Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/949943768423334/

Email: michaela.improvinglife@gmail.com

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