Online Team Builders Work from Home Reviews

I’ve compiled a list of Online Team Builders work from home reviews as well as information about what this company really does, to make your search a little easier.

Record numbers of people are looking for work from home jobs these days, and many people are searching for reviews of companies that offer remote jobs. A large number of those people are focused on creating passive income streams. One opportunity of interest I’ve seen in various work from home Facebook groups I’m in is Online Team Builders.

As someone who has personally worked full-time from home for a decade now, I’ve had experience in several different types of remote work. From my own experience, I know the importance of finding the right position or opportunity that works with your lifestyle, income needs and availability.

If this is your first time working from home, you should definitely do your research. Like most things, remote work can be romanticized. It’s not always easy and flexible (or even legit), but it can be if you find what works for you and do your research. Learn more about my experience with working from home, and my tips for finding the right situation for you.

Information On Online Team Builders

To be honest, just the name and scarce online presence led us to initially believe that Online Team Builders may be a scam. I did some research though, and here is what I initially found:

  • You can’t actually be hired to work for Online Team Builders. To join, you actually have to be sent an existing member’s referral/affiliate link. You can’t just go to the website and directly create an account. This is, apparently, how they allow their affiliates to create “team members”.
  • This appeared to be more of an online business, not a work-from-home job. In a traditional “work at home job”, you would be interviewed and hired. With Online Team Builders, you just sign up through an affiliate link.
  • Upon initial research, Online Team Builders appeared to be a MLM company. MLM stands for multi-level marketing. I’m actually not against MLMs (I am currently a part of one and earn passive income from it weekly still, even after being “inactive” for over 3 years). However, there are reputable MLM companies and eh, the opposite. I have not yet snuffed out 100% certainty of which side Online Team Builders falls on. Its elusive nature makes me weary, I will tell you that. However, read on for what else I found out!

According to their own website, Online Team Builders offers “comprehensive web solutions for building your business,” including the following:

  • Effective Email Marketing
  • Effective Prospecting Tools
  • Lead management and generation
  • Team-building mobile app

How Does Online Team Builders Actually Work?

If you simply go to their website and click “Get Started”, you’re directed to a page that requires an enrollment password. Since you won’t have one if you just happened upon their site (not likely because of the aforementioned elusive nature of this company), it says to contact your “enroller” for your password.

This led me to believe that Online Team Builders does not actually want you to happen upon their website, find it via organic search and sign up for their above mentioned “services”. That would be strange for a MLM Company. Most MLMs dump loads of money into marketing, it’s basically their entire business model. The more eyes on their business, the more they grow. It wouldn’t make sense for a MLM Company to not want to be found and accessible to the masses.

Further down on their website they have what we in the marketing world refer to as a “Call to Action”. It’s a button that says “Activate Your Free Training System”. However, it dead ends you right back to the password page. So as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, you can’t just sign up with this company, you definitely need someone to send you a link or password or encrypted message delivered by carrier pigeon.

Interestingly enough, I did click on their Contact Us link in the footer, and noticed the contact email is When I checked out the Responsive Data website, it claims to be a software company based in Mesa, AZ that provides solutions for network marketing teams. They do have a Facebook page, but their last post is from 2021, which shares a press release announcing their purchase of So far, MLM Leads appears to be unrelated, but it’s an interesting piece of information. Looking at the email address of a business and finding that it has a different root domain than the business website itself, leads you to believe that it’s owned and/or run by a separate business, or is part of an umbrella company of businesses or tools.

Hold up, Online Team Builders is actually a marketing tool for those selling Essante Organics.

While search for real reviews from actual people who have experience with Online Team Builders, I found this:

“Online Team Builders is a website platform that functions as a digital marketing tool. This is made to recruit more people to join Essante Organics, which is an MLM company. The more recruits you get, the more money you make.”

This reviewer gave is two stars, by the way.

Essante Organics appears to be an online company that sells health products.

All that considered, Online Team Builders appears to be more of a Recruiting Tool or used as a recruiting technique for the Essante Organics MLM business. That would explain why the Online Team Builders website itself is vague and requires a password provided by an “enroller”. This leads me to believe that the person who “recruited” you to sell Essante Organics would then supply you with a password to access Online Team Builders, and then Online Team builders would provide you with that above-mentioned list of services on their website to help you recruit new virtual team members.

