So you’re thinking about getting into networking marketing, huh? Maybe a friend or family member has invited you to their team, or you’ve been following a stranger online and see they’re having major success. It’s enticing you, and you’re almost ready to pull the trigger and launch your very own network marketing business.

Do yourself one favor. Read this before you sign up with a network marketing company.

Don’t worry, I am not going to try to talk you out of network marketing. I personally love network marketing, when done right.

Anything that makes it easier for mamas to stay home with their babies and create a business to support their families and challenge themselves, I vote yes for that. I actually do quite well in network marketing myself!

Here’s the BUT … while I am all for networking marketing businesses for mamas, I am also super passionate about making sure it’s done right. What do I mean by that? Read on, my friend.

1.You MUST find the RIGHT business FOR YOU.

Just because your neighbor Sally sells leggings and does really well with it, does not mean that you are meant to sell leggings. Maybe you are, but ask yourself this…are you really passionate about fashion? If you are, then score. You could be the leggings queen.

Maybe your aunt Linda sold you an amazing pizza stone and garlic press at her last Pampered Chef party, but that does not mean you are destined to sell kitchen gadgets…unless you actually have a burning passion for pots & pans, which is totally possible and awesome if that is REALLY you.

Get where I am going with this, mamas? Please don’t cheat yourself & sign up for anything that comes your way that seems profitable, if there is no passion or love attached to it. If you do, I promise you that when it gets hard, and it will get hard (like any other business does sometimes), you will quit.

You will quit because you were never invested to begin with, and who wants to spend any ounce of their life or time doing something they don’t truly believe in? Nope, no thanks.

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2. You MUST find the RIGHT mentor for your business.

So you have found THE perfect company that you are passionate about aligning yourself with. Kudos to you, good work mama. Before you click that sign-up button, please, for the love…find your person. Once I fell in love with a mission that perfectly aligned with a network marketing company, my next step was finding the perfect person to do this business with.

I mean no offense to your sister-in-law or fellow PTA member, I’m sure they are awesome, but they may not be your person. By “your person” I mean someone that you can click with on a personal level, learn from, build a friendship with if you aren’t already friends, and work well together with.

While it’s perfectly possible to join a network marketing business, never speak to your sponsor again, and build a thriving business, it’s not ideal. Take it from someone who also runs a traditional business all alone, the support is valuable.

When I joined a network marketing business I was not looking for friends, but I did know that I wanted to join the team of someone who treated their business like a business, was professional, seemed similar to me in spirit but had skills that I wanted to learn. I searched and searched before I landed on my person.

Trust me when I say, that even if I invited YOU to join MY team in network marketing, I would want you to be sure that I am your right person first. And if I am not, bless and release mama, go find your person.

Although I wasn’t looking for friends, I have made some of the most amazing friendships that I am forever grateful for, friends that I believe will be lifers, but what I love most is the diversity of skills, professionalism, and support my team provides. At the end of the day, I wanted to start a thriving business, not a lemonade stand. Find the right person before you click that join button.

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3. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, and breathe.

Alright moxie-filled mama, are you ready to work? Here’s a tip that relates back to #2, if someone tries to get you to join their team by telling you how easy it is, run. Digitally, at least.

While most of the work for my particular network marketing business is simple, it is not easy. Simple meaning anyone can easily learn how to do it. It’s duplicatable on an awesome level. It’s not rocket science.

Not easy meaning that doing simple things consistently over time is hard. And like in any business – traditional, freelance, network marketing – there is a consistency over time needed to become successful.

That consistency always comes before success, and this is where most people quit, because “it doesn’t work.” Trust me, if you work, it works. If you jump in excited at the prospect of “easy money”, you will be disappointed and leave bitter.

If you had invested 100k or more into opening a traditional business, you would roll up your sleeves every day, open your doors for business, and stick with it until you finally, years down the road saw a ROI (return on investment).

Network marketing makes it easier to get started with very little to no investment, and also easier to walk away from when things get hard, because there doesn’t seem to be as much to lose.