This makes way more sense given the vagueness fo the Online Team Builders website. Most MLMs have an entire back-office devoted to helping their reps market their products. It could be that Essante Organics uses Online Team Builders as that back-office, or promotes it as digital marketing tools given to their reps to help them be successful with their business opportunity.

Upon further investigation, I’ve learned that the founder of Online Team Builders is Nancy Rote, though her involvement present day is vaguely represented on the internet, and I’m not sure it even matters at this point.

Online Team Builders Review List

I couldn’t find many real “reviews” of Online Team Builders from people who have actually worked for/with/through them. While originally researching, I thought this was because Online Team Builders was a pyramid scheme. Now, however, I think the lack of reviews could be because people don’t actually work for Online Team Builders. If anything, they work for Essante Organics as an affiliate.

I did find these reviews of Online Team Builders on

“This is NOT for everyone. You will only succeed if you are highly focused and determined. Superior business education, superior culture. Highest level of ethics I have ever encountered.”

“I liked my job with Online Team Builders because I could work from anywhere that I had an internet connection. I was able to be home with my daughter while still making an income. The hardest part of having my own home business was managing my time wisely and getting the needed time put into my business. This is a big reason why I need to take some time away to reevaluate and get my finances in order so that I have the capital to invest once again.”

Let’s talk about MLM Programs and Essante Organics

All things considered, Essante Organics appears to be a legit way to earn an income. I won’t venture to saw it’s an easy way, however. People tend to think that MLM businesses mean easy money. Even with a robust marketing system, access to professional marketing emails, virtual team building, and other various powerful tools on hand, you are never guaranteed to make any money with a MLM or with affiliate marketing. Just to reiterate, it is highly possible and many people are very successful with MLMs, but it’s also not “easy money” and there are even more people who are not successful. I believe that is because people get MLMs thinking they’ll just share a link and the money will start flowing in. When they realize it actually takes work, just like a real job, they call it a failure and blame the MLM for giving them false hope.

While I have no personal experience with Essante Organics, I did check out their website and their wellness products. I does appear that with appropriate work effort, someone could have a successful business.

Essante Organics / Online Team Builders Work from Home Reviews

On their website, Essante Organics tells you to join via the exact website link you were given. This would look something like (except that link doesn’t work because I am not a rep, that’s just an example). From there, you click the Join & Save button. Then you choose Wholesale Account. This is how they sign up their affiliates. This reminds me of another online wellness company, Melaleuca. They also have you sign up as a “wholesale member”. Once you are a wholesale member, you receive discounts on their products and you can also share your affiliate links to make a commission on their products, as well as sign up more wholesale members to earn even more. In this way, you build “remote teams” and can teach this new members how to use social media and other marketing tools (like online team building games) to promote their own business. This type of business model is attractive to people who want to be their own boss. Team leaders make more money than those who are affiliates without their own recruits.

I have noticed in these business models, Melaleuca included, that the name of the company (of the wellness business) is rarely ever mentioned when promoting the products. I personally have never been a fan of that. I’m not sure why they train their reps to avoid mentioning the company name, but it bugs me and I feel it creates a ton of distrust and secrecy. So then even if the company is legit, it feels like it isn’t. I wish they’d do themselves a favor and realize that people like transparency.

Final thoughts on Online Team Builders Work from Home Reviews

Every business opportunity comes with its own set of unique challenges. There are no perfect scenarios. However, MLMs can be a perfect opportunity for people of all skill levels looking for a way to earn money on their own terms. The negative reviews of these types of business likely come from those whose “own terms” meant they didn’t want to put much effort into it. Little effort will reap little reward. I couldn’t find much information on whether Essante Organics or Online Team Builders requires a membership fee, but typically these types of programs do. It does not appear that an initial phone call, job interview or video calls are a requirement, which makes sense being that this is not a traditional job. You would need to provide a credit card and other personal information and contact information in order to sign up as a “Wholesale Members”, and you would do that on the Essante Organics official site. It is then that I believe you are given access to the online marketing platform known as Online Team Builders to learn the best way to use its tools. While I wasn’t able to find any specific success stories online, Essante appears to have a legit website. If there are any agents of Essante Organics out there who want to do a quick live chat with me, I would love to hear more and feature your story to get the real inside scoop on this multi-level marketing business. It may help potential recruits feel more at ease and squash questions about this being a potential scam.

online team builder work at home reviews

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