Listen, there are so many easy things about my network marketing business, but most of them are easy for two reasons:

1.) I love what I do & I am passionate about it. I believe in it 100%.
2.) I know what it’s like to work really hard 8-5 in a cubicle for some else’s dream, and I also know what it’s like to work tirelessly at my own freelance business. Perspective makes things easier.

Choose your hard, mama.

But, don’t forget to breathe. Yes, like any business, there will be hard times, like when you first start and you are in overwhelm mode trying to learn and launch and not lose your mind. In all of my business endeavors, even after years and years, I still get overwhelmed some times. That doesn’t mean it’s time to quit. That means it’s time to refocus, make a priority list, walk away and come back later more clear-headed, and tackle those dreams.

4. Get excited to FAIL.

I mean, streamers and balloons type of excited. You, my dear moxie mama, are going to fail. Over and over and over again. This is where the magic lies, in knowing that you are failing forward, in knowing that failure is THE best way to learn, and in believing that you can do anything you set your mind to and the outcome will be that you will win or you will learn. Fail enough times, you’ll strike gold.

Move forward without fear of judgment. Most of those watching you, and ooooh will they be watching you, are going to fall into two categories: cheering you on in awe of your moxie or hating on you because they either don’t understand or are too scared to get outside of the box themselves.

When people feel stuck, they want everyone else to be stuck with them. If those close to them get unstuck, it puts them in this uncomfortable position where they have to choose to get unstuck too, or feel left behind. Your people, the ones who matter, will cheer you on. The rest don’t matter. They don’t pay your bills or determine how much time you get to spend with your children. Press on, mama.

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5. Don’t forget to be a human being.

Alright moxie mama, you have found your passion, you have found your perfect mentor, you have jumped in head first ready to work hard and make big things happen.

I would never slow your flow, but I need you to remember one thing: you are still a human being. In fact, you are the same exact human being that you were before you clicked the “join” button (or whatever your button said).

You are still a friend, a wife, a mom, maybe a co-worker, an acquaintance. Don’t become a robot. Don’t get tunnel vision and start to believe that you can’t communicate with people unless it’s about your current sale.

Don’t forget to care first, genuinely like you always have, and let the rest fall into place. Don’t start to see people as opportunities, rather start to find more opportunities to help more people…whether that ends in a “sale” or not.

While you are reminding yourself not to let your excitement turn into sleazy salesmanship, also remind yourself of your own tendencies. Don’t attach your worth to how many likes you get on that post about your product, especially when you know that you are a scroller by nature who reads but never clicks like.

People are watching, they are listening, and once you show them enough consistency that they realize you are actually doing this for real, not another one of those flukes that people start & quit, they will know exactly who to come to when they need what you’ve got.

You have no idea how many times I’ve received messages from people thanking me for changing their life through my posts. I used to read those messages with my jaw on the ground because they are typically from people who never like, comment or acknowledge my posts at all. As far as I knew, I didn’t exist to them. This was a valuable lesson and I want you to know this from the start.

Final Thoughts on Starting a Network Marketing Business

I hope these 5 tips have helped you if you are considering network marketing, or if you maybe started off wrong and want to give it a second chance the right way. Fail forward, moxie mama.

Before I close I would like to share with you with some of the most valuable advice I received in the beginning of my network marketing business, and that was the analogy that it’s a lot like pumping a well.

At first, you have to work hard and consistently with little to no drops of water coming out. You can get discouraged and stop before any water reaches the surface, you could even go try to pump another well, but the facts still remain that until you pump consistently over time, the water won’t flow.

Once it starts to flow you can’t stop, but you can ease up a bit, staying consistent with a little less effort, it’s flowing now. Stop, though, and the water will only flow so long before it dries up and you will need to start all over again.

This theory has proven true in my network marketing business as well as my freelance business and blog.

Network marketing is a huge blessing to myself and my family, but I also know that it can feel like the opposite if you’re not in the right one for YOU, with the right people for YOU and you don’t do it from a place of love first.

Mamas with moxie, go do your thing!

Questions for me? Feel free to leave them in the comments or email me directly at

my top 5 tips to consider before joining a mlm

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